Big Campus Vs Big College Campus Essay

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Big College Campus vs. Small College Campus When you are looking at colleges, you must compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages between each college. One of the main things you think about is the college campus itself. Whether big or small, the campus atmosphere is important to college success. As you analyze the information they give you about their campus amenities, you will be able to see the major contrasts in large and small colleges. A big college campus and a small college campus can differ in residential services, in social activities, and in well-managed facilities. When you go to a big college campus, you will notice right away that there are more residential services than on a small campus. On a big college campus, you have a variety of dorms to choose from where as at a smaller college, you will maybe have two different types of dorms to choose from. You could be sharing a room and restroom with just one other person or it can three to seven other people and they could vary in layout. Also, if you needed a maintenance crew member to work on a plumbing issue in…show more content…
Unique architecture, updated technology and upscale features all contribute to an impressive living on campus life. Big campuses have to accommodate the increasing growth in enrolled students just as small campuses must do. However, small campuses usually have more room for expansion because they have less buildings in place already. Also, a small campus may be more modern, and more updated as far as building codes because smaller campuses tend to be younger in age. Although they may be modern, they can miss the historic charm that older campus buildings may have at larger campuses. In addition, older buildings at larger campuses will eventually have to be rebuilt because they will no longer be fit to house people. It will become a safety
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