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  • Bigfoot

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    Bigfoot For over a 150 years man has been troubled by one great mystery, a mystery that has baffled all who have witnessed it and all who have tried to solve it. This mystery is commonly known as Bigfoot, a tall hairy man/ape who lurks in the woods in almost every country on this planet. Some say it is just an ape, some believe it is a man in costume, and others are true believers of this hairy phenomenon. For more than a decade and a half this creature of myth has caused enormous contradictions

  • bigfoot

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    Bigfoot is a legend that most people have been raised on. The mystery surrounding his or her actuality is not much of a mystery anymore. Advances in research and recent DNA findings support the existence of Bigfoot. According to the Historical Overview, published on, there have been stories of Bigfoot dated as far back as 4,000 years ago. Bigfoot is not the only term used to describe these creatures. They are also referred to as Sasquatch, Yeti, Wildman, Hairy Man, and many other

  • Bigfoot Existence

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    Over the past century and a half, the spur of Bigfoots existence has questioned many researchers and non-believers alike. Extensive research and findings have sparked many to seek out if there is another creature amongst our woods. Bigfoots existence is limited to substantial evidence such as sightings, footprints, and somatogenic traces. Ben Radford the author of “Bigfoot at 50 Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence” explains effectively of the possible existence through extensive evidence

  • Persuasive Essay About Bigfoot

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    Is Bigfoot really a mythical creature roaming the world? Nobody can answer that question, not if our scientist today. Bigfoot is a large, hairy, apelike creature resembling a yeti, there are found in Northwestern America. There is another name that Bigfoot is called and it’s Sasquatch. Some people believe in Bigfoot and try to find it. Others who think it’s a ridiculous idea to be searching for something that no one can find. There are others who are in the middle and others who just don’t care

  • Bigfoot is not a Myth

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    Bigfoot is not a Myth Bigfoot also known popularly as the Sasquatch, Momo, Skunk Ape, the list goes on and on, is without a doubt, the most famous of all hairy man-like creatures. The following will make you a believer in this overseen creature, it made me one. Bigfoot is seen in every possible location throughout the North American Continent, mountains, swamps, forests, crossing desolate and some not so desolate roadways and on open farmland. While its demeanor varies from docile to curios to

  • Bigfoot is Real

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    These monsters range from the chupacabra to the ancient megalodon. One of these monsters being bigfoot. Bigfoot is a very well know monster that has been in myths and stories for hundreds of years and sightings have started almost 200 years ago. One of the things many people wanted to know is how closely related bigfoot is to humans and how closely it is to apes. The physical description of bigfoot is close to the same for almost all sources and sightings. “600 to 900 pounds” (Quick Facts, 2005)

  • The Origins of Bigfoot

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    its hind legs or was it actually what we now call Bigfoot today (“The Canadian Encyclopedia”). The origin of Bigfoot dates even further back to Native American myths portraying a large aggressive ape like animal walking on its hind legs eating children and animals (“New World Encyclopedia”). Since then there have been thousands of reports of supposed Bigfoot sightings including footprints, photos, videos and the actual carcass of a deceased Bigfoot. For over 80 years scientist have been discrediting

  • Finding Bigfoot

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    Who hasn’t heard of the creature known as Bigfoot? I know that most people around the world have heard of Bigfoot and the many variations of his name. He is known as Sasquatch, the Hairy Man, Bigfoot, Yeti, and even as the Yowie. What really is Bigfoot though? Is he some crazy science experiment gone right or wrong? Is he some creature created by the processes of evolution? What is Bigfoot? I have watched movies and shows about Bigfoot. Most of them made fun of the creature by either running it over

  • Bigfoot Research Paper

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    Bigfoot in America: Real or Unreal? One of the most well-known urban legends told is the story of Bigfoot. Much of the research has shown that there are several names assigned to the mammoth ape. According to Napier (1973), Bigfoot would be the creature found mostly in Northwest America, Sasquatch would be a creature named in British Colombia, the 49th parallel in the north-west states of America and Northern California, and the Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti would be the creature named in the

  • Oh Those Bigfoot Movies!

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    his post, How Kids Films Destroyed Sasquatch Research, Coleman tries to make the claim that movies made for children are responsible for the increase in what he calls “silly skepticism”. To support his argument, he presents a movie called “Little Bigfoot” which was released in 1997. Ever hear of it? I certainly hadn't before I read Coleman's post but it appears to be making the rounds today. Regardless, blaming bad movies (in his opinion anyway) on what I interpret to be his apparent observation