Teaching Religious Education Classes

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For many in education, both teachers and students, religious education

is a controversial subject. It is neither a core or foundation

subject: it is described simply as being ‘part of the basic

curriculum’, and until 1988 it was the only subject that was required

to be taught at all (Ashton 2000). The presence of children of

different faiths in many schools, gives the study of religion a

reality, which is more difficult to achieve when all the children are

at least nominally of Christian background or of no faith at all (Dean

2001). However, an understanding of other World religions is necessary

in order that a child can understand what is happening in the World

around them.

The four lesson plans have been based upon the Derbyshire Agreed

Syllabus 2002, and the QCA schemes of work, which have been adapted

and applied, to the agreed syllabus. This project will outline the

knowledge and understanding, skills, concepts, values and attitudes

that will be taught and learnt through them.

The assignment specifically focuses upon year 7, mixed ability

religious education classes. The lessons took place during the spring

term, January at John Port School. Etwall, Derbyshire. I began to

teach at the beginning of term as it slotted in well with the handing

over. That is, myself as a new teacher and the subject; Creation.

The scheme of work had already been laid by the department all

teachers were following the same scheme. On being given the template

I became quite excited at teaching the subject as the topic enables

pupils to enter into a multitude of educational experiences from story

telling, debating, to thinking about religion vs. science. The scope

was enormous in terms of application of creativity and cross

curricular opportunities. Ashton (2000) suggests there is no reason

why religious education should not be interrelated with work carried

out to increase literacy or other curriculum areas, both in thinking,

verbal expression and the use of written language. Further more, it is

a subject that remains to be frequently visited by myself so it also

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