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  • English: Poetry Commentary Haven’t I Danced the Big Dance? By Jack Mapanje

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    English: Poetry Commentary Haven’t I Danced the Big Dance? By Jack Mapanje The poem ‘Haven’t I danced the big dance?’ by Jack Mapanje concerns the traditional rain dance of a proud tribesman. The modern representation of his dance that he sees today provokes this nostalgic and emotional response. The speaker, a formal tribal rain dancer, is thinking back to the time when he used to dance this traditional dance, and looking at the new generation, dancing only for show, with sadness. The

  • How To Describe An 8th Dance Recital

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    I wait behind the stage watching the opening dance act, we are completely silent, not wanting to be seen by the people sitting in the crowd. We have a dance recital at the Kansas City Music Hall every year, but this year it is extra special. For most of us, this is our 8th dance recital. We are used to having many dances but this year we are really overwhelmed because we have seven dances to perform. Our Jazz dance called “Me Too” is the second dance in the recital so as I get into the line up with

  • Discovering My Passion: Journey into Competitive Dance

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    School of Dance. Mrs.Karen was a patient and encouraging dance instructor. My mother was a big part of this life changing event considering she was generous and caring during this experience. She worked full time and dropped me off and picked me up at dance practice five days a week. I was kind to my fellow dancers and was open-minded about the outcomes of joining the team. I was happy throughout this whole experience and had no regrets. Furthermore, I did not realize that starting dance was the best

  • Quinceañera Traditions

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    celebrated all across Latin America, the Caribbean, and is becoming increasingly more popular in the United States too. Like I said this Hispanic tradition has taken root into the United States, many Non... ... middle of paper ... ...nceañera on the dance floor. Sometimes the quinceañera may even give all guests a gesture to give them their permission to join. This gesture may be an announcement or curtsies towards the people. Works Cited Salcedo, Michele. “Quinceañera!” New York: Henery Holt and

  • The History Of Hip Hop Dance And Culture

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    Being in this semester of Hip Hop Dance and Culture I have learned many new things about the history of Hip Hop. I started getting interested in hip hop in middle school and I would watch my cousins perform with their dance company. That was what I thought hip hop was, I now have learned that it was basically commercialized hip hop. Hip hop is a fairly new culture when compared to older contemporary dances like ballet which has been around for centuries. Through this paper I want to go deeper

  • Definition Of Dance Essay

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    Dance, it has a different meaning for each and every person. I realize now that there is not just one answer to the question,” What is dance?” To some it’s a cultural ritual, to others it’s a way of expression, a way to let go of feelings that have been bottled up inside for much too long. After this week, dance has a new meaning in my life. Dance to me is any movement that has a surreal impact on my thoughts, my body, or my spirit at that given moment, whether it be the fall leaves blowing in the

  • Bob Fosse Dance Techniques

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    Journal Reflection Term One Dance Choreography Essay An Essay on Bob Fosse By Max White Bob Fosse was born June 23, 1927, and died September 23, 1987. Born in Chicago USA. (Wikipedia, 2016, para.1) He grew up he had six siblings and had Norwegian and Irish parents. He was an American choreographer in musical theatre as well as a director, film director, screen writer, and actor. He has won the most Tonys ever for his choreography with eight Tony awards. Fosse's choreography changed how society

  • Compare And Contrast Billy Elliot And Strictly Ballroom

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    LYLE K GAINES ENGLISH 4TH GENRE ASSIGNMENT Strictly Ballroom & Billy Elliot alike both have many characters who undergo transformation & development throughout the film, two of these characters who undergo great transformation & growth are Fran & Billy who both figuratively change from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. In the beginning of Billy Elliot & Strictly Ballroom both Fran & Billy are seen as very underdeveloped & can be seen as ugly ducklings in many ways, Billy is seen at the boxing

  • Dance Anthropology

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    I love to dance and through google and wikipedia I discovered ethnochoreology. It is the study of “ethnic” dance in it's social and cultural context. One famous dancer and pioneer who inspires me greatly is Katherine Dunham. She was able to study dance and anthropology in college and developed dance anthropology. Dance Anthropology can also be referred to as Ethnochoreology where it studies why people dance and what it means within various cultures. Since dancing have originated it has been refined

