Spring Dance Concert Report

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The spring dance concert is a performance everyone is looking forward to. Families and friends can see what their students do in class for an hour and a half a day performed in two or more amazing dances. During the dance concert dress rehearsal I learned a lot about the dance department and about my peers who dance. In my 18 weeks of dance class, I have only been able to perform and not see what my teacher sees. In the dress rehearsal, I got to view others and see the big picture. I saw so many great things and some things to work on. This is my formal review.
Things I noticed that could be improved include: being together, performing the same dance moves, and facial expressions. In the dance happiness, one dancer caught my eye every time.
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If everyone was sharper and knew their counts backwards and forwards the dance would look much smoother. Dance 2 was by far the cleanest. Their motions were quick and consistently on time. Dances where motions were softer or more relaxed tended to be less precise. Slow motions or positions that we held for several counts also were executed differently from class to class. another key factor to make me a great dance: facial expressions. Facial expressions can immediately change the mood of a dance without doing much. in sweet child of mine dancers were told to keep a straight face because the dance was peaceful but not too happy. each dancer executed this well and portrayed the emotion. In dances such as happiness and diamonds, dancer smiles it to show how happy the dance made them feel. Dances with smiles and even frowns get the audience into the dance and make him want to perform it with them. A common theme throughout most of the dances…show more content…
I really enjoyed the different types of dances that we had. From sad to happy to neutral, each feelings were conveyed amazingly. something that I noticed about each dancer is that they fix their mistakes while performing in the routine. A dancer my stumble or look slightly confused but fix themselves for the rest of the routine. confidence was A common theme I noticed about each dancer whether they were in dance floor or dance one. each dancer would hold their chin up and press the shoulders back which made them look elegant. In dances where you needed to be sharp and mean, dancers would close themselves off to show the message behind the dance. put in your fee is something dancers learn in the very beginning. It can be really hard to learn how to point your feet and the dancers I watched during the dress rehearsal had perfectly pointed feet. I enjoyed each dance because they were all unique. I think the costuming is a very important part of dancing and each costume matched each dance perfectly. Hair and makeup also contributes to the overall look of the dance. Dances with lots of twirling and pirouettes allowed the dancers hair to flow and make each motion more dramatic. Music plays a big role in dance. all the dancers were choreographed to the music with each motion on a beat of the song. The rhythm of the music worked well with each piece. each class did an excellent job
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