Chicago Home Sweet Home

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She is heartwarming as a soft gentle breeze; she soothes your soul like Mama’s chicken noodle soup. In 1837, she became a city; Chicago is her name, the third largest city in the United States. Chicago rests on 237 square miles of land along the border of Lake Michigan. If you are searching for adventure, cultural events, and festivals Chicago is the place to be. Nicknamed the Windy City, the city with big Shoulders the late singer Frank Sinatra best describes Chicago in one of his songs, as his kind of town. Chicago’s summers are magnificent on a hot sultry summer night nothing is better than walking along 15 miles of beaches, the lakefront, or strolling thru Grant Park, pausing in front of Buckingham fountain while the cool breeze from the lake and the mist from the lighted fountain can cool the body off. Taste of Chicago festival is probably of Chicago’s great cultural events it is often imitated but never duplicated this event have tremendous assortment of culinary delights also located in Grant Park the ten-day lakefront festival runs June 25 – July 4th food choices range from ethnic to exotic to Chicago specialties. Millions of people local and nationwide attend this event. Enjoy 319 acres of food from fried alligator tails to fried zucchini during the day grab some food be sure to bring a blanket cause as the sun sets relax enjoy a free concerts that fit your musical genre even fireworks. Let your nose be your guide. Other attractions on the lakefront includes the Art Institute it has one of the largest most extensive collections of impressionist and post-impressionist painting in the world, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Natural history, Navy Pier is home to the 15-story Ferris it was model after the 1893, Ferris wh... ... middle of paper ... ...ers still haunt many of the former residents of Cabrini. Replacing Cabrini-Green are townhomes and condominiums for the middle class to upper middle class residents. With this in mind, Chicago is a wonderful place to visit and live, however it does have it light and dark side. Millions of people visited Chicago for it cultural events, annual festivals, to walk, jog, or ride a bike along the lakefront. Visit the Planetarium, museums, Art Institute or ride up to the 103rd floor of Willis Tower. Take in a movie go shopping down Michigan Ave, or State Street. Nevertheless, be careful of the dangers hidden in some of the neighborhoods in Chicago. In short, she is heartwarming, sunny, lively and dangerous as most large cities. She is good to the soul and as cold as the wind. Chicago is the Windy City also the City with Big Shoulders in the end Chicago is my Home .
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