Julius Caesar

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In Julius Caesar Brutus displays the traits of a tragic hero through out this play but being a good person but makes an error in judgment, and when this error occurred it causes his own downfall. First off is that Brutus makes an error in judgment by joining the conspiracy to over throw Caesar. But the only reason that Brutus had joined was because his tragic flaw was honor; he lived his life on the guidelines of honor and loyalty. Now lastly Brutus had caused his very own downfall when after killing Caesar all of Rome has now turned against the conspirators. Those are some of the reasons that display Brutus is a tragic hero.
Brutus had joined the conspiracy for honor and for the good of Rome. Yet by joining this group his honor is really being put to the test because when he joined the conspiracy he pledged to take part in the murder of Julius Caesar. Brutus and Caesar are best friends, so now how is it honorable to kill one of your friends? But Brutus and the other conspirators had claimed that Caesar was just about to claim himself the king of Rome. When one has claimed themselves the king of Rome the people of Rome have the right to kill that person. So by saying this when the conspirators knew that Caesar was about to claim the thrown they strike and kill him. But another one of Brutus’ traits has now appeared, loyalty.
Loyalty and honor are the only tragic flaws that Brutus has but these are the reason that he has killed Caesar. Brutus had said that he had killed Caesar for the good of Rome and that his ancestors would have wanted this. Which is true that his ancestors had said that if any man were to claim themselves the king of Rome to kill them, but Caesar had never claimed himself king. The conspirators had only assumed that. So in reality by killing Caesar it wasn’t displaying loyalty and honor it was really showing stupidity. But Brutus’ tragic flaws are the real reason of his own downfall, as well as Rome’s.
Unfortunately Rome’s downfall was because Brutus had caused his own downfall. It first started when the conspirators killed Caesar, but what had made the situation worse was allowing Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral. After the funeral the locals of Rome was so moved by Antony’s speech that they were in a blind fury and had to kill any conspirator that they had found, which ended up in the death of Cinna the poet.
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