  • Shrek Play Review Essay

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    took group singing lessons at an acting school called Stage Left Children’s Theater. Towards the end of the year some of the kids in my class started talking about this thing called ‘Main Stage’. I asked my teacher about it and it turned out to be a big end of the year musical that Stage Left held. Most of the classes that they held were divided into age groups but Main Stage wasn’t. Main Stage featured a variety of ages from eight to eighteen. I thought it sounded cool enough but I wasn’t sure

  • Spring Dance Critique

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    The setting is at the UNCG Dance center in the auditorium, it was small almost a private feel, with a stage and seats for an audience. These performances were called the spring dances which were performed, April 15, 2016. Even though it was called Spring Dances there were 5 performances with different names which different students performed. The first performance was called “Stance”, my first thoughts to describe the dance was tribal. It was dark at the beginning and banging on the ground which

  • Reality Television and the Dance World

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    great deal of the world possesses a vague sense of the existence of the dance world, but they do not know much past that. The assistance of reality television shows, such as Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars, present the inner workings of the dance community to the general public. Unfortunately, the publicity can change how society perceives the dance world. Reality television affected the dance world by contributing an air of commercialism to it, influencing younger

  • Gene Kelly: Highly Talented Dancer

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    working class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a dancer, actor, director, and choreographer that brought a different approach to the dance and production world. Thus, he was one of five children, including two brothers and two sisters. While he was growing up, instead of playing baseball with the neighborhood friends he decided to take dance lessons due to his moms influence. Kelly attended Peabody High School and continued his education at Pennsylvania State College. However, he studied

  • Dancing With the Heart

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    thousands, were going to watch my every move. Dance with your heart. I muttered these words under my breath. This was a pivotal time in my life. I had waited for this moment all season. I wanted to execute each move perfectly, to dance my heart out, not only because of the crowd, but because of something greater which linked my heart to this dance. During my sophomore year at Hotchkiss High School, I joined the Hotchkiss Varsity Dance Team. My dance experience, up to this point, was non-existent

  • The Wiz Live: Movie Review: The Wizard Of Oz

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    Starring in the film were big time nominee and winners in the world that included Elijah Kelley, Uzo Aduba, singer Common, writer/singer Mary J Blige and Ne-Yo, rapper Queen Latifah, and supporting actresses Amber Riley, Shanice Williams, Stephanie Mills, and Uzo Aduba. The main

  • Dance Dancer Essay

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    head as they learn a new dance from a choreographer or dance instructor. Getting to travel the world teaching dance to many kids is what being a choreographer is all about. Or, just staying in your town and running a dance studio teaching hundreds of kids new, exciting skills and the aspects of dance. Most people do not understand what goes into being a choreographer, all the hard work, traveling, staying up late trying to think of a new formation or a new dance move for a big production coming up.

  • Spring Dance Concert Report

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    The spring dance concert is a performance everyone is looking forward to. Families and friends can see what their students do in class for an hour and a half a day performed in two or more amazing dances. During the dance concert dress rehearsal I learned a lot about the dance department and about my peers who dance. In my 18 weeks of dance class, I have only been able to perform and not see what my teacher sees. In the dress rehearsal, I got to view others and see the big picture. I saw so many

  • Analysis Of Tap

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    Dance is something that has been around for a very long time and throughout the years, has brought together many different cultures. Different forms of dance formed in different parts of the world and they all have different, languages, values, customs, etc. Dance in one part of the world could have a completely different value in another part of the world. And different styles have been created from past knowledge. In America, dance started as a social form. Typically, the dances that were popular

  • Evolution Of Ballet

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    Louis XIV or Pierre Beauchamps. The dance originated in Europe during the 17th century. King Louis was very passionate about the dance which is a main reason the dance began to expand. He took lessons from Beauchamps daily and performed in the dances that took place at his court. Pierre Beauchamps invented the fundamental foot positions that are used in ballet. If you were able to take lessons or perform ballet this usually gave you a status of wealth. The dance was only available to those who could

  • Singing In The Rain Analysis

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    a few things about the dances I do not like, but overall all the choreography is beautiful. My favorite dance number is Moses Supposes. I love everything about this dance; the tap dancing is my favorite part, and it is on point with the music. Something about tap dancing really says Broadway to me. However it is Donald O’Conner that really makes this dance my favorite. He makes it playful and silly, while the song is super catchy. I also really like Donald’s other dance number Make ‘Em Laugh. He