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  • College Fraternities

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    College Fraternities College fraternities have always struck me as being an organization of guys who spend their time drinking beer and having their "social gatherings" (parties). Just moving to Austin recently (which is by no doubt a "college city") has made me want to know more about the sole purpose of these fraternities. For these reasons I chose to select this culture for my essay. The definition of a fraternity is defined as " chiefly social organization of male college students, usually

  • Fraternities In Greek Colleges

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    form of Greek life across the nation and the numbers are growing? (“National” 3). There are fraternities and sororities that everyone can join in colleges or universities. A university is the definition of diversity. Universities are meant for gaining a higher education as well as learning to go into adulthood. Many fraternities and sororities can be exciting and have an uplifting experience. Fraternities and sororities can help with becoming an adult as well.They can help build friendships and help

  • Sororities And Fraternities In College

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    People these days often believe everything on the Internet or television without knowing the truth behind it. One of those is sororities and fraternities. People often think them as a party club or social club instead of a club that helps raise money for causes. Sororities and fraternities in college have strict rules, close relationship with one’s another, and their philanthropies that raise money for certain causes. First of all, just like schools and other clubs on campus, sororities also have

  • The Positive Influences of College Fraternities

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    The Positive Influences of College Fraternities According to Webster's New World Dictionary the definition of a stereotype is: a fixed or conventional notion or concept. While attending college I have noticed that stereotypes are a part of every day life. Day in and day out people are judged for who they are and what they believe in. These stereotypes are especially relevant in fraternities. The negative stereotypes associated with college fraternities have recently been blown way out of proportion

  • Fraternities And Sororities On College Campuses

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    Fraternities and sororities are an essential part of the university experience. They provide the student with a place to call home or even help form lifelong relationships. Students find a sense of belonging in these organizations and everyone is there to support others. Sadly these organizations ruin lives with a lot of deaths occurring during unsanctioned events. If individual chapters include a minimum G.P.A to become a full member, then less deaths happen since everyone involved is focusing on

  • Colleges and Universities: Fraternities and Sororities

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    Fraternities have been a part of American society since the late 1770’s. It is something that has continued to be a tradition in colleges and universities today. Sororities, as well as fraternities, are an integral part of the college experience. However, these organizations face stereotypes and negative associations all the time in movies and popular culture. Some of these stereotypes are due to past traditions of hazing. Despite these traditions, Greek Life has established itself to be a beneficial

  • Should Fraternities Be Banned From College Campus?

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    Should Fraternities Be Banned From College Campus The frequency of binge drinking at fraternities and sororities leads to an “Animal House” style of living. (Dr. Henry Wechsler, Harvard University) Students celebrate the end of the week by flocking to local bars for $2 pitchers. They prepare for the big game by tailgating in the parking lots with coolers full of beer. Fraternities use keg parties to help recruit new pledges. As college students return to campus for the new school year, events like

  • Sororities And Fraternities In College Essay

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    of sororities and fraternities, people have been skeptical about if the pros of the clubs outweigh the cons. Every year, when freshmen go to a school that offers Greek life, they have a choice. Because these organizations have such negative press about drinking and partying, young adults are usually hesitant to believe that Greek life will help them in their future endeavors. On the other hand, some students know of successful alumni from these clubs and have planned their college career around getting

  • The Importance Of Fraternity And Sorority Life In College

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    As a senior in the college decision process, all facets of each considered college need to be analyzed closely in order to put myself in the best position for the next four years as well as the rest of my life. Clemson University and the University of Virginia (UVA) are two colleges that would provide me with not only a great degree but also the student life and social scene that tailors to my personality. College is the next chapter in my life that can define how successful I will be in my future

  • The Rape Culture of College Fraternities

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    your main focuses are finishing your college applications and if your a girl of course prom, you don't realize you are a year away from entering college and the world of "rape culture". It is said that rape culture exists because we don't believe it does. Rape culture is defined as "an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture." We already have an idea that in colleges where sports is glorified that some

