Biography of Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin led an influential life. He was a master of creation. He was a literary genius. Also he became a president. His invents are still used today and everyone loves them. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. He was the 10th son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah (Folger). Franklin’s father was a soap and candle maker.
Benjamin’s father had hoped that Benjamin would enter into the clergy but he could not afford for his son to go to school for many years. His love of knowledge made him a great reader, so he read everything he could get his hands on. Franklin worked with his father until he was 12. Then is father decided to have Benjamin become an apprentice to his brother James, James was a printer. Benjamin and his brother James composed pamphlets and set type and Benjamin would sell their stuff in the streets.
At the age of 15 Benjamin’s brother James started his own newspaper “Courant”, it included reprinted articles from Europe, advertisements and ship scheduals . He wanted very much to write himself but his brother James would not let him, he was his apprentice. So Benjamin started secretly writing letters at night and signing them “Silent Dogwood”. People thought Dogwood was a middle-aged widow who was funny and had intelligent things to say. After writing 16 letters Benjamin finally admitted that he wrote all of the letters. James was very jealous of all the attention Benjamin was getting from people. James started to verbally and physically abusing Benjamin. Benjamin decided that he had enough of James and ran away.
Benjamin went to New York looking for work but could not find anything. He also went to New Jersey but didn’t find work unti...

... middle of paper ... President of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention.
Franklin sailed to France as a diplomat to the Court of Louis XVI. The French loved Franklin, he even spoke French. In 1778 France signed the Treaty of Alliance because of Benjamin’s popularity. Franklin along with John Jay and John Adams negotiated the Treaty of Paris. He also secured loans and was on hand to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783.
Benjamin Franklin in his seventies became President of the Executive Council of Pennsylvania. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and signed the Constitution. In 1789 he also was writing an anti-slavery Treatise.
Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790 at the age of 84. At his funeral 20,000 people showed up. Benjamin Franklin devoted his life to helping and serving people. He was one of America’s greatest assets.
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