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  • ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc

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    ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for MiniDisc Abstract -------- ATRAC is an audio coding system based on psychoacoustic principles. The input signal is divided into three subbands which are then transformed into the frequency domain using a variable block length. Transform coefficients are grouped into nonuniform bands to reflect the human auditory system, and then quantized on the basis of dynamic sensitivity and masking characteristics. ATRAC compresses compact disc audio

  • Sight Words and the Dual Coding Theory

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    symbol represents a whole word like the golden arches representing the word McDonalds (Wren, 2001). According to Paivio, the ability to create mental pictures is a primary cognitive form of nonverbal (visual) representation, one part of his Dual Coding Theory. His theory breaks cognition down into two forms; verbal and visual codes. (Sadoski, 2005). The verbal code represents and processes language, both verbal and written words. The visual code processes events, objects, and experien... ...

  • Facial Action Coding System: A Technique For The Facial Action Coding System

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    The most commonly used vision-based coding system is the facial action coding system (FACS) proposed by Ekman and Friesen [5] for The Facial Action Coding System: A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement, FACS enables facial expression analysis through standardized coding of changes in facial motion in terms of atomic facial actions called Action Units (AUs). The tracking and recognition of facial activities are characterized by three levels, first in the bottom level, facial feature points

  • Introns And Exons

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    two ends are placed the mRNA becomes pre-mRNA. The pre-mRNA consists of splicing and non-coding regions. pre-mRNA molecules are much longer than the mRNA molecule needed to code for its protein. The regions that do not code for amino acids; aa, are scattered all along the coding region. The genes are split with coding regions, called exons, short for expressed regions; in between the exons the non-coding region called introns exist. Before the translation of mRNA the introns must be spliced

  • Measuring Customer Service at American Express

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    card companies, they want to be competitive and responsive to the needs of the consumer. American Express sends out customer service surveys to the card members that call in to the telephone service center. The surveys are sent out randomly with a coding on the bottom of the survey so that the results and comments are given back to the correct employee. The employees are aware that any card member that they speak to could receive a survey. With this said, each employee goes through extensive training

  • Three Basic Structures Of Structured Programming

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    the 'spaghetti' code that was used in the early days and to provide some means by which programmers could more easily follow code written by other programmers." (Hendren, 1998) Structured programming is a procedure-oriented method of designing and coding a program. At a low level, structured programs are composed of simple, hierarchical program flow structures. "These are regarded as single statements, and are the same time ways of combining simpler statements, which may be one of these structures

  • The Language of The Neuromancer

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    into a dead channel" (3). Opening the novel with the use of such extravagant language, the author sets an ambiance for an intriguing and intricate proceeding plot. Using surrealistic language that starts with heavy-duty terminology and bizarre coding, to names of places that have dubious and ambiguous meaning, to characters' names that Gibson uses in his cyberpunk novel, the author exposes the reader to a number of different nationalities and words derived from foreign languages that pertain to

  • Pyramids

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    riddled by mental and physical health-care crisis's, where traditional western medicine clearly lacks answers, the spiritual movement is becoming increasingly wide spread, and the pyramid carries the message. The pyramid symbol carries the traditional coding of the spiritual trinity. Each side of a pyramid is a triangle and the triangle stands for the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The new age trinity is a somewhat different way of looking at the traditional religious trinity ideology. The

  • System Implementation And Support

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    Coding The coding process will change program logic into specific instructions that can be executed by computers. In small programs this work can be done by one or two programmer and in large programs this task may be divided into section that can be handled by different groups. If the program was carefully written this process should be a simple process where the logical functions are translated into program code. Other programs were written to tie our student user population into the Active Directory

  • The Use of Geographic Information Systems in Real Estate Appraisal

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    Many of the properties in question are located within the block group outlined in red in Figure 1. Other problem properties are located in a block group just south of the outlined area. The larger red area at the top of the map is part of a color-coding system that shows median rents by census block groups. As we can see, renters in this area one-half mile to the north were paying from $913 to $1,001 per month at the time of the 1990 census. This represents the highest rent category for San Bernardino

