The Positive Influences of College Fraternities

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The Positive Influences of College Fraternities

According to Webster's New World Dictionary the definition of a stereotype is: a fixed or conventional notion or concept. While attending college I have noticed that stereotypes are a part of every day life. Day in and day out people are judged for who they are and what they believe in. These stereotypes are especially relevant in fraternities. The negative stereotypes associated with college fraternities have recently been blown way out of proportion and commonly overshadow the many positive aspects and contributions of Greek life. The Greek system offers men and women the opportunity to compliment their college education by better rounding themselves and giving back to our community. If you are someone who has acquired these negative stereotypes, consider the way that your community benefits from our many service projects. But before my paper can demonstrate your misconceptions, we need to discuss stereotypes.

A stereotype is a lack of information. The foundation of what the public is informed on is true most of the time, but the misleading portion of a stereotype is what people do not hear. If only half of the information in a story is disclosed, then of course the reader is not going to be revealed to the total story. This is how negative stereotypes of fraternities are started. When dealing with fraternities not many people want to hear about the positives, so they shut them out and only concentrate on the negatives. According to Sam Doria, a freshman here at Bowling Green, "positive issues facing fraternities are boring, I want to see which frat is next to get charged with hazing violations." Most of the positive issues concerning fraternities have recently ...

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