The Importance Of Happiness In The Community

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Happiness is the most difficult aspect of life to achieve. It eludes and confronts us in various ways, forcing to re-evaluate our lives and its complex definition time and time again. As rare as happiness is, it can be found in even the most unusual places, in the most unusual way. One example of this is the shared happiness found within the community. This paper will attempt to present the connection between happiness and the community, referring to examples from film, personal experiences, and several other resources and analyze its significance within the community. The importance of happiness in a community stems from being accepted as part of their group. It is especially hard when families have to move to new neighborhoods or communities and have to restart their life anew. Children and adults all have the same goal of happiness anywhere; in school, at home or in a workplace. As Amanda Enayati says, “Belonging is primal, fundamental to our sense of happiness and well-being”. The sense of belonging in a community affects an individual emotionally. The fear of being the outsider brings about stress and negativity to one’s mind (Weisz, “The Importance of Belonging”). It could be your first day on the job or moving into a new neighborhood – there will always be this anxiety of whether or not people will like and accept you. Happiness in a community therefore mostly stems from fear of not belonging. The films, “Our Town”, “Westside Story” and “Barbershop”, all depict different types of communities and the meaning of belonging in a community. “Our Town” depicts an important stage in life for anyone and that is the quest for friendships and love. The characters in this movie persistently take time out of their days and busy sched... ... middle of paper ... ...ense of belonging is what most people want – to be welcomed, comfortable, supported and accepted. Others included being able to entrust your house to a neighbor while you are away, and to others its being part of a group where you can trust them on an emotional level (Weisz, “Summary of Recent Happiness Research”). To conclude, it Happiness is the most difficult aspect of life to achieve. Especially the shared happiness found within the community. A community should be home away from home. Socializing and meeting new people is part of a healthy living. You may find support, will help you develop a more active lifestyle, reduce stress, and most importantly can definitely enhance one’s sense of well-being and happiness. It is what you make out of a situation that will help you overcome the challenges you face when you long for that sense of happiness and belonging.

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