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  • Camping Tent Camping

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    Ever been on a camping trip? If the answer is yes, many other Americans have too. In 2011, nearly 43 million went camping in our country; this is a 3 million increase from the year before (The Coleman Company 6). Camping has been a popular pastime for the American people for many decades, this is mainly due to the fact that camping is fairly inexpensive and allows memories to be made that will last a lifetime. Preparing for a camping trip can be a daunting task, but if an individual has the right

  • Camping Vs Transient Camping

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    The Two Methods of Camping and Which Is Better There are two ways that families or individuals camp. One way is permanent camping, and the other is transient camping. Permanent camping is exactly as it sounds. A camper is placed on a purchased or borrowed lot at a campground and is left there year-round. Transient camping is when one takes a camper with them to a campground and then takes the camper back home after he or she is done. Not all campgrounds have the option of going permanent; in fact

  • The Disadvantages Of Camping Vs. Camping In A Camper

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    Camping is a fun experience whether it be with your family, friends, or by yourself. However, it all depends on what you’re camping in that makes your experience worthwhile. Camping in a camper or motorhome is more convenient and efficient than camping in a tent. In my own camping experience, I feel that having a camper is much more enjoyable than a tent. When camping in a camper you’re able to experience the outdoors with the luxury of feeling at home. Electricity is the most beneficial attribute

  • Camping Experience Essay

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    Camping near Lake Michigan is a wonderful experience. The lake has sparkling blue water and gorgeous sandy beaches. Every summer I go camping with my family. The campground is right on Lake Michigan. There are bikes, kayaks, volleyball nets, and huge fire pits. One day Lake Michigan felt decently warm. Not like usual temperature when I can only stand to be in the water for 10 minutes, and then I start to freeze. I invited my parents to go down to the beach with me. It was a surprisingly calm day

  • Camping Trip: Our Camping Trip

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    Our Camping Trip I awoke to the sun piercing through the screen of my tent while stretching my arms out wide to nudge my friend Alicia to wake up. “Finally!” I said to Alicia, the countdown is over. As I unzip the screen door and we climb out of our tent, I’m embraced with the aroma of campfire burritos that Alicia’s mom Nancy was preparing for us on her humungous skillet. While we wait for our breakfast to be finished, me and Alicia, as we do every morning, head to the front convenient store for

  • Camping Technology

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    Camping Technology Could something designed to make life easier end up ruining everything we have worked to preserve? Technology can sometimes be quite controversial. In my major, I have found that it can be almost more of a frustration than a blessing. In most industries, technological advancements are viewed as a positive step towards efficiency and economic growth. This is not always the case, however. In the camping industry, for example, the constant “improvements” are often a source of

  • The Troubles With Camping

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    The Troubles with Camping Each year, thousands of people throughout the United States choose to spend their summer vacations camping. Depending on individual sense of adventure, there are various types of camping to choose from, including log cabin camping, recreational vehicle camping and tent camping. Of these, tent camping by far requires the most "roughing it," and with proper planning can be very gratifying. However, even the with the best planning, tent camping can be an extremely frustrating

  • Camping Experience

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    Camping Ritual My friends, brother and I go camping in Summerville, a state park in Texas yearly. Many people go camping but my friends and I have the best camping trips that you can ever have. Our camping experience consist of chasing animals during the dark nights, exploring places people have never been to before, finding our own dinner and being the pranksters that we can sometimes be, while also being fire experts. Our camping experience is about bonding together as a group of friends and

  • Advantages Of Camping

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    Camping Essentials: What to Bring When You Go Camping Have you ever noticed that being in the great outdoors increases your appetite? Maybe it's the extra exercise from the hiking, maybe it's breathing in fresh air, it might even be the smell of food cooking over an open fire – whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that there's nothing quite like camping for a relaxing getaway. If you're shaking your head in disagreement then there's a good chance you feel that way because you're forgetting

  • Camping Persuasive Essay

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    that relaxing comes naturally but if you don’t allow time for it you will wish you hadn’t gone. Watching the awesome wildlife from the little bugs under the rocks and tiny song birds to the 200lb bucks and eagles that travel at 80 miles per hour. Camping is the best place to go relax for the night because of how you sit and think to yourself and se all these awesome plants and animals. Many people set up in many different ways from finding a shelter to bring one along to making one because of how

