Brief Survey Essays

  • The Structure of Wholeness

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    the thesis that wholeness cannot be defined in a non-circular manner. Introduction In this paper I attempt both to explicate the popular, but vague notion of wholeness and to point out its meaning for ontology. To begin with, I’ll give a brief survey of the essentials: In accord with an elementary intuition of ‘wholeness’ I introduce an implicit axiomatic definition of its structure, which proves to be a familiar Boolean-lattice. This internal view of the concept of wholeness is followed by

  • Personal Narrative - Our Marriage

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    it at the hotel. We hailed a cab and set off to find a place to get married. We had a deadline; our honeymoon was scheduled to begin the next day. The cab driver drove us past several different chapels giving us details about each one. After a brief survey of chapels we asked him to drop us off at the justice of the peace. The chapels just seemed too cheesy and besides, I had no real affection for Elvis. He dropped us off in front of a large, very official looking building to get the license and

  • The Entertainment Value of a Buffy the Vampire Episode

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    wilfully play with wish fulfilment/invocation that both figuratively and literally run the risk of arousing utopian fantasies that cannot be contained. Before turning to the musical episode in particular I believe our exposition would benefit from a brief survey of critical approaches to the Buffyverse. The critical material on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in print at least (see here the Slayage online journal), is expanding but currently somewhat limited. However, as a general rule two tendencies emerge

  • The History of Math

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    logic, the science of using symbols to provide an exact theory of logical deduction and inference based on definitions, axioms, postulates, and rules for combining and transforming primitive elements into more complex relations and theorems. This brief survey of the history of mathematics traces the evolution of mathematical ideas and concepts, beginning in prehistory. Indeed, mathematics is nearly as old as humanity itself; evidence of a sense of geometry and interest in geometric pattern has been

  • Survey on Family life

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    Survey of Family Life A social institution is an organized pattern of beliefs and behaviors centered on basic human needs. Family is a major social institution in our society that controls how children are brought up, and are taught how to behave and act in the world. It is a major support system, and a guide to be introduced into our society. In our Society today, when people are asked what a family is, there are many different responses. Because of the media, people often associate what they think

  • Companies, Ethics, and Privacy of Personal Information

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    customer to explicitly tell the company not to share their data, which is usually in the form of a web site or a survey sent in the mail. These surveys are often thrown away by consumers, so they don't even realize that they're giving the companies a green light to sell and share their data. There's a new movement starting to grow, whe... ... middle of paper ... ...nstitution Policy Brief #29, February 1998. [17] Simon Davie,"Europe to U

  • Schools and Education - Understanding the Rise in Apathy, Cheating and Plagiarism

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    rise in apathy and cheating. Students who cheat do so from a variety of motives. Making this situation even more difficult is that faculty members do not even define plagiarism the same or punish it consistently (Howard, “Sexuality” 473). Some surveys even show that teachers simply ignore the problem or do not report plagiarism because: “they do not want to be bothered, because they think only the student who cheated is actually harmed, or because of the unpleasant bureaucracy and documentation

  • Does A Split Reality Exist?

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    losing your mind and start living in the hallucinating world of a person with mental problems. Others accept it as a fact of life. But in a survey, over 80% of the participants who reported having experienced déjà vu, denied a possibly clinical condition before their déjà vu incidents, such as mental and physical fatigue, depression, stress, anger, fear. And surveys among random groups of population show that nearly all people experience déjà vu. The statistics varies from 30% to 96%. (3) The concept

  • E-Commerce In Latin America

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    E-Commerce In Latin America Where Is It Now, Where Is It Going, Who Is Taking It There? In recent years, the media has made much of the growing consumer markets in Latin America. North Americans have to come to understand that much of the health of the U.S. economy is tied to the economic well-being of Latin countries such as Brazil and Mexico. Yet even with our awareness of the market size of our neighbors and awareness of our increasing interdependence, most North Americans consider the

  • The Difference Between Logical and Physical Network Design

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    first part of the designing process consists of collecting as much information about the company as possible. Everyone in the company is important for this part to gain an insight from every viewpoint and as many different departments as possible. Surveys will be sent out to the manufacturing employees in the plant and meetings will be scheduled to get information from the upper management. The information gained from the employees on the manufacturing floor provided a starting point for how many

