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  • Alcohol on College Campus

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    A growing number of students on college campuses are taking their life in their own hands each time they consume large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time. This popular method of drinking, called binge drinking, is a social stigma passed down from past generations. Students consider binge drinking a recreational way of life that is reninforced with alcoholic berverage "hangouts" located near college campuses. The fraternity and sorority houses are known for their wild parties. The peer-pressured

  • Big Campus Vs Big College Campus Essay

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    Big College Campus vs. Small College Campus When you are looking at colleges, you must compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages between each college. One of the main things you think about is the college campus itself. Whether big or small, the campus atmosphere is important to college success. As you analyze the information they give you about their campus amenities, you will be able to see the major contrasts in large and small colleges. A big college campus and a small college campus

  • On Campus Housing At Community Colleges

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    community colleges do not provide on-campus housing and to provide greater insights into the types of community colleges that provide on-campus housing, the typical student who resides in on-campus housing, a guide to various California community colleges that provide on-campus housing, and the impact that on-campus housing has on student learning outcomes, financial gains for community colleges that provide on-campus housing, and an overview of the lack of data in the area of not only on-campus housing

  • Effect of marajuana on college campus

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    Marijuana can be found on every college campus in the United States and is the drug of choice coming in right behind alcohol. Harvard School of public health conducted a survey over the last eleven years and found that marijuana use in college has gone from 26.4 % in 1989-1991 to 33.6% in 2000 ( According to a similar study, the majority of students on college campuses that use marijuana will also participate in other high risk activities.

  • The Effects Of Rape On College Campus

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    coverage that is received of the rape culture among college campuses and universities continues to become more prevalent each and every day. Sexual assaults on university and college campuses are most likely to happen amidst the student population. According to Burnett, Mattern, Herakova, Kahl Jr, Tobola, and Bornsen (2009), every two minutes in the United States, someone is raped, and the chances of being that victim are four times greater for a college female student than for any other age group. Rape

  • Rape On College Campus Essay

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    Sexual assault and rape on college campuses is a serious public issue. Before applying to these accredited institutions most students do not look up the school 's past records of sexual assault and rape on their campus.College campuses have failed to keep students safe the system they use has failed to protect and obtain justice for those that have been victims of sexual assault. Society plays a huge part in how young adults view sexual assault. From young age girls are told “if he’s bothering you

  • My Life Of The College Campus

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    Baby Steps I remember seeing the college campus on move-in day. The jubilant, golden sun illuminated the ripened foliage of early August and shone in shimmering ribbons across the inviting grass lawn. Adjacent to the grass, the graceful fountain floated in the center of the jade green pond, erupting crystal streams of water. The jets of water from the fountain created a gentle ripple that cascaded across the otherwise still water of the pond and filled the surrounding area with a soothing rumble

  • The Problems With Sexual Harassment In College Campus

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    variety of circumstances; the workplace, school, and especially college campuses. Campuses can be more prone to sexual harassment situations because of the “delusional” perceptions college presidents have about their campus. Sometimes administrative offices have an apparent gap between national and campus-specific perceptions of how their college responds to sexual harassment. This gap causes communication losses between students and college administrators and can lead to higher percentages of sexual

  • College Life: Benefits of Living On-Campus

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    made assumptions about the academic performance of students staying on campus and those who commute to campus every day. Some studies suggests that those students who live on campus tend to have an advantage over those who don’t (Peterson, 1975). In this literature review we will look at the different views of people who researched the subject. Peterson (1975) suggested that those students involved in activities on campus “are better off financially, educationally and in other ways to begin with

  • Sexual Assault In College Campus Essay

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    Sexual Assault on College Campus Cause and Effect Essay In general, rape means force or threatening to use force to a potential victim. It includes vaginal but doesn’t exclude other forms such as, anal and oral penetration. Rape tends to get grouped with women but, there are also men who get victimized as well. It’s not limited to heterosexuals either there’s also homosexual offenders (“Sexual Assault”). It is very common and it usually goes unsolved (Triffin). Here is a cause and three effects that