Cryptid Animals in American Culture

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Cryptid Animals

Maybe, one time you were camping in the woods. You saw something, lurking in the woods. You saw something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in your life. You think it looked like the legendary Bigfoot. You know, the one you watched those Animal Planet shows on. You didn’t really believe what those guys were saying. You thought those guys were just talking crazy for thinking it was real. Maybe one time, you were on the lake. You saw something that looked like a log, swimming across the lake. You thought nothing of it. You didn’t think it might have been the Loch Ness Monster. It could have been the one they have the History Channel documentaries on. Maybe you saw a coyote looking thing attacking a farmers goat. You didn’t think much of it, thought you would be crazy to think it was a supposed “Chupacabra”. Cryptid animals have been a big part in American culture, from making TV shows about them to being a cultural phenomenon.

The Bigfoot has possibly been the most famous Cryptid animal of all time. It has certainly been the one with the most recorded sightings. It is the one cryptid animal that has two big shows on Animal Planet about it. One of the shows is called “Finding Bigfoot”. This show is primarily about finding and hunting Sasquatches all over the world. They have been to very remote places looking for Bigfoots. This is probably the most popular show ever made about Cryptid animals. The other show about Bigfoots is called “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty”. This show is a reality show about finding and catching Bigfoots. The basis of the show is that they bring contestants all over the place to where the most recorded Bigfoot sightings are, and they all try to catch one. If one team catches a Bigf...

... middle of paper ... it. You know the facts, you know the pictures and alleged details of the animals. Now go out and find the truth for yourself.

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