  • Smoking on Campus

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    addiction. As a college student, I have seen first hand the prevalence of smoking. All across our campus, college students are lighting up at an alarming rate. In a campus survey I conducted of 15 college students in February 2002, eight students said they were current smokers. I surveyed eight males and seven females. My survey included 18 questions revealing gender, age, class, familial history of smoking, frequency of smoking, desire to quit, methods used to quit, awareness of hazards, etc. I

  • Land Use Survey

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    Land Use Survey Aim --I am doing this survey to see how the land is used in Rotherham Town centre. --I will see which variety and types of buildings etc shops, offices, make up the main part of Rotherham and spot vacant shops and land use patterns of shops, offices etc. Hypothesis · I think that there will be a small variety of different types of shops because I think Rotherham Town centre is very small. · I think that all the big brand high street chain shops e.g. W H Smiths

  • Imaging Underwater for Archaeology

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    the sites to high resolution video to see how the site appears and the various locations of the artifacts. The Titanic and the Bismarck were just two of the examples that were given for recent excavations. The article also discussed the numerous surveys of the Hamilton and Scourge that are located in Lake Ontario as well as those located in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Acoustic mapping, high-resolution video, and robots were used in the excavations of the Titanic and the Bismarck. The article

  • Invisible Barriers

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    the large amounts of job opportunities with higher pay that require higher education (Appelbaum and Chambliss 1997). But still, even though opportunities are becoming more equal for men and women, there is still a huge gender gap in the workforce. Surveys of the top Fortune 1000 industrial and 500 service companies show that 95 percent of senior level managers are men, leaving a rare five percent of women to head very few companies (Redwood 1996). What is barring women from reaching the top of corporate

  • Measuring Customer Service at American Express

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    competitive and responsive to the needs of the consumer. American Express sends out customer service surveys to the card members that call in to the telephone service center. The surveys are sent out randomly with a coding on the bottom of the survey so that the results and comments are given back to the correct employee. The employees are aware that any card member that they speak to could receive a survey. With this said, each employee goes through extensive training on the telephone behaviors that must

  • Analysis of Semantics and Pragmatics in Two Texts

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    pragmatics, conversational analysis and background knowledge, denotation and connotation meaning, the four maxims and hedges. Analysing Article One We will begin by observing the semantic and pragmatic features in article 1 being "Men are sulks say surveys" .This article is taken from the hot topics section of the popular msn website. The main topic of this article is a medical concept being flu/cold, where the unspecified writer of this article discusses the reaction of men, compared to women when

  • A Future for Organic Products in the 21st Century

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    A Future for Organic Products in the 21st Century Primary research is going out into the public and getting their views via surveys. This is good as you get all the answers for a question from a variety of people you can also ask an exact question. The disadvantage is many people have different views and it is also very time consuming. Secondary research is using sources like the Internet and books to find answers to a question. The advantage of using this sort of research is it's quick

  • Prison

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    tradition considered by prisoners a legitimate way to `prove their manhood' and to satisfy sexual needs and the brutal desire for power. The exact number of sexually assaulted prisoners is unknown, but a conservative estimate, based on two decades of surveys, is that “more than 290,000 males are sexually assaulted behind bars every year. By comparison, the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that there are 135,000 rapes of women a year nationwide, though many groups believe the number is higher.”(Mezey

  • Information and communications technology (ICT)

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    computers can monitor the data collection processes very efficiently, whilst also checking for human errors and providing help and guidance to the user. Most large scale organisations are using computer-assisted interviewing as standard in many of their surveys simply because of the remarkable achievements good data collection programs can make to reduce human error and speed processing in the collection of important information. - Speed and Processing Power: Modern computers are fast. They are able

  • Active Euthanasia- A Kantian Perspective

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    the person, who is "living to die," to maintain their dignity; this way, they will let them die in peace, rather than suffer to the end. Because if not, they think of themselves as a disgrace, to those they love. According to recent researches and surveys, many Canadians would agree to this, but my question is, have they taken a close look at the ethical debate? Those who are against active euthanasia would say not, and would argue that by participating in the practice of active euthanasia, they are