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  • way

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    He walks up the stairs to the top of the skyscraper with confidences on his chest. Rin a boy of 18 takes he step with the sense that nothing can go wrong. He is about 5”11 with brown hair the in parted to the side; he has a smirk on his face that tells you overly ready to meet his opponent. When he get to the top he stand there in amazement as he caught the first glimpse of the man he so ready to face. Rin stands there the smirk never leaving his eager expression. “I have been play this moment in

  • no way

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    States, which helped the United States advance in the Space Race against the Soviet Union. His journey was unprecedented in America; many scientists and doctors believed that Glenn would not return, or his eyes would change shape. This event paved the way for future American space missions.

  • There Is No Way To Peace And Peace Is The Way

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    The quote “There is no way to peace, peace is the way” with reference to Buddhism obviously has heavy reference to the word peace, both inner and world peace. “There is no way to peace” demonstrates that within the Buddhist religion there is not a set path to Nirvana, which is the ultimate goal for Buddhists living peacefully. However “peace is the way” shows that as the old saying goes – it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey. And the journey for all Buddhists includes both world

  • A Way Of Happiness: Hollowness As A Way To Happiness

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    Hollowness As A Way To Happiness I once asked, “What is happiness?” I have received different answers from different people at different times. People define, understand or conceive happiness differently. Some people would say that a ‘means’ to happiness does not matter- the most important thing is the end or the result. It is logic that if one starts wrongly, certainly he will end up somewhere wrongly. How come then people say, “a means does not matter at all?” As to me, a means matters more than

  • The Milkry Way: The Origin Of The Milky Way

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    Milky way! In class I was looking forward learning about the Milky Way, it was something I have been interested in for some time. So in this paper I am going to expand on what we learned in class and talk a little bit more about our Milky Way. So The Milky Way is one of the cosmic galaxies that are made up of billions of stars. The solar system, which is part of Earth, is located in the galaxy. There are many legends about the name of this galaxy. The people our earth can see this galaxy and its

  • Divorce In The Film 'The Way, Way Back'

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    The film, “The Way, Way Back”, is a coming of age film that exhibits a summer where adult responsibilities are diminished and children are left to take care of themselves. The film is very relatable to many families today who have had to deal with divorce, parents dating, step-parents and siblings. The film focuses on a boy named Duncan and his difficultly as he overcomes his parents’ divorce and his mothers her boyfriend, Trent. Duncan is an introverted adolescent who discontentedly joins his

  • The Way It Ought To Be

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    family he said, “Families grow like crops, straight and strong.” This means that they are in dire need of the essentials to have even the slightest chance. That chance is all he needs, that is his dream and he is not going to let anything stand in the way of his family and them being healthy and living a good life. Sometimes in times of dire need you need that extended arm of help to aid you in your struggle, and Shane was that for Joe. He came by and once he was treated well after... ... middle of

  • The Way They Are Treated

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    What is seen is a dingy old place, falling apart at the seams. What is seen is abandoned and cold. What is seen is a nightmare for the people who used to live there. The book is called Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck. In the 1930’s, treatment of the mentally disabled and ill was very much different than it is today. The treatment of the mentally disabled is important to the novel because one of the main characters is a mentally disabled person. Also, the book would be greatly affected

  • Traditional Ways Or Not

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    Traditional Ways Or Not From generation to generation plays have become a major part of our existence. For some families customs and traditions can either make or break a family. Some family traditions mean a lot. However breaking a family custom can start major uproars or even serious altercations between family members. For some families fights and altercations cam also bring them closer as a family. In the play " A Doll House " written by Henrik Isben, conflicts and customs play important roles

  • Funny in that Way

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    The ticking clock echoed through the dull gray classroom. Students eyes were glazed over while the teacher babbled on about particles and matter and other science-y stuff. Counting all the pebbles of sand in the entire Sahara Desert sounded more interesting than the thought of enduring another 5 minutes of this class. “OK students,” said the robotic voice, “how many positive ions are in this molecule?” Her short arms could hardly reach the diagram of nitrogen she was pointing at. The class remained