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My summer camping trip at Sidney Spit was a peaceful retreat from a busy city routine. Only a twenty-minute boat ride away from Vancouver Island, it makes for a quick escape from my weekly obligations. As soon as I stepped foot on the old wooden dock, creaking under each step, the sounds of buzzing street lights and blaring sirens of city I left behind grow more distant. As I feel the heat of the sun beating down on my neck, I scan the shoreline for the trail to the campsite. I am relieved to step into the cool shaded forest after crossing the hazardous shell ridden beach. As I approach the field something darts across my path into the long golden grass, expecting a filthy city rat, I’m relieved to see the dark tail of a snake disappear into the brush. I realize I’m no longer held by the constraints of my daily expectations. As I wandered down the soft sandy beach, the soothing rhythm of the waves gently washing against the island banks. The salt in the air stung my nose as I ventured further. Cracked and worn bricks covered in barnacles littered the beach, they’re different from the pristine…show more content…
As darkness grew the swift pattering wings of bats could be heard as they picked off mosquitos drawn to the bright lamp on the picnic table. The lamp provided a bright protective barrier from the pitch-black darkness surrounding me. I felt something brush against my foot, I searched the moist night grass with a florescent flashlight, and spotted a mouse silently nibbling on forgotten left-overs at a safe distance. The night is cold and silent, deer trotting off deep in the woods can be heard from far away. The crackling of a falling tree, makes a thunderous crash and echoed for what felt like hours. Ready for bed, I turned off the lamp and was plunged into the darkness of the night. I bundled up in my cold sleeping bag and fell asleep in the silent

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