Sunshine Coast Essay

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Positioning / Branding
Positioning of the sunshine coast generally depends on specific factors such as visitors, expenditure, length of stay, upcoming source markets. Branding totally helps the Sunshine coast to get more and more loyal customers. With the proper advertisement and offered policies and services, Sunshine coast get a huge crowd in the time of holidays especially.

The development plan of new nature is based on the iconic experiences of Sunshine coast which provide the competitive advantage as well as use the future investment to develop the advantage (Hoffman, 2016). Sunshine Coast tourism area need to align to, as well as contribute to, the community’s aspiration and that of the firm which represent their interests. Sunshine Coast tourism area arranges niche marketing and the product development strategy as well as engages the industry on opportunity (Dionysius, 2017).

Competitive/collaborative analysis
The competitive analysis of Sunshine coast plan includes all the components which help to implement the policy of the documented plan such as stakeholders, related associations, local government, and country government. Sunshine coast analyzes the strategy of their competitors and offer the customers …show more content…

Monitoring helps to check out whether the conditions which are set in the strategy are being appropriately implemented and also complied in the sunshine coast plan. Also the plan identifies the changes of conditions such environmental conditions as well as the biodiversity status of the Sunshine coast. Monitoring helps to ensure the cost plan of Sunshine coast and also document the time that the project take to be completed. Monitoring and evaluation helps to analyze the whole plan, calculate the costing of the new added services and calculate the time in which the plan is executed and

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