Compare And Contrast Billy Elliot And Strictly Ballroom

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LYLE K GAINES ENGLISH 4TH GENRE ASSIGNMENT Strictly Ballroom & Billy Elliot alike both have many characters who undergo transformation & development throughout the film, two of these characters who undergo great transformation & growth are Fran & Billy who both figuratively change from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. In the beginning of Billy Elliot & Strictly Ballroom both Fran & Billy are seen as very underdeveloped & can be seen as ugly ducklings in many ways, Billy is seen at the boxing hall going to his boxing classes stands out & is different from all the other boys there, he gets teased & mocked before he even goes in & even when he starts boxing in the ring, he does something completely unexpected & different which people do not approve of & in with his own personal acts to box, fails & gets knocked to the ground in failure. It is then seen that his father is very disappointed in him, & his coach even says to him that "you're a disgrace to this boxing club, you're a disgrace to your father & a disgrace to those gloves" this shows the extent of disapproval that people have of Billy also in these first scenes we see that Billy looks very intimidated & not very happy at all, also he is wearing old clothes & does not look very good. When Billy is seen in the ballet class for the first time he really stands out & looks very out of place as he is wearing boxing clothes while everyone else is wearing ballet clothes, also Billy is the only boy among many girls which makes him stand out. When he does ballet for the first time he is always out of place & doing all the wrong movements at the wrong times, this shows us that he does not fit in & it is unpleasant to watch also by looking at what Billy wears we see that all the... ... middle of paper ... ...d, proud & beautiful as the beautiful swan that she has now become. Billy is now seen infront of a massive audience & he is completely grown up, we see him as a very strong figure, has stands up proud & strong with good posture which shows us his confidence in himself & how he has grown & transformed into a beautiful swan, both figuratively & as well as literally as Billy is seen playing the main role in Swan Lake as a beautiful swan, which is a direct link to show how he really has transformed & now become a beautiful swan & as he goes out & leaps across the stage we see how much he has transformed & now become very graceful. We now see that both of these characters Billy & Fran both go through complete changes & drastic transformations from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans through their own personal growth & development as characters throughout the movies.

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