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  • Communities

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    When most people talk about community, they think of a location, an area in which people live. By definition “community” is a group of people living in the same location and under the same government. Community can also be defined as a group of people with the same common interests or segments in society. However, these definitions, which can be found in any dictionary, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining what community really is. Community is the memories and traditions

  • Community Communication And Community Development

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    Students studying community development will appreciate the smooth transition from the classroom to the office or community. Classroom communication is similar for those studying the discipline to that of those working in the field. At Portland State University, courses offered through Community Development are often structured around being half lecture based and half student engagement (i.e.: group discussion, video, volunteer activities, etc.). Instructors stress to the students that analytical

  • Community Planning In Community Development

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    Jones and Wells (2007) suggested that role of planning in community engagement is an important issue of any society. In community development and planning phase, harnessing and inspiring public opinions and inputs plays a prominent and pivotal part. Within the community, modest relationship is required with stakeholder groups and individuals while carrying developing and planning active community engagement. The main issue that can concern during the starting phase is the level of trust that might

  • Communities and Urbanization

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    COMMUNITIES & URBANIZATION Introduction George Murdock once said that a community is one of the two truly universal units of society organization, the other one being family (Schaefer, 461). We are all part of a community, and in many cases, we are a part of multiple ones. In chapter 20 of our textbook, we are looking at communities and urbanization. It discusses urbanization and how communities originate. It also looks at the different types of communities. Communities

  • Community Assessment

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    Every community has it areas of crucial needs for which every of its member will need urgent interventions from concerned or appropriate agencies. The following are the reasons why it is important to have information about community before conducting a community assessment. • There is increased understanding within the community about its needs, why they exist, and why it is important for the needs to be addressed. • Community members have the opportunity to share how the needs impact the quality

  • Commitment to Community

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    Commitment to community is a requirement for contemporary Americans and vital to its survival. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the unselfish act of sharing: from a cup of sugar to a wealth of information to the guardianship of all children involved and the protection of every individual in that said community. Whether that community consists of the “Classic Neighborhood, those with a common set of goals, or those who share a common identity” the thread that holds this matrix together is always

  • Veganism And The Community

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    growth for the community. Swales definition of a discourse community becomes an accurate definition for the community. According to Swales a discourse community must have a common goal; in this case Vegans’ goals are to bring awareness to the food industry and not use or consume animal based products. They also share multiple genres of communications, a lexis and encouragement for newcomers (Swales). In this essay I will discuss the views of vegans from within and outside the community. Veganism is

  • Discourse Communities

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    ¡Avancemos! Discourse communities have many different and almost complex aspects that are included within them. According to James Paul Gee, author of Sociolinguistics and Literacies, “Discourses are ways of being in the world; they are forms of life which integrate words, acts values, beliefs, attitudes, and social identities as well as gestures, glances, body positions, and clothes.” The way that a person carries out and performs these aspects of a discourse are factors of identification for

  • Community Participation Essay

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    Community participation is about ensuring meaningful engagement with our communities. What Is Community Participation? Although this may appear to be a simple question, there is no single definition of participation by communities but, rather, a potpourri of definitions varying mostly by the degree of participation. The continuum on the next page provides a helpful framework for understanding community participation. In this continuum, "participation" ranges from negligible or "co-opted"—in which

  • Graceville Community Garden

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    In the article “It’s only a garden!”, community workers Jason MacLeod and Catherine Byrne (2012) reclaim the meaning and purpose of community organisation as a intrinsic aspect of community development, within Australia. The significant movement of community building to community organising and back again, was the centre of engaging local residents from the inner-south-west Brisbane suburbs, to collaboratively plan for a community garden in one suburb of what was a newly established ward of Tennyson

  • The Importance Of Community Engagement

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    Much of the academic literature expresses the importance of community engagement and the risks that come from poor engagement, agreeing with the presentation given by Mary-Frances Lynch. Community engagement aims to have direct involvement of locals in the project through community engagement and cooperation to achieve cohesion, respect and trusting relationships (Walker, et al., 2010). Active community engagement in the planning and approval process of a development is important as it leads to local

  • Community Observation Paper

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    Community organization, one of the many key determinants in building a happy and healthy community, is described as a means of aiding a society in detecting conjoint problems, achieving joint goals, and rallying the appropriate resources necessary to meet those goals (Glanz, Rimer & Viswanath, 2015). In this specific example the health department partnered with a local community organization that sought out ways on supplying its residents with affordable and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

  • Essay On Community Participation

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    2.3. Community Projects: Best Practices Community participation Oakley and Marsden (1987) defined community participation as the process whereby individuals, families, and communities take responsibility for their own welfare and develop a capacity to contribute to their own and the community’s development. In the context of development, community participation refers to a process whereby the direction and execution of development projects are influenced by the beneficiaries rather than simply receive

  • Discourse Community Analysis

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    A discourse community is a term defined in different ways by different authors. Swales' chapter "The concept of discourse community" tries to define discourse community more closely and to give some real-life examples. The first part of this piece of work I found to be exceptionally valuable because it broadened my understanding of the topic. Swales provided the overview what other authors said about discourse communities and what were their standpoint and examples, and how he agreed or disagreed

  • Gaming Discourse Community

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    The gaming discourse community is a most interesting group of people. Its members come from all ages and walks of life who are drawn to this community for many reasons. Typically, these the members of this discourse community fall in the age range of early teens to late thirties. They come from unique backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities. This diversity brings a life and culture to this community that is unlike any other. As diverse as the people who make up this community are, the reasons for

  • Giving Back To A Community

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    Community involvement has always played a vital role in my life. Growing up in a single parent household, I saw firsthand the influence that others in the community can have on a young child’s life. My siblings and I had to depend on trustworthy people in our community to provide us with things that our mother was just unable to give us. From help with homework assignments to a simple hug when I was crying, my community has helped me grow into the woman I am today. As a young child I knew that I

  • Community Synthesis Essay

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    Community participation is essential for risk reduction because community relations, actions, and beliefs are at the center of functionality. Communities contain multiple cultures with different religions, views, and livelihoods. It is not feasible or humane to try and implement a universal disaster risk reduction approach; a universal approach strips away factors that make individuals whole, it disregards the high possibility of unplanned actions or responses in the presence of a catastrophe. Moreover

  • Community Service Requirements

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    of making community service part of graduation requirements actually sounds like a good idea. There are many different types of community service and I think everyone should need to be involved in some sort just to see what it is like. There are many different qualities that community service can teach. Especially for students who are preparing to graduate and move out into the real world, it would be nice if they could get a taste of what actually goes on in the real world. Community service sounds

  • Analysis Of Discourse Community

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    Schmidt and Vande Kopple introduce the analysis of discourse communities states that each discipline has a certain way in how they share information, analysis, make claims, and communicate in their discourse community. This is significant to note because different discipline consist of different audiences. Sociology is particular, as a discourse community connects with those within the same field thus, it is important for the writers to properly communicate their research through proper organization

  • Community Service Goals

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    do community service within my area by using the skills of Community, Leadership, Positive Self-Concept and Navigate the System. Next I can develop some goals to know what I want to achieve in by including the skills of Long Range Goals and Realistic Self-Appraisal. Then I can volunteer at the Food Bank and my skills of focus will be Community, Nontraditional Knowledge and Strong Support Person. First of all, I want to do community service within my area by utilizing the skills of Community, Leadership