My Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan

Building a strong, successful and caring relationship with my students is the backbone of my classroom management plan. My philosophy is that when there is mutual respect between me and my students, my class will run most smoothly. My experience has shown me that when the students respect and like their teacher, they perform the best for them. Therefore, by building this rapport with them, I prevent management problems and create a more pleasant environment for me and them.

This is fostered by maintaining a cooperative working environment between me and my students and among the students themselves. They are aware of my expectations of them and are amenable to them. In the same token, they have expectations of me as a teacher that I must live up to. They must be fair, and fairly equal. For example, since I believe organization is key in the study of mathematics, I expect their notebooks and homework to be highly organized as well. The message would be lost if I did not hold myself to the same level of organization. Therefore, lesson plans must be organized, thought through and pre-planned. The classroom must have an orderly appearance, and have orderly routines. By establishing this type of environment, students feel at ease and can feel successful in their maintenance of it.

A feeling of fairness thought by the students also fosters mutual respect. This is paramount in the eyes of the students. If they believe another student is receiving special treatment, or on the other hand, receiving overly harsh consequences, they begin to doubt the sincerity of the teacher. Then, respect from them is lost. That said, there are several ways to promote a feeling ...

... middle of paper ... chairs and collect their belongings. “Bye, Mr. Johnson.” “See you tomorrow, Mr. Johnson.” A student comes up to tell me that they will be absent on Friday, and hopes to take the test on Thursday, at lunch. I say, I’ll see you then.

What I’ve tried to convey is the image of a class full of self-sufficient, responsible individuals. I am there merely guiding and moving the lesson along, they are doing all the work. I want to see a lot of sharing and collaboration, but also times when they are working individually to make new ideas more concrete. When minor behavior problems occur, I will either squelch them by proximity or defer them until a more convenient time in the period. Major behavior problems are rare. Those discussions occur during 7th period tutoring. Without the audience of their peers, an agreeable solution is always found together.
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