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  • Construction Industry In Construction Industry

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    Introduction As we realize that Construction is the way toward developing a building or framework. Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organizations and comes from Latin constructionem (from com- "together" and struere "to pile up") and Old French construction. Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without designated purchaser, while construction typically takes place on location

  • The Construction Industry

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    INTRODUCTION The construction industry like many other industries has changed and evolved with time. It is the fourth largest contributor to Australia’s GDP and has played a major role in determining economic growth of the country. In terms of employment, the industry has employed 9% of the Australian workforce making it the fourth largest industry (ABS data). The industry caters to both the public and private sectors. The type of construction can broadly be classified into three categories; residential

  • Importance Of Construction Industry In Construction

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    Construction industry has been contributing Hong Kong’s development for long times. It is one of the pillars which is important for supporting Hong Kong to be a better place. There are many large-scaled construction works over history including residential estates, commercial buildings, public utilities and transportation networks. Construction industry can be classified into two sectors: public sector which is mainly the government itself or appointed by government such as Hong Kong Housing Authority

  • Computers in the Construction Industry

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    Computers in the Construction Industry Computers have greatly changed the construction industry. Since the beginning of time there has been some type of construction. The caveman had weapons and tools. As of late man builds homes, skyscrapers, and various other buildings. Super-structures are very large-scale projects; that without the use of computers would be very arduous tasks. It would take many draftsmen many months to complete all of the drawings necessary to build a skyscraper

  • Importance Of Construction Industry

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    INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND People serve as the most vital resource for many industries, and the construction industry is no exception. The construction industry relies on individuals from the bottom up but none are more important than the executives that establish and guide their companies. The construction industry is one of the key contributors to most economies. The importance of the construction industry to the economy can be measured by its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP), its

  • The Construction Industry In India

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    the construction industry forms a very critical aspect for an economy. Along with investment opportunities it is one of the major sources of employment across various levels. It contributes to more than 10% to annual GDP of India. The 12th Five Year plan has proposed an investment of US $ 1 trillion. It is the 2nd largest industry in India after agriculture. Growth in the construction industry, leads to growth in other linked industries like cement, iron, steel, brick, paints. Construction Industry

  • Essay On Construction Industry

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    Role of Construction Sector in the Economic Growth Muhammad Saad Siddiqui N.E.D University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan Abstract: “If Construction moves, everything moves” Construction Industry is the most important industry for any country. It plays the role of a catalyst in national economy. Throughout the world, Construction Sector accounts for a significant proportion of County’s GDP and GNP. This industry can be regarded as a mechanism of

  • The Construction Industry In Canada

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    The construction industry is a fast growing sector in Canada and around the globe. It has a tremendous influence from mass media, as it is able to reach a wide audience and provide valuable market segment to businesses of all sizes in not only Canada but also all parts of the world. This paper will address how mass media is able to affect the industry through public opinion and capital investment and the overall view of the industry. Depiction of the industry The construction industry

  • Construction Industry Essay

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    Construction industry Construction industry of India is an indicator of the overall development of the country. The construction industry provides various investment as well as employment opportunities in various sectors. The construction industry has contributed to a greater extent in the gross domestic product of the country. So the industry plays a major role in the overall development. The construction activities are divided into various segments where there are major companies, medium sized

  • Subcontractors In The Construction Industry

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    LITERATURE REVIEW: INTRODUCTION: Subcontractors play very important role in the process of construction and often their work is underestimated. It is very common observation that owners hire professionals such as architects, engineers, construction managers, and general contractors. But, the actual work is performed primarily by subcontractors. The subcontractor performs the work according to the plans and specifications that are provided from the design professionals employed by the owner. For example

  • Productivity In Construction Industry

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    1.1 General Construction labour productivity has become big problem in construction industry. In many countries, labour cost comprises 30 to 50% of the overall project’s cost (Yates and Guhathakurta, 1993), and thus is regarded as a true reflection of the economic success. Because construction is labour-intensive industry, significance of this effect not only justifies the concern over its labour productivity, but it can also be argued that labour power is the only productive resource. There are

  • Construction Industry: LEED

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    Construction is a fast pace industry and has been applying many different advances to speed the process up and make a building last longer. Along with these new advances, certain certifications have been developed so a builder, architect, and engineer have a guideline to follow. One of type of certification that has been taking charge in the construction industry is LEED. LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED is a process of certifying a building to become energy efficient

  • Procurement In The Construction Industry

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    different methods of purchasing construction objects and includes such variables as source of funding, partner selection method, price basis, responsibility for design, responsibility for management, and amount of subcontracting (Murdoch and Hughes, 2008). Before proceeding with a project, the appropriate procurement option has to be selected by the client that provide an effective organization to minimize all the risk that will be occur during the construction process. There are several procurement

  • Computer Use in the Construction Industry

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    Computer Use in the Construction Industry Technological advances are benefiting the construction business in many different ways. On-line services, estimating software, and blueprint design (CAD) are just some of the areas that have enhanced the building world. Commercial and residential contractors are suddenly seeing how computer technology can benefit their business and are now utilizing it more and more everyday. For the past thirty to forty years, construction, technologies, and practices

  • Construction Industry Essay

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    INTRODUCTION: Construction industry is one of important sector for any country which contributes a lot its economical and global growth. India is not far behind in this sector. Indian construction industry is growing at a rapid rate and contributing to improve its domestic as well as global economy. An estimate amount of Rs. 6708 billion is the contribution of construction industry in Indian GDP (2011-2012). Not only it provides jobs to the people of the country but it also creates investment

  • Importance Of Manpower In Construction Industry

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    This report concerns about the supply and demand of local manpower in construction industry of our country, Malaysia. The increment in development of country has increased the number of construction projects proposed. This bring a rise to the demand of manpower in this industry. The increased demand causes shortage in manpower and subsequently lead to delay of construction projects. This is due to the nature of construction industry, which is labour intensive. Hence, supply of local manpower resources

  • The Construction Industry Case Study

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    The construction industry sits at the epicenter of many legal disputes, likely because the interactions between construction professionals and property owners dip into a variety of law areas: real estate, contract, employment and tort. The industry is subject to construction laws that have grown from state statutes and cases (mainly from federal government contracts). Many of the doctrines from federal cases are adopted into state law, but states also choose to stretch or narrow these doctrines

  • What Are The Challenges Of The Construction Industry

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    The construction industry is the leader among all industries.The construction industry is responsible for all the man made things arounds us. It is an essential contributor towards the process of development. There are two major categories of construction projects in the industry, building and civil engineering. Building involves projects such as building houses, schools, stores, factories, railroad stations and so on. Civil engineering involves other built structures such as roads, bridges, dams

  • Project Management In The Construction Industry

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    In the construction industry a Project Manager is highly needed, like in any industry the Project Manager has many responsibilities, passion for multitasking, communication and technical skills are some of the more important things a Project Manager should have. In their daily job they are expected to be involved in different tasks for example to pull together meetings between the team members of any project with the objective to share ideas and making important decision before any work actually

  • Swot Analysis Of The Construction Industry

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    Construction in the USA Overview of industry The Construction industry in the US has faced some interesting changes throughout its progression. From economic instability during the housing market crash to amazing technological advances to reduce the need for construction workers and therefore the cost associated with newly built properties in the real estate market. Beginning with the first tools ancient man used to carve their niche in the soon to be global expansion of arguably one of the oldest