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  • Chicago

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    Chicago When I first watched Chicago at the movie theater, I was not fully satisfied. I wanted more, so I went back to get some and watched it six more times with different friends and family members! Last summer during a visit to my native Mexico City, I had the opportunity to watch drag queens perform several numbers from the movie-musical. They did an amazing job, without surpassing the outstanding performances of the actors in the film. Last year, I visited NYC for the first time and indulged

  • Chicago Violence

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    violence in Chicago has severely damaged the reputation of this world class metropolis. Many negative reports have surfaced over the last few years because of the violence that has claimed the lives and injured so many people, including children as young as six months old. Violent crime rates have increased tremendously over the past decade. Chicago has been nicknamed the murder capital of the United States. Violence in this beautiful city has taken a toll on too many people. Chicago violence transforms

  • A Description of Chicago

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    industry, but also serve as homes for many people. Chicago, the third highest populated city in the United States, can be defined in several different ways. Carl Sandburg a fan and native of Chicago describes the city. Sandburg describes the city in different ways with his poems “Chicago” and “Skyscraper.” Both poems portray the city as lively and dominant, but the poem "Skyscraper" acknowledges drawbacks of the city. The first similarity presented in “Chicago” and “Skyscraper” is the description of a lively

  • University of Chicago

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    How does the University of Chicago, as you know, satisfy your desire for a particular kind of learning, community, and future? Your response should address with some particularity your own wishes and how they relate to Chicago. The community and surroundings of the University of Chicago immediately intrigued me during my visit in (state the month). Having traveled and lived all over the world, I was surprised to find my ideal school so close to where I now call home (Peoria, IL). I had not expected

  • Chicago Gangs

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    From the late 1800’s up through the present date, musical theater has changed. Though customs and love for the theater will always be carried on, origins, trends, and styles will change throughout time. “The American musical was born long before European operetta crossed the Atlantic. In The American Musical Stage Before 1800. Julian Mates tells us that “America’s early theatres were essentially lyric theatres…In America, no earlier dramatic forms existed, and the musical stage became our only tradition

  • Chicago

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    Chicago has been the fastest growing city of the world. “The city of the Century” is the name given to this historic city. It is a great city of the greatest people who devoted almost their whole life to this city. Jane Addams, Florence Kelley, Clarence Darrow, Mary McDowell, Thorstein Veblen, Albert Parsons, Ida B. Wells, George Pullman, Louis Sullivan and Danker Adler are few of the people among them. No large city even Peter the Great’s St. Petersburg had ever grown as fast as Chicago. Right from

  • The Chicago Bulls

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    Why Are The Chicago Bulls So Good? Two weeks ago, I was home watching a Chicago Bulls game. I started to analyze why the team had the best record in the league. About nine years ago, the Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan in the third pick of the college draft from North Carolina. A few years later, the Bulls drafted Scottie Pippen from Central Arkansas State and just recently acquired Dennis Rodman from the San Antonio Spurs. After my diagnosis, I concluded that the Bulls have the three key

  • Chicago Hope

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    Chicago Hope, David E. Kelly’s infamous doctor-drama, premiered on September 18, 1994. Six years later, the show was canceled after its final season’s finale, which aired on May 4, 2000. Even though “Hope” couldn’t beat its direct competitor ER in the ratings race, the show still had a lot of good things going for it. Chicago Hope was nominated for a myriad of highly prestigious awards during its run. Many of these awards were lost to ER and other dramas but leading-lady Christina Lahti did receive

  • Racial Segregation In Chicago

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    INTRODUCTION Chicago, a city recognized for its gleaming skyscrapers, modern enterprises, and Midwestern charm stands as an international landmark of diversity and modernity. As one of the largest cities in United States, Chicago serves as a model for the realities and consequences of city life. Racially diverse and culturally variant, Chicago is a melting pot of multiethnic communities and values. However, with diversity comes a collection of significant and imminent conflicts. The multiracial

  • Chicago Seven

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    The Chicago Seven 1968 was one of the most turbulent years in America history. The Vietnam War became the longest war in U. S. history. American casualties were higher than 30,000. Anti-war protests grew larger and louder on college campuses. At Columbia, students took control of the office of the President and held three persons hostage to protest the school's connection to the defense Department. Following the April assassination of Martin Luther King in Memphis riots happened in 125 cities leaving