  • MDMA or Ecstasy

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    scene at raves and security usually takes no steps in preventing it. Raves are known for having a blind eye approach to drug taking and drug dealing. The past two years, Ecstasy has also been practiced in urban areas, especially in college towns. Many college fraternities use the drug as an aphrodisiac. It is called the “love drug” because it is believed that the best sexual intercourse is when you are under the influence of Ecstasy. The effects have been compared to “a six hour orgasm.” In addition

  • The Loss of Innocence- Personal Narrative

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    The Loss of Innocence- Personal Narrative Orientation, introduction, moving in classes, fraternity exams midterm finals, all flying by with the roar of drag car screaming past you on the side. That is how this past semester has felt like. So far everything has been a blur, "tunnel visioned" towards the end that is now wider as I start to comprehend all of the emotions and information from this past semester. Sitting here in front of my computer finishing on of the last essays I will write this

  • Ethics of Oates' Landfill

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    death as a fictional basis was ethical. The sad story is still mostly a mystery because of the ongoing investigation, and both the police and autopsy report were withheld from the public. What is known, is that a nineteen-year-old freshman at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) named John Fiocco Jr. was reported missing from his dormitory on March 25th 2006 after drinking. Police reported finding blood (that was later identified as belonging to Fiocco) around a dumpster outside of his dormitory. It was

  • Am I Blue by Beth Henley

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    is Ashbe sits next to him. She hides under his raincoat because she stole two ashtrays from a local inn. Ashbe is a social person and soon begins a conversation with John. Through persistent questioning, Ashbe discovers John is in a fraternity. John admits the fraternity is not solving his problems like his brother told him it would. Ashbe, noticing the red appointment card, asks John why he has an appointment with a prostitute. John responds ?Yeah, I like to give myself a treat?(line 50). Ashbe knows

  • Patterns of Life in Ernest Hemingway’s A Soldier’s Home

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    can be found through Krebs’s involvement in college, the Marines, and even in his personal relationships. For Krebs, the pattern of a fraternity lends itself to a uniformity that leaves everyone the same. This sameness is uncomplicated for Krebs. For example, the photograph shows “all of them wearing exactly the same height and style collar” allowing Krebs to blend into the group. Instead of becoming an individual, Krebs is influenced by his fraternity brothers. This uniformity does not allow Krebs

  • My Great Expectations

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    phoenix. Also I would like to leave here with a lot more knowledge about different things like business and the community of this city. In the outstanding city of Flagstaff I came with a lot of expectation, will experience many knew things in my college years, and also have two main goals before I leave this city. In Flagstaff I have and will experience a lot of new things that did not experience from living in Phoenix. The first thing is the small town surroundings, this is a lot different from

  • Doe Season: Andys Epiphany

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    The process of finding out who one is can be very turbulent and confusing. Through growing up one goes through so many different changes in terms of one's personality and deciding who they are and what they want to be. The little girl in David Kaplan's "Doe Season" goes through one of these changes, as do many other adolescents confused about who they are, and finds out that there are some aspects of a person's identity that cannot be changed no matter how hard he/she tries. Andy is a nine-year-old

  • Fraternity Hazing

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    Fraternity Hazing When most people hear the term "hazing" it brings up images of fraternities, or they just don’t know what it is. In even though hazing occurs in many places including fraternities and sororities, the military, athletic teams and student organizations (marching bands) at both the high school and collegiate levels. Many believe that hazing in fraternities and in general are nothing more than silly tricks and harmless pranks like those from the 1980s hit comedy Animal House. The

  • A Technophobic Confession

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    A Technophobic Confession I am a technophobe. There, I admitted it. The Unabomber, George Orwell, my hardheaded grandfather and I are all members of the same fraternity. I am in the closet no longer. Just because I don't blow up buildings doesn't mean I'm not afraid of the unrelenting onslaught of technology. I went to high school in a small town in rural Illinois, and until the age of sixteen, I was able to survive without touching a computer. In fact, the only one I remember seeing

  • Fraternities and Why They are Misunderstood

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    Fraternities and Why They are Misunderstood Fraternities have been a major part of student life at universities all over the world since the beginning of the 20th century. For many students they have offered an improvement in social life, more friends, opportunities for athletics, and a great sense of brotherhood. Unfortunately, since their beginning fraternities have been questioned about their activities. Many people today think that they subject their members to harmful acts better known