Benjamin Franklin: A Brief Biography Of Benjamin Franklin

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Awstyn Allard
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is someone that I look up to and his achievements are far greater than most. The first person that comes to mind when I think of a life given to the service of others is Benjamin Franklin because he pioneered the spirit of self-help in America, there was no-one who ever lived or is living on the face of this Earth who is more extraordinary and impacting than Benjamin Franklin, many people just see him as “the guy on the $100 bill” but what you will know is that he’s is truly the definition of success and by far the greatest man to ever live in colonial America.
Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. He was the 15th of 17 total siblings from his father, Josiah. His father intended Ben to become a minister but from a few financial difficulties and Ben already showing strong interests in reading and writing at such a young age, the idea of becoming a minister was dropped. Then the journey to become a “founding father” and the magnificent man he was starts...Benjamin Franklin was quite the character, his lifes work and achievements are very impressive. Lets start with a brief overview of Benjamin Franklin and his major achievements/events in chronological order. Ben was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. In Boston Benjamin created swimming fins to allow himself to go faster in the waters of Boston Harbor, this was his first notable invention. Later on he then became apprenticed to his brother, James, as a printer and writes “Silence Dogood” essays. After disputes with his brother he runs away to Philadelphia and obtains a job as a printer-these are the beginning stages and part of the learning process for the soon to be “founding father” of America. Benjamin Fr...

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... and make a conclusion. Ben’s goal was to conduct electricity and extract an electrical charge. Once the storm came, he attached a key to a kite and flew it in the air, after the first strike on his key, Ben was then aware that lightning is indeed a form of electricity. After this, Ben then began to devise many different types of lighting rods. Today, Benjamin Franklin's lightning rods could soon be seen on top of many buildings and homes serving to protect from dangerous lightning strikes.
Benjamin Franklin had one of the greatest impacts on American society in history. He served and improved the Continental Congress, he created inventions that are still crucial to life today, and he gave the United States its freedom. Knowledgeable people believe that Benjamin Franklin is one of the most extraordinary people to ever live he is a true idol, an icon, a hero.
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