Christian Teachings on the Issues of World Hunger and Disease

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Christian Teachings on the Issues of World Hunger and Disease

In this coursework, I shall be explaining Christian views and

teachings as well as the bible teachings on issues to do with hunger

and disease.

The Christians teach facts about hunger and disease using topics such

as Poverty. The main cause of poverty is that people are in a state of

having little or no money and few or no material possessions. Many

people in poor countries are paid low wages, which are not enough for

them to survive healthily. If people are hungry they will be weak,

which makes them more vulnerable to a disease and because they are

unable to afford healthcare they get more and more ill. They may also

infect others if their disease is contagious.

Nearly 50% of the population of poor countries is uneducated. Many

people don't realise education is still lacking in some areas where

poverty level is great. Many families cannot afford to send their

children to schools, so instead they send them to work for money,

which helps clear their debt. Children of the poor should not have to

go to work. People in the UK think they are poor if they do not own a

car or a TV.

A strong reason to why there is so much hunger and disease in the

world is war. It is very difficult for people to be able to reach food

during a war. They may have to stay in bomb shelters where the food

will be very limited. During a war it is highly likely that crops will

be destroyed and any places where food is supplied is also likely to

be destroyed, so this makes it rather impossible for people to eat.

The food that people do manage to get hold of maybe contaminated so

this could produce disease. This could result in a lot of people's


Natural disasters are another cause also for hunger and disease. For

example, if there was a flood all food would be destroyed. The water

would not be pure and this would cause disease if people were drinking
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