MDMA or Ecstasy

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During the 1960’s and the 1970’s, it was known as the “love drug.” The following decade, many witnessed the popularization of the “happy drug.” This drug is chemically known as MDMA, or methylenedioximetamphetamine. To many of the younger generation, it is dubbed as “Ecstasy” or “XTC.” MDMA is a powerful stimulant and mood changer that accelerates your body system and modifies your perception of the world. It is not a drug created from nature, but from laboratories and garages. It can produce stimulant and psychedelic effects by flooding the brain with the neurotransmitter, serotonin. Some therapists believe that it helps people to bring out their true feelings in a peaceful and open manner. Nevertheless, the government classified it as a drug with no recorded medical use and high abuse potential. MDMA is now illegal in the United States. The increase in the dosage of Ecstasy is partially due to the popularity of raves. Raves are underground parties that are open for nearly twelve hours. As the rave scene expands across the country, the use and distribution of MDMA increases as well. Rave’s party scene has often been compared to as a religion. The DJ is the high priest of the ceremony, dancing is their meditation, and Ecstasy is their holy substance. The atmosphere of raves is designed to be favorable to enjoying the Ecstasy experience, which are common venues for taking Ecstasy. Ecstasy, along with various drugs, is offered openly to the public. This is a familiar scene at raves and security usually takes no steps in preventing it. Raves are known for having a blind eye approach to drug taking and drug dealing. The past two years, Ecstasy has also been practiced in urban areas, especially in college towns. Many college fraternities use the drug as an aphrodisiac. It is called the “love drug” because it is believed that the best sexual intercourse is when you are under the influence of Ecstasy. The effects have been compared to “a six hour orgasm.” In addition, massages are often given to enhance the effects of Ecstasy. Every touch has been described, from users, as a hundred times better under the influence of Ecstasy. They feel a dramatic drop in their defense mechanisms and increased affection towards others. They experience a feeling of closeness with peers and a desire to be intimate with them. This results in an increase in inner arousal and physical interaction.

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