Christian Teaching Essays

  • Statement Of Purpose: Christian Teaching

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    My mission as a Christian teacher is one that drives me to go beyond just teaching academics. I wish to become a teacher in a Catholic school because the lifestyle and education are directed towards Christ. The Lord has called upon me to teach, educate, and lead students in the right direction in their Christian faith. As a teacher we are leaders and role models and thus influential in our students lives, our words and actions imprint onto the students minds and help them to become their best.

  • The Importance Of A Christian Teaching

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    Teaching is a difficult profession, it entails patience, discipline, wisdom, intelligence, kindness and understanding, but teaching Christianly demands so much more. There are many expectations and needs that teachers have to meet; they have to meet the needs of their students, the student’s family, co-workers and the needs of individuals in their own personal lives. Teaching Christianly requires your whole being, there is no segregation; a Christian teacher cannot be a Christian teacher just at

  • Divine Comedy – Pagans in Paradise

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    allowing them to enter Purgatory. Yet, this statement seems to have certain restrictions when we first look at Dante’s Divine Comedy. Dante’s Inferno shows virtuous pagans in the first circle of Hell and has the reader believe that one must be a Christian to enter Heaven, or Purgatory. As the reader continues into Paradise, he discovers that there are indeed some pagans who have risen to Heaven, but only because they were allowed the mercy to be baptized after death. This idea seems unjust to those

  • Revenge and Vengeance in Shakespeare's Hamlet - Revenge or Scruples?

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    what the Christians meant it to mean is that we, as humans, have no right to seek revenge, that only “the Lord” has the right to decide when to take revenge. We say this, but do we follow it?  No, I think not.  We all try to take revenge into our own hands, in one form or another. Revenge is one strong theme that holds throughout “Hamlet”.  We see Prince Hamlet try to execute a kind of private vengeance, an eye for an eye, which is completely opposite of the Christian teachings.  Hamlet is

  • Christian Teachings on the Just War

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    Christian Teachings on the Just War The just war theory is guidelines to countries about the implications of war. The theories about just war began in the 4th century BC with Aristotle. During 1st-4th century AD, most Christians refused to join the Roman army because they felt that war went against Jesus' teachings on loving you enemies. The Christian pacifists also believed that joining the army would violate one of the commandments, 'Thou shall not have false idols', as the enrolment

  • Christian Teaching About Abortion

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    Christian Teaching About Abortion Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. There can be a number of reasons why people have abortions, either social or medical reasons. The social reasons are teenage pregnancies. When there is no financial support, when pregnancy is inconvient e.g. somebody is in a good job and could lose it. A family could have too many children already or not be ready to have children yet. Or the baby could be a mistake through a failure of contraception

  • The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony

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    The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony Social harmony is essential in modern day life. It can be defined as people living together in harmony, accepting each others beliefs, culture, appearance and background as well as learning from each other and exchanging views. However social disharmony also appears in the world frequently, it is generally created by social unrest and the need to focus the blame on a group of society that is easily recognisible and somewhat distant. Conflicting views

  • Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

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    Coursework (a) (i) Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. Christians do not think money is a bad thing. However, they believe the way money is earned and used is the issue. Most Christians believe that wealth is a gift from God to benefit others. Christians believe that all money belongs to God and he gives them stewardship of his money to use wisely. The Bible teaches, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). For Christians this means that they must be careful not

  • Christian Pacifism: The Teaching Of Early Christianity

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    throughout history. The earliest records of pacifist teachings come from ancient Indian sources. '[...] around two and a half millennia ago ahimsa (a Sanskrit word meaning non-injury) became a central teaching of the Buddhist and Jaina religions [...]'. Following on from the Indian practice of ahimsa, Jesus preached nonviolence, which led early Christians to become predominantly pacifist. This essay will explore the journey of Christian pacifism from Jesus' ministry through the early church

  • Christian Church's Teaching on Prejudice and Discrimination

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    Christian Church's Teaching on Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice is thinking badly of others for no sufficient reason. Prejudice is seen as a way of thinking about other groups of people. Discrimination is when you act upon your prejudice and hurt people either physically or mentally. The Christian Church all teach similar things, that is, being prejudiced and discriminating against others is wrong. They teach us that everyone should be treated equally and that you should treat

