Dancing: A Way Of Life: Dance: A Way Of Life

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Dance: A Way of Life
“Once you put your mind to anything, you can achieve it,” Cordaro Gross says that is his favorite phrase. He is a twenty-seven-year old dancer/choreographer for the group Dragon House and has a large following on social media. When asked when he started dancing, he recalls that his mother told him he was born dancing and states that he had one of those ambitious mothers who always wanted him to participate in multiple activities. He grew up a very active child playing football, learning karate and dancing. He says his favorite activity out of all of them was dancing, which he started at the age of ten.
The more he danced the more his interest for dancing grew. “Being praised for my dance moves as a kid motivated me a lot,” he says. He would spend hours after school with his friends perfecting his animation
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He says, “to the audience, dancing might seem to be something for just their eyes but to the dancer, it is something completely different and it is my job to portray that.” When asked what one needs to do to be a great dancer, his response is, “be yourself, embrace yourself and do not be afraid to show the world what is special about you.” He also says, “every dancer has their own unique quality and nothing can change that.” “At times I feel like giving up but then I come across people whom I have inspired and I am reminded that I need to keep going. My fans are my biggest inspiration and I love being a role model to them. When I am older I would like to look back and say, wow I got to do very cool things and inspire a lot of people.” His faith, he says, also keeps him strong and he adds that he always puts God above all in his activities. “There is always room for growing and getting better and there is always someone better than you. All you have to do is do your best and not allow yourself to be in a comfort

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