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  • Convention

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    The Constitutional Convention held in 1787 was a major step in America’s foundation. The compromises reached at this important meeting would end up shaping the country into what it is today. The Constitutional Convention was created in order the correct the Articles of Confederation which were deeply flawed. The meeting included the important founding fathers ranging from George Washington to Benjamin Franklin. After careful thought, the Articles of Confederation were soon scrapped and the delegates

  • Conventions

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    CONVENTIONS OF A SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY What are Shakespearean tragedies? Well they simply share the same conventions and features, for example; Romeo and Juliet verses Othello. Conventions are an element that all stories have in common. In Romeo and Juliet and Othello there are similarities in the characters and the general idea of the stories. Now, to explain the definition of hero. A hero is a person that has skills of nobility, strength, and brains. If someone is going to be a hero having these

  • Texas Conventions

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         The state of Texas has some of the most prestigious and accommodating conventions.      Texas is the constituent state of the United States of America, lying in the southcentral United States. It is bounded on the north by Oklahoma, on the east by Arkansas and Louisiana, on the southeast by the Gulf of Mexico, on the southwest by Mexico, and on the west by New Mexico. Texas is the largest of the U.S. states besides Alaska. It is both diverse

  • A Convention Of Society

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    A Convention of society Everything we do is to please someone else. And that someone else can be all of society. Society is based on conventions. Most of society conforms to them, otherwise they may appear to be “outside” of the society that they live in, they may also appear to be eccentric or dangerous to the “norm” of their society. These conventions are general agreements on social behaviour; they have a strong force within society. This is stated by Frye in his speech “The educated imagination”

  • Constitutional Convention

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         The delegates agreed to make a new document, a constitution, that would bring an entirely new type of government. Since they decided to create a new constitution, the meeting is to b e called the Constitutional Convention. The delegates of the Constitutional Convention were not ordinary American people. They were all professionals and businessmen, and they were all white men. More than half of the delegates are under 40. They all have education and experience, which will soon prove to be

  • The Constitutional Convention: The Curpose Of The Constitutional Convention

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    Constitutional Convention The Constitutional Convention was established in Philadelphia on May 24, 1787 (A New Nation Notes). The purpose of the Constitutional Convention was for the colonies to revise the Articles of Confederation (A New Nation Notes). The Convention was also used to establish unity within the colonies and to establish a new central government between the colonies (Teaching American History). Seventy four delegates were invited to attend, but only fifty five delegates were at the

  • Constitutional Convention

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    During the Constitutional Convention, and the years to follow, the Anit-federalists heavily disputed with Federalist Party. One of the longest and most important arguments throughout this time period were the debates between Alexander Hamilton of the Federalists and Thomas Jefferson of the Anti-Federalists. The controversial issue discussed was over the establishment of a national bank.      Alexander Hamilton, at the time George Washington’s Secretary of Treasury, explained

  • The Ramsar Convention

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    Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl In 1971, the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat was held in Ramsar, Iran (Firouz, 1971). The Convention, also known as the Ramsar Convention, entered into force in December of 1975 with the countries of Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Iran, Greece and Bulgaria signing on as parties to the Convention at that time (Johnson, 1976). The Ramsar Convention is considered

  • The Constitutional Convention

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    decided that a convention should be convened to revise the Article of Confederation (Constitutional Rights Foundation, 2009). Congress felt the Article of Confederation was not enough to effectively deal with the young nations issues. Congress knew it was time for the country to move forward, and to do that, there would be some big changes ahead, and that was the end of the Articles of Confederation, and the beginning of the created US Constitution. Reasons for the Constitutional Convention After the

  • The Analysis of the Convention

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    the Caspian Sea, the littoral states should unanimously agree on its legal status as a sea. In the case when the Caspian Sea is legally defined as a “sea," than the littoral states should apply the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982 (UNCLOS). Under this Convention, the coastal states would hold an area up to twelve nautical miles from shore as a territorial sea, up to nautical 200 miles as an exclusive economic zone, and continental shelf. Because the widest part of Caspian