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  • The Common Cold

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    The common cold has been plaguing humankind since the beginning of human existence. Even in these advanced times, there is no vaccine or cure. There are many symptoms that accompany the common cold. Some of these infamous symptoms are a runny nose, caused by inflammation of the nasal tissues, resulting in over production of mucus to trap the virus, and coughing. there are two different kinds or types of coughs that are common with colds. The first, is the less common dry hacking cough, these kinds

  • Be Careful With Common Cold

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    front of the class, but keep hearing someone coughing, sneezing. and getting tissue. The common symptoms of the common cold. The common cold is a viral infection that primarily targets your nose and throat. The common cold can be caused by over 100 things, and the fact that its contagious makes it even worse. With so many ways for it to be transmitted it’s no wonder that its called the common cold. The common cold is a viral infection that can be cause by numerous things such as droplets in the air

  • Rhinovirus - The Common Cold

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    Rhinovirus - The Common Cold Introduction: Rhinovirus, pictured above, is best known as the common cold. It is a member of the picornaviridae family along with more virulent viruses such as polio and hepatitis A. The viruses of this family are characterized as small (20-30nm genome) positive polarity RNA viruses consisting of one genome segment and a nonenveloped capsid. Unlike the its more lethal relatives, Rhinovirus is designed to attack a host numerous times during their lifetime. It is the

  • What Are Old Wives Tales

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    “Skylar, how many times must I tell you not to go outside with wet hair? You don’t want to catch cold, do you?” asked my Mom for the umpteenth time. I know it was a rhetorical question, but…I got sooo frustrated that I actually replied, “Mom,” I said, “you don’t need to worry because chicken soup will undoubtedly cure my cold if I get one”. I bet, like me, at some point in your life…your mom, or maybe your grandparent, has tried to impart this same wisdom to you too. After all, old wives’ tales like

  • Essay On Sinusitis

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    Have you ever dealt with severe pain and discomfort in your sinuses? Or have you ever had headaches or sore throats but categorized it as merely a migraine or cold? Many people may not know that these are symptoms for Sinusitis, a very common health issue that affects 37 million people a year (Balloon Sinuplasty). Sinusitis is “an inflammation of the mucous lining of the nasal passages and sinuses” (University Maryland Medical Center).). Although sinusitis originates from the nasal passages, there

  • Essay On SARS

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    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also called SARS is caused by a group of viruses that are accountable for many causes of the “common cold.” It is presumed that civets, cat-like appearance mammals, are the source of conveyance of the disease. The outbreak of SARS initially began in the Guangdong province of China in November 2002. 8,098 people have compacted the virus and 774 have died due to this horrifying disease, from November 2002 to June 2003. However, ever since then, there have been very

  • Yellow Fever Research Paper

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    disease originated in Africa and it was introduced in South America in the slave trade within the 16th century. Several major disease epidemic cases have taken place in Europe, the Americans and Europe since the 17th century. It was deemed as the most common dangerous disease in the 19th century. A virus carried by a mosquito causes Yellow Fever. The person can catch the virus by getting bitten by a mosquito that is infected with the virus. If the virus infects a person, it would typically show the

  • Cold Versus Flu Essay

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    Assessment of the common cold and flu virus yields knowledge that they are very similar in nature, with the flu effecting the individual’s body at a greater severity. Actions to confront the two is a yearly endeavor and at times requiring identical techniques of prevention. The cold still has no noticeable improvements in its treatments other than the pacification of the ailments’ symptoms. The flu, also known as the influenza virus and the common cold are two types of viruses that effect the respiratory

  • Antibiotic for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

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    The common cold is one of the most prevalent illnesses worldwide. It is caused by a virus that inflames the membranes in the lining of the nose and throat, colds can be the result of more than 200 different viruses [10].The antibiotics don't work against any infections caused by viruses [11]. They are a powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections [12]. Antibiotics were first used to treat serious infections in the 1940s. Since then, antibiotics have saved millions of lives and transformed

  • Croup : Common Airway Inflammation Caused By Virus

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    Croup: Croup is another common airway inflammation caused by virus that can affect the trachea, larynx and possibility the bronchi (Murray, Sidani, & Zoorob, 2011) thus causing infection in the upper respiratory tract. Murray et al. describes it as the most common illness in children under the age of 6 to 36 months and cause for cough mostly when a child cries; acute stridor and hoarseness in febrile children (Murray et al., 2011). It can be a life-threatening situation in the life of the young infant

