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  • Religion, Barnard College Women, War, and Evangelical Biblical Interpretation after 9.11

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    Religion, Barnard College Women, War, and Evangelical Biblical Interpretation after 9.11 One of the most disturbing things about living in New York City since 9.11 has been the way in which the U.S. has been able to wage war on Afghanistan and now maybe Iraq, with very little public outcry. I’d like to suggest that behind the apathy, certain traditions of Christian biblical interpretation may be at work, traditions that feature feminine figures in very particular ways. These are interpretive

  • Why I Chose An All Womens College

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    searching for colleges, I searched for schools that I felt fit my persona, that I would be comfortable attending for some of the most integral years of my life. My search included schools such as Temple University, and Pennsylvania State University, higher education institutions that allowed me to challenge myself, but at the same time would put me in a setting where I would be with others just like myself, fitting into the standard American university fashion. The thought of an all women’s college never

  • College Sports - Women in Sports and Title IX

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    Women in Sports and Title IX Since the 1972 conception of Title IX of the Education Amendments, the number of women participating in intercollegiate athletics has increased five-fold, from fewer than 30,000, to more 150,000 in 2001. However, more than 400 men’s athletics teams have been dismantled since Title IX, the law forbidding sex discrimination at institutions receiving federal funds, became law. Some would say this is due, in part, to Title IX enforcement standards like proportionality

  • Rape: The Opening of a Taboo

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    of Technology student in the university’s newspaper, the Tech. Concern about the victimization of female college students has grown in this country since 1990, according to the Sexual Victimization of College Women report by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The rising awareness of sexual victimization has displaced the ideal of college campuses as ivory towers for the new fear that campuses have become “hot spots for criminal activity,” the report

  • Effects Of Rape On Women

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    the crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse. Rape is a crime in which most women cannot defend themselves. The fear of rape plagues every woman at some point or another in her life. The traumatic effects of rape vary from mild to severe, from psychological to physical. This paper will evaluate rape, as well as the effects it has on women, the theory behind male dominance and patriarchy, and differences in demographics. “Rape is a crime that combines sex

  • Anorexia

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    young, old, or either sex although, its primary victims are young girls between the age of thirteen and nineteen. This disorder has become more and more common around the world today. It has populated many college campuses, and it is spreading. Recent studies show that almost 20% of college women suffer from anorexia or bulimia (bulimia is a eating disorder similar to anorexia), and the statistic increases to about 50% when so called "fad" bulimics and anorexics are included (Baker 9). This disease

  • Bulimia Nervosa and Antidepressant Drugs

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    Bulimia Nervosa and Antidepressant Drugs WHAT IS BULIMIA NERVOSA? Bulimia nervosa afflicts mostly women (about 6% of adolescent girls, and 5% of college women). Most individuals with bulimia engage in compensatory activities such as vomiting, laxative abuse, strict dieting, and vigorous exercise (Alexander). PRIMARY SYMPTOMS OF BULIMIA The primary symptoms of bulimia are recurrent episodes of binge eating and compensatory measures to purge the calories. There is an excessive influence

  • A Study Of Depression And Relationships

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    style would affect relationship functioning more than depression. The research was conducted in two independent studies. The first study sampled 204 college women. Women were studied based on the very plausible assumptions that women are more susceptible to depression than men and relationships carry more significance with women than men. The women were screened using the Beck Depression Inventory, a popular method of testing consisting of 21 multiple choice questions to be administered by a clinician

  • Women In College Professors

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    counterparts. Fewer women are receiving tenure, which leads to fewer women in full-time professor positions. The problem stems from several areas: females are expected to choose between a career and children, they are viewed as objects rather than humans, and the outdated notion women are always kind and nurturing.

