Cafeteria Food Essays

  • School Cafeteria Food

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    Have you ever tasted school cafeteria food? I don’t think you would want to. In school story books, do you have characters saying that the food tasted good at school cafeterias? Nope. Why is this? Cafeteria food is often cheap, bought in bulk, high in calories, malnutritious, and microwaved. Student polls and opinions prove this. Therefore, this leads to a suggestion: Healthier, tastier foods and a better, advanced lunch system should be implemented. First of all, students aren’t motivated to eat

  • Unhealthy Cafeteria Food in the Public Education System

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    school cafeterias are striving to offer students better lunch options in terms of both nutrition and taste. Do you think eating cafeteria food is unhealthy for you? Nearly 20 percent of children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with obesity. Some of the blame for this comes from cafeteria food and a lack of exercise. Every day millions of students around the world eat lunch that is served at school. Numerous factors lead to unhealthy eating in schools and on campuses. I think that cafeteria food is not

  • Home Lunches Are Better Than Cafeteria Food

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    When your looking into weather you want your child should eat food from home or the cafeteria, or whether they should pack lunches from home, there are lots of things to consider. While considering these options, I learned those lunches that are packed from home are much better for the child. School lunches are expensive, and home lunches are healthier. Also, home lunches teach children about being responsible and it teaches them how to take care of themselves. Thse thing are important because they

  • Decreasing the Wait Time for Cafeteria Food at Howard University

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    average wait time at each food station in the café be decreased, especially during high rush hour time for example during the lunch and dinner rushes. We can help reduce the time by having servers make up pre portioned plates that way students can grab and go instead of wait in a line for upwards of thirty minutes for cold food. We can also have different food options added that serve different options because as of now the food lines operate on a schedule with the same food options every week. Another

  • Should Schools Have Snack Foods In Their Cafeterias?

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    Schools should allow snack foods in their cafeterias. Because even know that the schools are trying to help kids are not eating the healthy food and going home and are filling up on double the snack foods [Taub]. Kids are not eating it because the are so used to coming to school and eating fast food which everyone likes. To begin with the cost of fresh produce coasts more. The fresh produce is good for the kids,but it costs more to give that choice to the students. The school is used to buying

  • Cafeteria Food Essay

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    Cafeteria food is not loved by many, actually most hate it. The students who hate their cafeteria food, hate it because it is bad. Now using bad in the context of “inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use” or “causing or liable to cause sickness or ill healthy injuries or harmful” (qtd. in Dictionary). The Kingwood Lonestar Cafeteria food is not made to satisfy students nor do they try to make the best tasting food in the world. The food the cafeteria makes is bad because it is very

  • Unhealthy School Cafeteria Food

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    that there should be a change in the schools' cafeteria foods; they came up with a solution to help kids be healthy. Unhealthy foods should be eliminated in schools for many reasons. First of all, kids concentrate better when they are healthy. Being healthy helps children to concentrate better because if they are healthy in the inside and the outside, they will not have to worry about their health or how they look. Secondly, having only healthy foods in school help parents to take good care of

  • When My Friends Let Me Down

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    in Yonkers. On the other hand, I loved the school that I was going to. I loved P.S 13 for a number of reasons. I really liked the faculty. All the teachers were so nice and friendly. Oddly enough, I liked the food as well. Most kids don't like the cafeteria food but I liked this schools food. Everything seemed to be going so good, but I never realized what was actually going on. I didn't really I was living in danger and that if I walked the wrong way home from school or looked at someone wrong or

  • Jackson Sucks

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    Not only a student, but if some Somalian kid were to dine at our very very fine five star establishment, they would be like “Whats going on? Wheres the food? I WANT THE FOOOOOD!!" You often hear people rant and rave about cafeteria food, you could have heard this through movies, or just from peers. Jackson is no exception. While I will give the food here at Jackson a passing quality factor, the measly portions lead me to believe the schools on some type of welfare system. Its about 11:30, and many

  • School Cafeterias: Regulating Junk Food

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    all-time high with nearly one-third of all children and adolescents now considered overweight or obese (Ogden 2011). The argument as to whether or not schools should be able to sell junk food is a highly controversial topic. More than half the population in each school in the U.S purchases lunch from their school cafeteria. Also, many students in elementary schools don’t know the difference between the right and wrong thing to eat so they rely on their school to feed them. Sugar-filled snacks, sugary drinks

