Philosophy of Classroom Management

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Descriptive Statement

The purpose of this document is to give a sample of my beliefs about classroom

management and how I would use my beliefs in my ideal classroom someday. The beliefs I have

on classroom management have developed over a period of classroom observations and also

from my Classroom Management course at Manchester College. In this document I have laid

out what my personal beliefs are with classroom management, my top ten beliefs on classroom

management, the routines and procedures to be implemented into my classroom, how I plan on

implementing my management plan, and also a parent letter. Each part is important in having a

successful classroom management plan.

Philosophy of Classroom Management

My philosophy of classroom management comes from several theorists, including Fred

Jones, Barbara Coloroso, Kagan, Kyle, and Scott, and Marvin Marshall. All of these theorists

played an important role in developing a classroom management plan that works for me. I was

not able to just pick one theorist to base my philosophy on since each part of my classroom

management plan reflects a different aspect from each theorist. In Fred Jones theory I really

agree with several accepts in his theory including the importance of classroom arrangement,

getting students engaged in learning, incentives, and students taking responsibilities. Just like

Fred Jones, Barbara Coloroso’s theory matches a lot of what I see in a good classroom

management plan. She believes in inner discipline and also a community of learners. I feel both

of those aspects are important in my classroom management plan. Next Kagan, Kyle, and Scott

share a lot of the same beliefs as Fred Jones and Barbara Coloroso,...

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...olored plate. The yellow plate represents that the

students need to slow down and reevaluate their behavior and change it. If the students make it

to the red plate, after repeated attempts to change their behavior a note will be sent home explain

you student’s misbehaviors or rule violations throughout the day. This system is another way I

plan on teaching the students about responsibilities and taking ownership of their mistakes.

I plan on having a very successful year with your son or daughter. I hope you are just as excited

as I am about the new year and your child’s educations. My classroom is always open for you to

come in and visit. If you have any questions regarding your child’s education or behaviors in my

classroom please feel free to call me at school 555-5555 ext.1. I look forward to another great



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