  • Descriptive Plan For Winter Camping

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    Winter Camping Guide As fall transitions into winter, most campers decide that it’s the perfect time of year to pack away their gear and take a break from camping until the warmer weather arrives. But with careful planning, there’s really no reason that you have to miss out on all the wonders of nature during the winter. Typically crowded camping spots and trails are much more likely to be untouched by other travelers and instead coated in a sparkling coat of fresh snow! If the beauty and peacefulness

  • Camping Persuasive Speech

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    Camping is a really great getaway from the busy city life. It is the time to bond with nature and experience a one of a kind feeling. Camping is also an activity which may help you realize the importance of Mother Nature to everyone. Still, camping can get boring for kids especially they are not used to being away from their computers and electronic gadgets for too long. Well, here are some really fun ideas of what to do to kill the boredom that might live and ruin your vacation. Kids love water

  • Camping Industry Research

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    RV Parks Market Research Report, camping is a five billion dollar a year industry with stable growth expected in the next five years especially with the growing retiree population. Then, The American Camper Report indicates that 2.5 million people went camping in 2011 spending a total of 534.9 million days camping (The Outdoor Foundation, 6). However, when looking at the future of camping, fifty-five percent of campers say that the biggest challenge to camping is finding the time to get away (The

  • Free Personal Narratives: Camping!

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    Camping! "Hey, be careful and don't do anything stupid," my dad said to me right before I hopped into Chase Miller's dark blue Chevy S-10 with a camper shell on the back. I looked at Chase and Tyler Becker and said, "Let's go camping." As Chase pushed down the gas pedal, a big cloud of black smoke shot out of the back of the truck and the smell of burning motor oil filled the cab. It was in July, and we wanted to go camping. I asked my dad if we could go up to our family's cabin in Elk Springs

  • Camping Trip Essay

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    My summer camping trip at Sidney Spit was a peaceful retreat from a busy city routine. Only a twenty-minute boat ride away from Vancouver Island, it makes for a quick escape from my weekly obligations. As soon as I stepped foot on the old wooden dock, creaking under each step, the sounds of buzzing street lights and blaring sirens of city I left behind grow more distant. As I feel the heat of the sun beating down on my neck, I scan the shoreline for the trail to the campsite. I am relieved to step

  • Backpacking: A Different Way Of Camping

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    Backpacking: A Different Way of Camping What is camping? To most people, it is perceived as a time to pack up the car, drive to local camp grounds, and spend the weekend in the great outdoors. It is a time to frolic with family and friends around a campfire, singing songs, playing games, and roasting marshmallows while listening to ghost stories that can only be heard while camping. However, to the avid backpacker, camping takes on a different perspective. While experiencing the great outdoors

  • Narrative Essay On A Camping Trip

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    I signed up to go on a camping trip with the Blackstone Valley Order of the Arrow honorary group of Boy Scouts in March 2010 to Camp Cachalot near Plymouth Massachusetts. I was assigned a role as a leader in the troop where I was to advise and care for a group of 45 other boy scouts. On the first night, we had to sleep outside, on the dirt and leaf filled floor of the woods as the camping trip’s purpose was to reflect on cheerful services and to grow closer to living out the values of the scout law

  • The Challenges of Tent Camping

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    of Tent Camping Each year, thousands of people throughout the United States choose to spend their vacations camping in the great outdoors. Depending on an individual's sense of adventure, there are various types of camping to choose from, including log cabin camping, recreational vehicle camping, and tent camping.  Of these, tent camping involves "roughing it" the most, and with proper planning the experience can be gratifying.  However, even with the best planning, tent camping can be

  • Camping – My Only Refuge

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    Camping – My Only Refuge Every night when I lie down to sleep, I can hear the continuous, buzzing echo of the day's residue. The cacophony of sound that gets trapped in my head all day long begins its slow release: the ringing of phones like calculated screams, the falling of fingers on key boards like pelting leaden raindrops, people barking orders at me as if they were the only masters I am obliged to serve. The faces of these monsters I see in my mindwarped and twisted, still yelling,

  • Sleepaway Camping for Kids in the US

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    I never wanted to leave. I truly thought my life was ending on that August day in 2010 as the Peter Pan bus pulled off the dirt bumpy road in New Hampshire on its trek back to the Bloomingdales parking lot in Connecticut. The night before, I stood on the shore of New Found Lake looking out at the horizon on my last night, arm and arm with my sisters, tears streaming down our faces as our beloved director quoted, "You never really leave a place you love; part of it you take with you, leaving a part