Values Of Community Policing

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An important value police need to uphold if they want to seem legitimate in the community is protecting individual 's constitutional rights. Community 's policing officers had violated more constitutional rights of people than the other officers (Gould & Mastrofski, 2004). Why do they commit more of these violations? One reason might be because they are highly committed to the community and will do anything to protect it from crime or they might have had less training and education on the rights of the people and more in community policing values.
Community policing seems to mostly just influence perception of crime and disorder (Sherman, 1997) . When it comes down to actually reduce crime it seems that street offices, foot patrol, meetings
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I would argue that many issues won 't be solved by community policing, including very private crimes such as downloading illegal content or viewing child pornography. For these crimes we still need to rely on other forms such as stings and patrol. There is crime coming here from tourism and foreign nationals who don 't live in the communities that community policing can address. Terrorist threats still should be handled by counter-terror units to combat as well and if it 's domestic terrorism than community policing can help address it hopefully before it 's actually carried out. There is just a random crime that no matter what policy is used, it is going to happen and random patrols can help make people feel safe from that. There are crimes that community policing can 't control doesn 't mean that it 's not a great innovation, but it needs to be used with other useful tactics. I would say community policing compliments most all styles of policing when used together…show more content…
Compstat tries to reduce crime and improve community 's quality of life effectively. Departments use computer software to locate places where crimes are increasing and are able to use GIS(geographic information systems) to locate crime hot spots. This has been used throughout the United States and abroad and has been featured in the media such as on The Wire, (2005). Compstat is able to bring accountability to departments, certain beats, specific officers, and to policies. With the calculation of crime, police departments are able to verify when and where crime is happening and can investigate the cause of this if it 's the management or poor officers attributing to any crime
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