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  • Speech Recognition Fundamentals Current and Future

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    computing branches out into many areas. One of the most important one is speech recognition since this is the primary way for human beings to communicate. Therefore, it is only natural to use speech as the primary method to input information into a computational device or object needing manual input. The goal of human centric computing is to make technology as user friendly as possible and to integrate it completely into human life by adapting to humans’ specifications. Currently, computers force humans

  • Sorting Algorithms Essay

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    however turnout lightning-fast results. The common sorting algorithms will be divided into two categories by the complexity of their algorithms ( Deepak Garg 2009). There is an immediate correlation between the complexity of an algorithm and its relative efficiency. Algorithmic complexity is usually written in a very kind referred to as Big-O notation, wherever the O represents the complexity of the algorithm and a value n represents the size of the set the algorithm is run against. The two categories

  • Speaker recognition

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    The real-time implementation of speaker recognition technology involves multiple application-specific tradeoffs such as cost, performance, robustness, enrolment procedures, time for training, adaptability, response time, etc.[2]. Since database sizes for the real-world recognition tasks are ever-increasing, the large population speaker recognition systems pose the challenges like large training time, vast memory requirements and poor response time [3]. Thought the accuracy is always the first consideration

  • Model-based Reasoning in Model-Checking for the Examination of Software Systems

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    science arise in connection with the problem of detecting undesired behaviours among software potential executions and removing them. Model checking (Baier and Katoen 2008), a leading formal method devoted to this purpose, enables one to examine computational systems by means of a formal model of the system and of an algorithm that searches throughout the model for desired/undesired behaviours. This paper analyses model checking as an instantiation, in the computer science field, of the model-based

  • Implementation of Efficient channel Estimation Method for MIMO-OFDM System

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    PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS Computational Complexity Here we have consider N iteration. So the inner product requires N complex multiplication and N complex addition. The multiplication of any scalar with vector requires N complex multiplication. In the Table no.1 below shows the computational complexity of conventional LMS, RLS, Variable Leaky LMS (VLLMS) and our proposed algorithm MVSS-LLMS. And where we observe that modified variable step size leaky LMS is less complex than compared to Variable Leaky

  • Uses of Support Vector Machine

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    an inner product between two vectors, is introduced to handle nonlinearly separable cases without any explicit knowledge of the feature mapping . The formulation (1) shows that the computational complexity of SVM training depends on the number of training data samples which is denoted as n. The computational complexity of training depends on the dimension of the input space. This becomes clear when we consider some typical kernel functions such as the linear kernel, , The polynomial kernel, , The

  • A Brief Note On Optimization

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    investigating the effect of number of cores, dimension size, population size, and problem complexity on the speed-up of TLBO algorithm. In the remainder of this paper, we give a brief literature review of TLBO and its applications. Thereafter, we discuss the possibilities of tweaking a TLBO to make it suitable for parallel implementation on a multi-core system. Then, we present results on few test problems of different complexities and show appreciable speed-ups using our proposed algorithm.

  • Essay On Puckling

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    Euler buckling. (INSERT HANCOCK BUCKLING ILLUSTRATIONS) J. M. Davies (6) describes in his “Recent Research Advances in Cold-Formed Steel Structures”, the difficulties that face engineers calculating local buckling as a consequence of the increasing complexity of sections shapes that are becoming ever more complicated and of the increasing importance of distortional buckling. He indicates that distortional buckling is at least as likely as local buckling and warrants similar considerations in design but

  • Essay On Ion Transport

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    Ion transport thorough nanoscale pores is a common process in various biological phenomena. Ion channels, in particular, play an important role in physiological functions such as the generation of electrical activity in nerves and muscle, volume regulation of cells, intracellular signaling and so on. Malfunctioning channels have been linked to wide range of diseases. For instance, abnormal sodium channels in membranes of muscle cell cause Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis and abnormal potassium channels

  • boh

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    principle of parsimony in describing and ... ... middle of paper ... ...f multi-scale modeling avoiding to point to a specific and well-defined method to deal with this matter. Indeed, while there are methods borrowed from other field (e.g., computational chemistry) that can be used in special cases, a well developed mathematical framework that is general enough to account for the extremely large variety of biological phenomena, is still missing. Nevertheless, an interesting attempt in this respect