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  • Community Values

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    Community Values Imani. Broken windows carelessly hidden by weather-tormented wood, chunks of bricks randomly sprawled across dry plots of grass and doors barely hanging onto one hinge create the backdrop for a bright yellow sign with the Swahili word for faith painted in large red letters. Old tires, pipes, waste material and junk cars are unfortunately not the only residents of the New Orleans housing project, as it initially appears. Without any warning, underneath all of the public health

  • Community Values

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    Community Values There are not many people out there who have their own religion; just themselves in one religion made up on their own. People like to have a sense of belonging. Therefore most, if not all, religions have a huge communal aspect to them. While a person does gain some personal experience in any one religion in some form or another, religion is not solely personal. It is widely social. Someone who is brought up in a certain community that has a particular religion typically does

  • Values Of Community Policing

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    An important value police need to uphold if they want to seem legitimate in the community is protecting individual 's constitutional rights. Community 's policing officers had violated more constitutional rights of people than the other officers (Gould & Mastrofski, 2004). Why do they commit more of these violations? One reason might be because they are highly committed to the community and will do anything to protect it from crime or they might have had less training and education on the rights

  • Moral And Religious Values Of A Community

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    Should the law reflect the moral or religious values of a community? The matter of religion in relation to law is an age old question that many generations of people have had to face. In fact, in some ancient civilizations, religion was as much a part of the law, as water is a basic human necessity. Leaders were often worshiped as messengers or children of gods, and sometimes even as gods themselves. Religion has shaped the backbone of many a community, and still today, in some parts of the world

  • Medical Assessment's Value to the Intelligence Community

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    will attempt to shed some light into how the Intelligence community can and does use medical assets, personnel, equipment, and data bases to their advantage. We will look at how knowledge of an adversary’s medical capabilities and limitations can become their center of gravity and hence its Achilles heel. Closing with an opinion base inference as to where the intelligence community can continue to push the limits and uses of the medical community. “An Army marches on its stomach”(1) is a famous saying

  • The Values Of Volunteering, Service Learning And Community Work

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    like can help you discover others and grow friendships that typically follow the same values and beliefs that is an important factor in friendships. In addition, it can strengthen relationships one already has. Not only does volunteering bring new relationships, but also strengthen old ones by committing to a common like activity (Segal and Robinson). Finding activities that not only you like to do by yourself, but with your friends can help grow and develop a stronger bond within the friendship

  • Community Forging

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    need for both socialization and a sense of identity forge tight community bonds that many maintain throughout their life. Their life may center on religion, race, or even which socioeconomic class he or she falls in. Communities reflect these aspects by grouping individuals in similar situations and beliefs together. Pang-Mei Natasha Chang’s Bound Feet & Western Dress expresses the importance of tradition and culture in community identification by detailing the life of the traditional Chang Yu-i

  • Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

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    you can have in your own yard. There are places where it is becoming more difficult to buy a house that is not governed by an HOA, especially in newly developed areas. There are pros and cons to living in a community with a HOA. The purpose of a Homeowners Association is to protect the value of homes and neighborhoods within a development. This is done by maintaining common areas, such as playgrounds, boat yards or walking paths and insuring residents adhere to the rules of the Association. The

  • Centex

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    Associativity & Community The Associativity & Community division works with the community to nurture Centex´s programming and content for each thematic cycle. The community-based organizations can use Centex´s facilities to develop artistic and cultural projects in a variety of disciplines, as well as workshops, conferences, meetings and discussions. All the activities should be completely free for organizations and visitors. Therefore, Centex through the Associativity & Community division is presented

  • Collective Memory Essay

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    Collective memory is the cultural memory (? ) or the remembered history of a community: “Anyone who during today fixes his eyes on tomorrow must preserve yesterday from oblivion by grasping it through memory” (Assmann 2011: 17). Collective memory is the way groups form memories out of a shared past to create a common identity. The memory of a group is a construction, or reconstruction, of the past. Through the approach of collective memory we can distinguish a cultural sphere that combines tradition