  • Spanish Flu's Impact on Children's Education

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    was obviously brought to the United States by soldiers who have contracted influenza while battling the evil enemy. Despite the origin of this influenza, our country's health is of the utmost concern because it is definitely worse than the "common cold," yet not as severe as other illnesses such as pneumonia and pleurisy. Influenza is characterized by rapid onset; an individual can be struck severely ill in the matter of a day if not hours. As well, this strain of influenza is distinguished

  • TOK essay

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    Nowadays, individuals rarely look back at previously held forms of knowledge. It was back in the 1940s that lobotomy was a mainstream procedure in which connections of the prefrontal cortex were cut and scraped away in an attempt to treat certain psychotic conditions in suffering patients. This neurosurgical procedure had serious side effects including the deterioration of a person’s personality and ability to function. Thus, in the mid-1950s, lobotomy procedures declined as medical advancements

  • Effects On NyQuill

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    Nyquil The power of Nyquil is sometimes overlooked as just another sinus medication or cold and flue relief. What is unnoticed is the power this medication prevails. A lot of people take Nyquil for its purpose but some tend to abuse its purpose and use it for other problems, such as taking advantage of its drowsy feeling it gives you when consumed. This is a drug that is most popular on today’s market, but do the consumers actually know what they are buying? Nyquil has many side effects when miss

  • Antibiotics Essay

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    (Antibiotic resistance, N.D.). Many bacteria within our bodies are not harmful at all, and some of them actually provide health benefits. The bacteria that are harmful are disease-causing bacteria, which generate sicknesses such as strep throat, the common cold, and ear infections (Get, 2013). Viruses are smaller than bacteria and require hosts, such as plants or animals, in order to proliferate (What, N.D.). Doctors play a vital role in administering antibiotics, for patients rely on their knowledge and

  • Disease and Death

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    The first case occurred a month ago when one of the skinners nicked a finger while skinning. As I gathered, from the translator who has been interviewing people since his arrival two weeks ago, that at first people thought the man just to have a common cold and headache but after a few days his eyes were filled with blood and he became hot to the touch. Then the skin became horribly bruised as if he had suffered some sort of terrible flogging. As the disease progressed his fever steadily increased

  • Nursing Supplements In Nursing

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    As a nurse it is important to step back and examine our own personal and family beliefs, and how they reflect on patient care. For example, my mother claims she can prevent the common cold by taking supplements. Based on our personal and family experiences, should we as nurses recommend supplements to our patients? This and many other professional and ethical challenges will arise throughout our professional career. The purpose of this paper is to explore strategies and resources to meet such

  • Natural Cold and Flu Prevention

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    Natural Cold and Flu Prevention There is no known cure for cold and flu, thus prevention should always be your priority. The best approach is to keep your body healthy to keep you from being susceptible to infection caused by cold and flu viruses. Getting a flu shot is effective though it doesn’t guarantee you will never get sick. Vaccination can help in keeping the symptoms milder and shorten the duration of the illness in case you get sick. Here are several natural remedies that can help you

  • Dextromethorphan Research Paper

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    What Is Dextromethorphan? Dextromethorphan is a drug that is designed to alleviate cough caused by influenza and the common cold. It is approved for patients who are over the age of four. It is extremely important for people to avoid giving this medication to people who are under the age of four. Young children may experience life-threatening side effects if they take this medication. Dextromethorphan works by affecting the chemicals in the brain that triggers coughing. However, it is important

  • Coining

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    When someone has a cold or a headache, what are the common cures that come to mind? In Western cultures, some common cures may include drinking fluids, getting more rest, taking over the counter medications, and eating soup. In Southeast Asian cultures, coining is a very popular home therapy used to relieve colds and headaches. Coining involve using a coin dipped with hot balm oil to rub back and forth repeatedly on skin to create a redden color bruise (Nguyen, 1985). This technique is believed

  • Use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in a Vicks NyQuil Advertisement

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    itself is very, very simple. Roughly ninety percent of the advertisement is merely black, with small white text in the center, spelling out the words "All Night Long." At the bottom is a white border with the slogan "The best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine." To the right are the top two thirds of a bottle of NyQuil. Very subtly written, in faint grey text, is the Proctor & Gamble copyright. The advertisement alone may not make an appeal to any situated ethos, but given that NyQuil is owned