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  • The Cafe

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    about to exit the toilet, “Here, you might want this” handing me his business card “you never know, perhaps we might meet each other again?” I took it smiling at him and could feel his gaze on my backside as I walked away from him and out of the café.

  • The Cafe

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    getting her ticket. She looked around the crowd whilst she waited, as if she knew she was being observed. He was being to become aroused by the sight of her again. It had been a few days ago since she had seen him on the train and then again in the café. He knew that she couldn’t resist him. She was drawn to him, as if like a magnet. She now looked up, making eye contact for a fleeting few seconds, before she quickly looked away. She didn’t make it know that she had registered. Disappearing

  • The Cafe

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    Sat in the parkland area, waiting for her. The question on my mind was, would she turn up. Observing the location, all I could hear were dogs barking and geese honking as they basked in a few of the overlooking farmers fields. Other sounds were coming from the trees rustling and children’s shrieks and screams as they played with the life rafts on the reservoir under supervision from the instructors from the local activity camp. Looking at his watch beginning to think that she was going to be

  • Café Pergolesi

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    Café Pergolesi has a distinct alternative atmosphere to it. The customers I observed did not seem to be part of the popular culture, nor did they appear to want to. The café itself is an independent business located on Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz, one street over parallel to Pacific Avenue, the town’s central tourist shopping haven. It is conveniently located near the hubbub transpiring downtown, however I could see no tourists in sight. This is probably because Café Pergolesi is run inside

  • Homeless Cafes

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    Homeless Cafes There seems to be a welcome trend unfolding in social services for the homeless. In place of large, impersonal soup kitchens, small cafes are springing up with a philosophy that is all too rare-treat the homeless with respect and dignity, and maybe they'll respond to available services. It began with Cafe 458 in Atlanta in 1988, which since has served as a model for similar cafes across the country. Cafe 458 was founded to serve good meals to small groups of homeless individuals

  • Hemingway A Cafe

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    “A Good Café on the place St.-Michel” Hemingway begins this chapter by discussing the horrible weather in Paris. The first café that Hemingway mentions is the Café des Amateurs, which is a nasty place full of drunks. Leaving his hotel room on the top floor of a hotel, Hemingway goes to a café on the Place St. Michel. A pretty girl comes into the café, and nabs Hemingway’s attention for a moment, but he soon goes back to writing. He finishes his story, and begins to wonder if going to Michigan would

  • The Oldwest Café

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    should be treated with impatience, but rather should be viewed as a part of the whole travel experience. When traversing the state, if you, weary traveler, happen to be passing through Denton, Texas, we highly recommend making a pit stop at the Oldwest Café located at 1020 Dallas Drive, a relatively main thoroughfare for the city. Food serves to provide the necessary fuel for a body, just as gas provides the necessary fuel for a car, and it is always good travel safety to stop every so often and get out

  • Internet Cafes: The Positive Effects Of Internet Cafes

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    In Dumaguete City there are more internet cafés that are being opened; these shops offer different kinds of services like the usage of their computers which usually costs Php 10- Php 20 per hour. People use computers in internet cafes to gain data and information, and to entertain themselves; some of the activities that are usually done by customers are: play computer games, visit their social media accounts such as their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and use search engines such as Google

  • The Benefits of Youth Cafés

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    Prince’s Trust (2006), youth cafés are ‘safe, alcohol-free places where young people feel welcome, can meet friends, have fun and take part in a wide range of activities’. Youth café’s give young people a place they can hang out with their friends in an inclusive environment that is safe, relaxed and friendly. Youth cafés are open to both sexes from various social and cultural backgrounds. Drugs and alcohol would also be prohibited in the café. Involvement in the youth café would give the young people

  • Cafe Case Study

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    to play with dogs without having any anxiety. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURES BUSINESS FIELD Our corporate mainly functions as a cafe that serves foods and beverages dominated by coffee related flavour and products, and as a playground where people can play and interact with dogs. In connection with our vision, our corporate put more attention on the playground rather than the cafe. Basically, our priority is to create and support dog lovers. FINANCE REVENUE Syndicated loan (investment credit) Rp600.000