  • Communication Science vs. Semiotics

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    because some sort of coding is always a part of the "creation" of a sign. Even iconic signs which are "a direct representation of a referent" as defined by Danesi, have to be encoded in order to make them deliverable through any given medium. Let us take for example a flower as a referent. An iconic representation of a flower could be a hand drawing, a painting or a color picture. From the least iconic (the drawing) to the most iconic (the color picture) representation coding of information (i.e

  • Programming And Coding

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    CODING AND UNIT TESTING Programming Principles & Guidelines Coding Definition Coding: Coding is writing a set of instructions in a predetermined sequence(logic) to achieve a functional objective Typically done using one of the high level languages like C, Java, .NET, PHP, C++ Programming: Programming is a systematic approach in Software Engineering which includes Analysis, Design, implementation and maintenance May involve application of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools in one or

  • AIDS/HIV Research

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    sample. The story was the unit of analysis. The sample comprised a total of 635 stories. Following is the breakdown of these stories according to wire services: Reuters = 287, AFP = 155, AP = 78, ITAR-TASS = 34, and IPS = 81 (N = 635). Detailed coding categories were developed. The Princeton Survey Research Associates (1996) content analysis of AIDS-HIV coverage by the U.S. news media guided the formation of some of the categories. The world region category was guided by the Mayo and Pasadeos (1991)

  • The Dance of The Body without Organs

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    sympathies betrayed the hegemonic classifications of my own body and color of flesh. I lined up with the victims, not with my kin. My desire to be done with the coding of the politics of identity in my flesh increased my sense of disembodiment. My own betrayal of skin and kin accompanied by the undeniable privilege afforded me by the embodied coding of race has created a ... ... middle of paper ... and theoretical issues related to the technologies of immersive virtual reality, netart, and avatars;

  • Past, Present, And Future Of Computers

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    odd beginning for the most powerful invention in the world. In the 1930's, a man named Konrad Zuse started to make his own type of computer. Out of his works, he made several good advances in the world of computing. First, he developed the binary coding system. This was a base two system which allowed computers to read information with either a 1 or a 0. This is the same as an on or and off. The on or off functions could be created through switches. These switches were utilized with vacuum tubes

  • Art - A Culturally Constructed Myth

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    which was limited to linguistics) and a concept create mythologies: sign systems that render one dominant meaning (or 'signification'). For the receiver, this signification arrives automatically and smoothly, thus seemingly denying the intentional re-coding. Barthes believes that this constant creation of myth is how a culture invents its beliefs and narratives, and is able to find meaning in the world. This premise draws a particular parallel in our contemporary society: for it is my hypothesis that

  • Third Cinema in China: Yellow Earth

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    Third Cinema in China: Yellow Earth What is identified as 'excess' in Western cinematic experience is, therefore, precisely where we locate Third World cinema. -Teshome Gabriel The possibility of a Third Cinema in China is encouraged with Chen Kaige's 1984 film Yellow Earth. Drawing upon Teshome Gabriel's framework, a working definition of Third Cinema is possible in the case of Chinese cinema. The "fifth generation" of China's film-makers is credited in making films such as Yellow Earth

  • The Sense of Scents, the Sense of Self

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    sensory neuron expresses only one type of receptor and is therefore responsive to only one kind of odorant. Each type of neuron is randomly distributed across one of four zones within the olfactory epithelium. The information from this population coding is then reorganized, as these axons leave the epithelium and travel to the olfactory bulb, into a very specific, spatially organized map of activity across the several hundred kinds of receptors. The span between the 1000 types of receptor neurons

  • Network Coding

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    years, network coding [1], [2] has been considered as an auspicious information network paradigm for augmenting the throughput of multiple unicast networks [5]. The pioneering researches of network coding were undertaken by R. Ahlswede, N. Cai, S.-Y.R. Li and R.W. Yeung. Their discovery, which was first introduced in [1][2], are considered to be the crucial breakthrough in modern information theory and the time of its appearance, is recognized as the beginning of a new theory-Network Coding theory. In

  • Coding Persuasive Speech

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    how to code as technology have become part of our lives. I’m planning my persuasive speech on you should learn coding. I want my audience to believe that coding is essential not only for computer science or any other computer majors, but it’s also linked with their career. I’m not persuading people to become a coder or change their majors. My goal is to persuade people to learn coding, coding is a technical skill, having it will be advantage for them. As technology have progressed in the past decades