  • Christian Science v Morman

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    the original Bible and the Christian teachings, yet one may observe that the majority of the present day cults not only deny the essential doctrines, they openly emphasize and present their own personal reinterpretations of the biblical scriptures. The following paper will present two such cases, those of Christian Science and the Mormons, and strive to present some of the comparative elements, their beliefs, customs, religious ceremonies and leadership aspects. Christian Science - Leadership Founded

  • The Effect of Teaching About Discipleship on Christians Today

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    The Effect of Teaching About Discipleship on Christians Today The teaching of discipleship affects the life of a modern day Christian in many different ways. The teaching of Christian belief, practice, authority, organization and sacrifice affects how a modern day Christian lives his life. Christian belief affects how a modern day Christian lives his life because he must consider how he can show as much belief as the original twelve disciples showed in Jesus and what he did. Belief is

  • Christian Teachings on the Issues of World Hunger and Disease

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    Christian Teachings on the Issues of World Hunger and Disease In this coursework, I shall be explaining Christian views and teachings as well as the bible teachings on issues to do with hunger and disease. The Christians teach facts about hunger and disease using topics such as Poverty. The main cause of poverty is that people are in a state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions. Many people in poor countries are paid low wages, which are not enough for them

  • The Effects of Teaching About Discipleship on Christians Today

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    The Effects of Teaching About Discipleship on Christians Today Discipleship has affected both the people in Jesus' time and Christians to day. In this piece of work I will be looking at how discipleship has affected Christians today. Discipleship consists of a lot of things many of which are to follow Jesus also believe in him, Mk10v46-52 "Jesus son of David take pity on me" Bartimeaus believed in Jesus because he recognised him as the messiah and with this his faith made him better "he

  • Integrating Faith and Teaching

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    Integrating Faith and Teaching If everyone on this earth held the belief that all humans have the capability of being and becoming good people, this world would be a much different place. I hold the belief that human beings are good, and I feel that is essential that all people do their best to try to find the good aspects and qualities in others. I think that it is important to concentrate on the positive and good aspects of people, even though some do make this very difficult to even attempt

  • The Teachings of Religion on War and Pacifism

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    The Teachings of Religion on War and Pacifism mples of the teaching against war given from the bible. Although Christians refuse to fight at war, they can still be part of war in a non-combat way (e.g. a medical aid to the injured of war.), or they might use non-violent methods as a different approach to war, e.g. a sile Pacifism is the refusal to use violence in any situation. Many Christians are pacifists, as they believe that God doesn't want them to fight their neighbours and

  • Luke's Gospel and The Teachings of Jesus Through Parables

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    Luke's Gospel and The Teachings of Jesus Through Parables Introduction ------------ The coursework is about the parables that Jesus taught to his disciples and to anyone else who wanted to learn about the kingdom of God. It is also about the kingdom of God, topics about this include how to get in to the Kingdom of God, what it is, and what it means to a Christian. Parables covered in this coursework include: * The good Samaritan * The lost coin * The lost son * The narrow

  • Christianity: New Teachings for a New Way of Life

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    Christianity: New Teachings for a New Way of Life The Christian vision of Human Sexuality compared to many religions is seen as quite restrictive. Religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism do not put near as much effort in restricting human sexuality as Christians do. Particularly in Hinduism, sex is seen as a good thing and is even celebrated. Even more, some Hindu’s practice the teachings of the Kama Sutra “which provides the details of erotic method…presenting the particulars of various types of

  • Virtual Classroom Reflection

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    1. Mark Diacopoulos Within chapter one, the virtual classroom observation video took place in a middle school setting. In this video, the teacher, Mark Diacopoulos, was teaching his students Social Studies. The first thing that stood out to me during this lesson was the fact that the Mr. Diacopoulos explained to the students the learning objectives of the lesson that they were doing. Even though I know that this is an important part in every lesson plan so that the students will understand

  • Teaching Religious Education Classes

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    subject that was required to be taught at all (Ashton 2000). The presence of children of different faiths in many schools, gives the study of religion a reality, which is more difficult to achieve when all the children are at least nominally of Christian background or of no faith at all (Dean 2001). However, an understanding of other World religions is necessary in order that a child can understand what is happening in the World around them. The four lesson plans have been based upon the Derbyshire