  • Rape Of Women In College Essay

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    many women in college that have been sexual assaulted. Further, it has been documented that for the past five decades 19% of college women have been victims to sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. With regards to, the articles “Never Go Out Alone”, “One in 4 college women faces sexual assault or misconduct”, and “Commentary: promoting recovery after sexual assault at college.” Particularly, these articles bring fourth the examples, statistics, facts, and evidence that women in college do suffer

  • Preparing Women for Public Leadership: Programs and Strategies

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    Preparing Women for Public Leadership: Programs and Strategies While we know that women are underrepresented in all facets of public leadership – from political to corporate and local to global – we have a particularly compelling reason to explore this issue in our immediate regional context. Pennsylvania ranks 44th out of the 50 states (CAWP, 2003) in women’s political participation and serves as an excellent local example of the need to empower more women and to change the climate in which

  • College Women And Coffee Research Paper

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    Other than college students and professors, what else do you need on a college campus? Food and coffee. Coffee and college students go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, at least some form of caffeine and college students. According to one survey by Smaranda Laura Goţia, Smaranda Rodica Goţia, and Camelia Gurban, who are all from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, about 58.34% of college students drank coffee and of that 58.34%, 75% were college women (Goţia, Goţia, and Gurban 7)

  • Alcohol And The Sexual Assault Of College Women

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    all issues facing college campuses across the United States. Because of the negative effects alcohol has on the human brain, it often plays a major role in the sexual assault of college women. In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Antonia Abbey found that “55% of the sexual assaults reported by college women involved alcohol consumption” (Abbey, 119). In ninety-seven percent of these assaults, both the victim and perpetrator were reported to be intoxicated. In addition, college women are significantly

  • A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf

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    essays and novels provide an insight into her life experiences and those of women of the 20th century. Her most famous works include Mrs. Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927), Orlando: A Biography (1928), The Waves (1931), and A Room of One's Own (1929) (Roseman 11). A Room of One's Own is an based on Woolf's lectures at a women's college at Cambridge University in 1928. Woolf bases her thoughts on "the question of women and fiction". In the essay, Woolf asks herself the question if a woman

  • Toni Morrison's Sula - Character of Sula as a Rose

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    innocent to describe women. The canonical works also used conventional symbols to compare the women to flowers such as the rose and the lily. Thomas Campion depicts the typical description of women in his poem, "There is a Garden in Her Face." He describes the women by stating, "There is a garden in her face/ Where roses and white lilies grow,/ A heavenly paradise is that place,/ Wherein all pleasant fruits do flow" (1044-5). The roses and lilies are used to portray beautiful, frail women who are admired

  • Womens Ice Hockey

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    Womens Ice Hockey The fight for women's ice hockey players to earn respect and acceptance has been hard fought over the past one hundred years. Women have constantly been told that they can not play with men and that there sport is a second rate version of the men's game. The road of women's ice hockey has had many ups and downs but has perservered to the present day and is stronger than it has ever been. The future of women's ice hockey is bright thanks to diligence and hard work of those who

  • The House On Mango Street Essay

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    life she wanted to live and “looked out the window her whole life…[with her] sadness on an elbow” (11). Esperanza’s mother tells her “I could’ve been somebody” (90), and tells how she dismissed her opportunity to go to college because she was ashamed of her clothes. Though these women Esperanza sees the regret that comes from not following their own desires, and learns what she does not want to be. Esperanza does not “want to inherit her [grandmother’s] place at the window” (11), and in turn, she becomes

  • Did Esther Trap Herself in "The Bell Jar"?

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    office. In her one-month stay in New York, on one hand, Esther was cautious and conscientious to learn from an able and efficient female editor-Jay Cee, and she dreamt to follow Jay Cee’s successful step. On the other hand, she met various men and women in her colorful social life. These experiences reminded her of her life in women’s university, especially her relationship with her boyfriend- Buddy Willard. As the recollection often interweaved with reality, they brought Esther perplexity, discouragement

  • Overview: Amachya Ayushyatil Kahi Athawani by Ramabai Ranade

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    mother was the daughter of Raghupantbhau Karmarkar, physician to the chief of Miraj. Ramabai remembers her mother as ‘a friend and a loving comrade’ who was very hard-working, reserved and full of endurance. Ramabai’s own family was an orthodox where women, not even daughters were allowed to enter the front part of the house and come into the presence of the father. Singing, playing, reading and writing anything was not allowed. In the eighteen seventies the social environment in Maharashtra was such

  • The Impact Of The Gibson Girl On American Culture

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    original "Gibson Girls" that changed the way America thought about women. The Gibson Girl was a vision of an ideal woman created by Charles Dana Gibson in the 1890s and influenced Americans in aspects of fashion, gender roles, and character. The Gibson Girl made a huge impact on American culture by creating a gauge by which beauty could be understood and measured. By creating a consumable, mass-produced vision of how American women should look, the Gibson Girl shaped American perceptions of beauty