The Acer Way

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The Acer Way Very Succesful Way

Technology development in the last two decades have help us come this far, and maybe even more further as human being, including ourselves, have the passion and bigger need for something more advanced than what we already achieved. The technology developing is now not only a scientist's job to invent, but also it has become major businesses in the world economy.

One of the major technology business is computer technology or usually known as IT or Information and Technology businesses. The growth of computer technology, including Internet in the last decade has a huge effect on most of the people on the face of the earth, from the United States until the Africa. Asia, as one part of the world, also affected by the growth@of the industry Asian countries has developed from the production department, because of its cheap human resources. But the myth of Asian countries only can do what they told to do without any idea what their doing has proofed to be wrong. The myth of uncreative Asian workers has proofed wrong by the rapid development in Asia in computers and Information Technology businesses .

Acer Reputation

Acer, means "spirited" or "energetic" in Latin , is one of worldwide known company based in Asia. Acer a computer company based in Taiwan, has became one of the top three computer company in the world with sales of $5.9 billion , best-known brand in Asia for 3 years in the row , included in brand world's 100 best managed companies , top in overall leadership , second in the 50 most competitive companies in Asia , and also has became Asia's most admired companies . With all those achievements, Acer has became one of the top Asian companies in Asia, and one of the leader companies in Taiwan. A big achievement for a young Asian companies, compare to other big Asian companies which most of it are Japanese company based in Japan.

Acer History

Acer has reached its success recently, after 26 years of hard work by the founder and the CEO of the company, Stan Shih. This Taiwan based company was founded in 1976 under the name of Multitech , as an Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM for other computer makers such as U.S. based Unis Instrument . Multitech started to design Taiwan's first mass-produced computer product for export in 1979 .

The name Multitech was used since the company was found until 1987 w...

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...ce the challenges, the structure they built as the foundation is very strong, and one more thing that I personally impressed from this company is the vision and the strategy made by Stan Shih to gives trust to Acer branches, their executives, and even employee to make their own business decision for the good of the company.

The decentralized strategy applied in the company has worked out very well and gave a great result. Stan Shih will resign as the CEO of the company in the near future . But the replacement is already built and prepared to take the company into maybe even a greater future for the company through their company cultures and strategy.

From this point of view, I can say that Acer is really ready for everything's and every possibility in the future. It shows that the strategy that they applied is not only for the sales, operating efficiency, better quality of products, but also for a good human resources. One impression for me in doing this report is Stan Shih is a genius because of his vision in strategy, building every aspects of the company in one time. And Acer is a great company because of great pioneer and founder, for the time being and for the future.
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