Biology Coursework Essays

  • Biology Coursework: The effect of Trypsin on Gelatine.

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    Implementing: - 1.     First, I gathered the necessary equipment: §     Thermostatically controlled water baths §     Ice §     Thermometer §     Stop watch §     Test tubes §     Photographic film (b/w) §     Syringe §     Test tube rack §     Ruler §     Scissors §     O.1% trypsin made in pH7 buffer solution §     Mounted needle 2.     I then decided on the range of results and temperatures I was to investigate. I decided to observe 20º, 30º, 40º, 50º, 60º, 70º and 80º. 3.     Next, I label

  • Biology Enzymes Coursework

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    Biology Enzymes Coursework Prediction: I think that the enzyme will work best at 45.c to 50.c I think this because that optimum temperature for most natural enzymes is 40.c but his is a chemical enzyme so it will work best a little higher. If this temp is exceeded then I think that it will take longer to work because it will not be at the optimum temp, or it will not work at all because it has become denatured. An enzyme cannot recover from this state. Below this temperature I think it will

  • Heat Loss

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    Biology Coursework Practical – Heat Loss The aim of this practical is to find to what extent does the surface area to volume ratio of an object affect the rate of heat loss from the object Hypothesis: As the ratio of surface area to volume of an object decreases the rate of heat loss from the object will also decrease. Objects with the same surface area to volume ratios loose heat at the same rate so long as there are not other variables involved. Background Knowledge: The surface area to volume

  • Investigating the Effect of Different Concentrations of Sucrose Solutions on Potato Tiessue

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    Investigating the Effect of Different Concentrations of Sucrose Solutions on Potato Tiessue Planning For my GCSE biology coursework, I am going to conduct an investigation into the effect of different concentrations of sucrose solutions on potato tissue. Text Box: A measuring cylinder Apparatus =========================================== 18 test tubes [IMAGE][IMAGE] Text Box: 1M sucrose solution [IMAGE]A test tube rack [IMAGE] Cork borer Text Box:

  • biology - how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis

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    Biology Coursework ¡V Does The Light Intensity Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis The Investigation In this experiment I will investigate the affect in which the light intensity will have on a plants photosynthesis process. This will be done by measuring the bubbles of oxygen and having a bulb for the light intensity variable. Variables The input variable which will be used in this investigation will be the light intensity (this will be a 100Watt bulb being moved closer and further away from the

  • paper 2

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    Beliefs Reflection Motivation is one of the biggest things when it comes to education today. Every student can be motivated one way or another to learn. Not all students are motivated the same so as an educator I need to keep that in mind. Motivation is important because it helps students become interested in what is going on in the class room and in the course work. When a student is motivated it also may have the student participate in more challenging opportunities and try to earn higher bench

  • I Hate Writing Essay

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    I wouldn’t really say I hate writing. Dislike writing, not comfortable with writing, struggle with writing, these are terms that I feel are more relatable to myself. It’s just not something that comes natural to me. Whenever I have to write something of a considerable length I cringe and think back to all the grueling assignments I’ve completed in the past. I “hate” writing because of how unnatural it is to me. Writing and I have never had a good relationship. There’s nothing I enjoy about

  • Business Studies coursework Task 8 continued:

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    Business Studies coursework Task 8 continued: Latest news shows that the car company, MG Rover will be taken over by a Chinese car manufacturer. This may vastly affect the sales of car production for the MG Rover Company. The company ‘Shanghai Automotive’ will own 70% of the company whilst MG Rover owning 30%, which means that the company may change names and affect customer’s who already own a MG car, meaning they may feel unhappy with the change, as the company production maybe moving

  • Rate of Reaction Coursework

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    An experiment to find the rate of reaction between two liquids Introduction This is an experiment to determine the effect of changing the concentration of sodium thiosluphate (Na S O (aq)) on the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid (HCL (aq)). HCl+sodium thiosulphatearrowsodium chloride+sulphur dioxide+sulphur+water. HCl(aq) + Na2S2O3(aq) arrow NaCl(aq) + SO2(g) + S(s) + H2O(l) If one were to place hydrochloric acid and sodium thiosulphate into a beaker

  • Homecoming AQA Coursework This poem is a puzzle for the reader - there

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    Homecoming AQA Coursework This poem is a puzzle for the reader - there are some things the poet has not told us. This poem is a puzzle for the reader - there are some things the poet has not told us, and without them, our reading of the poem relies on guesswork. This seems deliberate, as the first thing the poem invites us to do is to look at two things separately, then put them together. The poem is written mostly in the second person, addressed to “you”. This may at first seem to be the

