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  • The Importance Of A Christian Teaching

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    Teaching is a difficult profession, it entails patience, discipline, wisdom, intelligence, kindness and understanding, but teaching Christianly demands so much more. There are many expectations and needs that teachers have to meet; they have to meet the needs of their students, the student’s family, co-workers and the needs of individuals in their own personal lives. Teaching Christianly requires your whole being, there is no segregation; a Christian teacher cannot be a Christian teacher just at

  • Christian Teachings on Abortion

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    Christian Teachings on Abortion Abortion or the termination of a pregnancy remains a controversial issue as much today [in the 21st century] as in the 20th century before us. The difference in the last century or so is that the termination of a pregnancy has become a more routine and apparent risk-free medical procedure. Since the law on abortion has been liberalized, decisions about whether or not to proceed with an ‘unwanted’ pregnancy have become more for the individual and the family

  • Christian Teachings on Warfare

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    Christian Teachings on Warfare For a war to be right in Christian teachings or for a war not to be wrong in Christian teachings it must follow the just war theory. This would be the first and main subject I would include in the booklet. The just war theory states that 'for a war to be called a just war it must' · Be declared by a proper authority. · There must be a just cause for the war · The war must be of good intention (i.e. to do good or to over come an overpowering

  • The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony

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    The Christian Teachings on Social Harmony Social harmony is essential in modern day life. It can be defined as people living together in harmony, accepting each others beliefs, culture, appearance and background as well as learning from each other and exchanging views. However social disharmony also appears in the world frequently, it is generally created by social unrest and the need to focus the blame on a group of society that is easily recognisible and somewhat distant. Conflicting views

  • Christian Teachings Concerning Racism

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    Racism can be defined by the formula prejudice + power = racism. Racism is when racial prejudice is turned into action that harms others. Racism is the belief that one race of people is superior to another because of their colour or race. Racism is simply based on the colour of a person's skin. Racism is destructive and it disembowels people by shattering their identity. It destroys community cohesion and creates divisions in society. It is the opposite of the democratic principle of equality

  • Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty

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    Christian Teachings on Wealth and Poverty When we think poverty, we think being poor, hungry, homeless which is exactly what it means. The opposite of this would be wealthy, meaning a lot of money, property or riches. Even the world we live in is separated between wealthy and poor, this is called the north-south divide. The wealthier countries are located to be in the north, areas including USA, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Egypt. Meanwhile you would find poorer countries to be in the south

  • Christian Teaching About Abortion

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    Christian Teaching About Abortion Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb. There can be a number of reasons why people have abortions, either social or medical reasons. The social reasons are teenage pregnancies. When there is no financial support, when pregnancy is inconvient e.g. somebody is in a good job and could lose it. A family could have too many children already or not be ready to have children yet. Or the baby could be a mistake through a failure of contraception

  • Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

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    Coursework (a) (i) Outline Christian teaching on wealth and poverty. Christians do not think money is a bad thing. However, they believe the way money is earned and used is the issue. Most Christians believe that wealth is a gift from God to benefit others. Christians believe that all money belongs to God and he gives them stewardship of his money to use wisely. The Bible teaches, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). For Christians this means that they must be careful not

  • Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

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    Christian Teaching on Wealth and Poverty In the world today rich countries are at a great advantage over LEDC's, this is because the richer countries can pay for good education systems, hospitals and ever improving sanitation, whereas LEDCs are stuck in debt and poverty. MEDCs keep getting richer - a lot of money they get from foreign labour or debt repayments that can be seen as an exploitation of the weaker countries, MEDCs get the majority of their income through businesses and industry

  • Christian Teachings on the Just War

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    Christian Teachings on the Just War The just war theory is guidelines to countries about the implications of war. The theories about just war began in the 4th century BC with Aristotle. During 1st-4th century AD, most Christians refused to join the Roman army because they felt that war went against Jesus' teachings on loving you enemies. The Christian pacifists also believed that joining the army would violate one of the commandments, 'Thou shall not have false idols', as the enrolment