  • Role of a Teacher: Relaying Inspiration

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    to come to my class with the attitude that it is a place of refuge. I want them to forget about their fulfilled lives and see that learning can be fun and interesting. I want to make them realize that school isn’t just a boring place where the cafeteria food is bad. I want them to be interested by finding something they enjoy doing and maybe they’ll be able to find their places in this world a little better. It is so hard to make students understand how crucial education is. Especially in today’s

  • Epidemic upon America’s Youth: Installing Fast-food Outlets in High Schools

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    Schools with enormous food courts where students can buy meals and drinks from commonly known franchises, such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola, are the schools with the most health problems. Fast-food franchises are showing up everywhere, but do these businesses belong in high schools? No! Schools are here to enlighten students for life after school. If high schools promote bad eating habits by placing fast-food franchises in their cafeterias, then how can students eat right and healthy beyond high school

  • The Pros And Cons Of School Lunches

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    real meat. which is served to over 31 million kids a day. School cafeterias are not being inspected as requirement by Child Nutrition. 8,500 school across the country did not have a inspection in their kitchens. Another 18,000 did not have a two a year yearly requirement inspection. USDA is required to inspected school cafeterias twice a year yearly. For resources school cafeterias are often not the main top priority. The cafeterias inspections are not free of money and it is not automatically provided

  • Food for Thought

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    Food for Thought Look at almost any health statistic comparing the United States with the rest of the world, and you’ll see that we are disease ridden, overweight, and hyped up on sugar. It doesn’t take much time to realize that our unhealthy habits aren’t just a problem for adults, but that the childhood obesity rates as well as childhood diabetes rates are on the rise. In my opinion, this has a lot to do with what we are serving in public school cafeterias across the nation. On the website Fed

  • Let's Really Reform Our Schools By Anita Garland

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    that Americans school are coming to a disaster and they are in trouble. Their needs to be changes in Americans schools to improve one’s education. For starters, the attendance should not be mandatory for the ones that do not attend. Next, the cafeteria food is revolting and needs to be changed. Last, having that huge dance so called

  • School Lunches

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    School Lunches “More than a third of the county's children are overweight or obese.”(Gustin, 1). As shocking as this is, it's true. One of the big reasons that children and teens are overweight is because of the foods that they eat. They are fed these fattening and unhealthy foods by the school system. Their futures can be changed if we change our choices. Having more nutritious lunches can have a positive impact on the health of American teens. “More than 76 percent of schools sell soft drinks

  • The Government Should Not Control What Children Eat

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    parents. Food in Schools Every day in the United States millions of children attend school, and depending on their age they or their parents must choose what they will eat while there. There are many choices to make when it comes to controlling ones diet; some of these include bringing your food from home, purchasing food from a school cafeterias, snack bars, or canteens, or buying food from a vending machine. The nutritional value of these choices can vary widely; traditionally food bought in

  • Saturday Night Vs. Old Country Buffet

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    to the floor. Glancing over at a fast-food pizza restaurant, my friend and I look at each other. "Uh huh." We both say. Pizza is better than some buffet anyway, I thought. About five minutes later, some friends of hours emerge from the middle of the centidpede like line and come up to us. I almost jumped in hyperness. "WHazzzzzzup?" I say in

  • Review of Free For All: Fixing School Food in America by Janet Poppendieck

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    sociology at Hunter College in New York, and additionally she is the author of several books including her most recent Free for All: Fixing School Food in America. This book centers on America’s recent interest in whether or not our school lunches are healthy. This issue has been put into the spotlight recently through shows such as Jamie Oliver’s School Food Revolution and in the news because recent changes in the Nation School Lunch Program’s dietary guidelines. Poppendieck’s book looks at the in depth

  • A Humourous Ritual

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    This ritual is the one that many people that you and I both know participate in. this ritual is going to school. Everybody does it nowadays. The reason why it is funny is that we get up early everyday to learn stuff we don’t need to, we eat horrible food and even pay for it, and when we try to be an individual we get in trouble for doing so. Everyone says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” well that is very, very true statement, even though my name isn’t Jack. Millions of students worldwide