  • Osmosis In A Potato

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    Osmosis In A Potato Intro: ====== My biology coursework is based round the osmosis process that takes place in potatoes. Osmosis is the intake of a salt solution through a selectively permeable membrane. The strength of a salt solution can have a dramatic difference on the amount the potato can take in, and how it reacts. Here is an example of a selectively permeable membrane… Salt Solution [IMAGE][IMAGE] Strong Weak [IMAGE] Strong Weak Salt Solution

  • Creative Writing: An Empty Cafe Seat

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    That Empty Cafe Seat "Finally here..." I sighed when I saw the cafe shop in the distance. I tucked my phone back into my jacket pocket and sped up a bit towards it. School had ended just a few minutes ago. After saying goodbye to Lina and Jason, I made my way to the cafe as usual. When I got there, I held the door and waited a few seconds for an old lady to walk in before stepping inside. The heat from the store made me shiver. "Thank you.” the old lady said. I smiled and pulled my hood down. After

  • Number Grid Coursework

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    Number Grid Coursework My task is to investigate a 2x2 box on a 100 square I will take a 2x2 square on a 100 square grid and multiply the two corners together. I will then look at the relationship between the two results, by finding the difference. Test 1 ====== 54 55 54 x 65= 3510 64 65 55 x 64= 3520 3520-3510= 10 DIFFERENCE = 10 Test 2 ====== 5 6 5 x 16= 80 15 16 6 x 15= 90 90-80= 10 DIFFERENCE = 10 Test 3 ====== 18 19 18 x 29= 522 28

  • Chemistry Coursework – Fuels

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    Chemistry coursework – Fuels Planning ======== Aim --- In this investigation I will have to find out which of the alcohol fuels: methanol, ethanol, propanol and butanol, is the best. The ‘best’ one will be the one which creates the most energy whilst burning. Introduction and prediction --------------------------- A fuel is a substance burned for heat or power. The best type of fuel is one that: can be transported safely without the worry of it catching on fire, gives out a

  • Drama Improvisation: Crime in Elizabethan Times

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    Drama improvisation coursework: Crime We first discussed everything that came up to our mind about our topic of crime. We used brainstorming to help us, like this: We then had a closer look at plays about crime in Elizabethan times. Macbeth is a classic example of crime involving murdering. It is a story about Macbeth who was the Thane of Cawdor was being influenced by his wife and the witches to kill the King. He then became the King himself and killed many other people who wanted to

  • Lemna Coursework

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    Lemna Coursework Introduction Lemna are small water plants found in ponds. Typical of plants, they reproduce asexually. When they reproduce they form a bud on the edge of a leaf, which, when big enough, will eventually separate from the mother leaf and can then reproduce itself. Sometimes lemna plants can have up to 3 or 4 buds. Exactly the same as plants in soil, they use the sun's energy for photosynthesis, and water, but they have to take all their nutrition to grow and reproduce

  • The Main Beliefs and Practices of Sikhism

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    In this essay, I will be explaining the main beliefs and practices of Sikhism. I have used various sources of information that I have listed at the end of my coursework. The main beliefs and practices I will be explaining are as follows: * Nam Simran * Equality of birth and gender * Seva * Khalsa Firstly, I will be explaining 'Nam Simran'. Nam Simran means meditation on Gods name. During his time, Guru Nanak, the first Guru, taught people to mediate on Nam. The word 'Nam' is

  • For this piece of coursework, I am going to compare two Poems produced

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    For this piece of coursework, I am going to compare two Poems produced by Simon Armitage. For this piece of coursework, I am going to compare two Poems produced by Simon Armitage. His website has quoted that he is one of the most exciting younger poets that combines accessible humor and realist style with critical significance and has been short listed for the Whitbread Prize, TS Eliot Prize and Forward Prize. When he jumped genres, the critics moan about his first novel Little Green Man

  • The Fencing Problem - Math Coursework

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    The Fencing Problem - Math The task -------- A farmer has exactly 1000m of fencing; with it she wishes to fence off a level area of land. She is not concerned about the shape of the plot but it must have perimeter of 1000m. What she does wish to do is to fence off the plot of land which contains the maximun area. Investigate the shape/s of the plot of land that have the maximum area. Solution -------- Firstly I will look at 3 common shapes. These will be: ------------------------------------------------------

  • Car Statistics Coursework

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    Car Statistics Coursework I am trying to work out what factor makes a car decrease in value the most. I have chosen a large sample of cars which have had a service history and erased some of the factors that I think I will not need. The factors I am not using are make and model, colour, engine size, fuel, MOT, tax, insurance, doors, style, seats, air conditioning, gearbox and airbags. I have also got rid of the cars that do not have all of the sufficient information. I am using how