The Origins of Bigfoot

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What did the early American pioneers see when traveling the uninhabited wilderness of the early 1800’s? Could they have be seeing a black bear standing momentarily on its hind legs or was it actually what we now call Bigfoot today (“The Canadian Encyclopedia”). The origin of Bigfoot dates even further back to Native American myths portraying a large aggressive ape like animal walking on its hind legs eating children and animals (“New World Encyclopedia”). Since then there have been thousands of reports of supposed Bigfoot sightings including footprints, photos, videos and the actual carcass of a deceased Bigfoot. For over 80 years scientist have been discrediting the thought of the existence of Bigfoot, but throughout time scientist have begun to adapt to the fact that there might be a possible large unidentified animal walking throughout our wilderness today. The fact that there might be a Bigfoot like animal walking through our forests today sparks imagination but has there been enough information that we can conclude that there is an animal that has not been identified.
The name Sasquatch is derived from native names of the word "Sésquac", meaning "wild man" for a creature found in the coastal area of the Pacific Northwest (Lindemans). There are over sixty different Native American terms for the Sasquatch. The Cherokee call it Kecleh-Kudleh meaning “Hairy Savage” (Franzoni, Glickman). Evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch is based on references in Indian legend and myth, in passages from journals kept by early travelers and in modern sightings (Colombo). Early travelers of North America have come up with various different terms like "skookums" and the "mountain devils" (“What is Bigfoot”). Bigfoot, the North American t...

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...ity of Bigfoot, the majority of scientist’s still believe that Bigfoot is hoax and wonder why Bigfoot hasn't been captured, dead or alive (Lovgreen). Even though Bigfoot hasn’t been captured dead or alive, Bigfoot advocates note that it is even rare to find a bear carcass in the wild.
Though throughout thousands of Bigfoot sightings throughout the world there still has not been any credible evidence of its existence. "It is the same kind of eyewitness reports we see for the Loch Ness Sea Monster, UFOs, ghosts, you name it," he said. "The monster thing is a universal product of the human mind. We hear such stories from around the world." (Dennett). Although there is no concrete evidence of its existence there is enough documentation of Bigfoot for you to wonder, is there something out there? Though throughout the years to come, the hunt for Bigfoot will still be on.
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