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  • Corruption in The Republic of Belarus

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    are protecting it. This is the problem in Belarus a country located in Europe and borders Russia, and a population of 9.5 million people. Not only have the belarusian people been subject to corrupted politicians and their lies, but they also have to worry about the people who are supposed to be protecting them. According to a website called Transparency International, a website dedicated to stopping corruption, its recorded that the police force in Belarus are viewed as one of the most corrupt organizations

  • Comparing Khazakstan and Belarus

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    Comparing Khazakstan and Belarus Upon the break up of the Soviet Union, Belarus declared itself a sovereign nation from the USSR in 1990; in late 1991, Kazakhstan declared its independence, and held its first elections. The similarity in their modern governments is evidence to the numerous parallels in their history. The historical development of both countries was heavily influenced by the rule of the Mongols and the Tartars, also both Belarus and Kazakhstan would come under the control of

  • Transition from Communism in Belarus

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    Transition from Communism in Belarus The Eastern European country chosen for discussion is Belarus. This paper will first discuss the transition from communism based on the experience of living under communist rule. Second, the significant historical factors from 1920-1991 that led to the fall of communism will be given and traced as to how they affected the process of the transition. Finally, the choices made by Belarus during and after the transition period will be traced back to historical

  • Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in Belarus

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    Incidence of Thyroid Cancer in Belarus Belarus is a region just north of the Ukraine in an area that was previously part of the Soviet Union. In 1986 the nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl suffered a serious incident involving a fire and the release of significant amounts of radioactivity. The Gomel region lies immediately to the north of Chernobyl and is known to have received a high level of radioactivity as fallout after the breakdown of the reactor on 26th April 1986. The plume passed

  • Belarus Should Abolish The Currency Trading Restrictions

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    equity markets are becoming more globalized (SNHU, 2015). Belarus decides to abolish the currency trading restriction The net values of Belarus imported goods and services from other countries exceeded its export of goods and service to other countries creating a large Current Account Deficit. The reason Belarus a former Soviet republic scraped the currency trading restriction is due to the fact its political leadership allowed the Belarus national currency ruble to depreciate as part of a strategy

  • Natural Disasters: Floods, And Natural Disasters In Belarus

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    Committee: Economic & Financial (ECOFIN) Topic: Natural Disasters: Floods Country: Belarus Delegate: Hala Douda School: American International School of Jeddah Natural disasters are disasters that are caused by natural forces. These disasters cause severe harm to the environment every time they occur. They include Agricultural diseases, Winds, Drought, Emergency diseases (pandemic influenza) Extreme heat, Floods and flash floods. Disasters Frequently happen when people don't get ready for hazards

  • The Belarusian Language Should Be the Only State Language of the Republic of Belarus

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    The Republic of Belarus is an independent state with population of 9.5 million people, 53.2% of whom admit the Belarusian language as their mother tongue. However, 70.2% of the population use Russian in everyday communication and cannot speak Belarusian fluently (National Statistical Committee, n.d.). The phenomenon is caused by the formal existence of two state languages, Belarusian and Russian, whereas in reality the Russian language dominates in all spheres of life in the country. For instance

  • The Bielski Brothers in Belarus: A Story of Survival, Racism and World War II

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    Peter Duffy places this extraordinary story of survival in context by describing the Bielskis lives and experiences , quoting from Tuvia Bielskis previously unknown journal, and revealing the sociopolitical history, including the anti-Semitism of Belarus, a region the Bielski Brother’s had grown up in. WWII was one of the most unforgettable events in history, an event that has changed the world drastically, and an event that inspired the Bielski Brothers to act upon and try to make a difference

  • What Is Cultural Diversity And Interpersonal Communication?

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    researching cultural and communication differences between the United States and Belarus with the purpose of establishing a student exchange program. Through research Group 3 was able to gather information that could be used to help establish a healthy relationship between the two countries. I have two main goals for this paper. My first purpose is to inform the readers about two intercultural concepts and how they pertain the Belarus. These concepts are Collective Orientation and High Ambiguity Tolerance

  • My Native Language

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    Language Is your native language something you take for granted? Well, for me it has been a struggle — a struggle with history, politics, society, and myself. Yet something guided me through it. I don't know what you heard about my native land — Belarus. For most of the world it is a new country, as four centuries of severe Russian assimilation devastated Belarusian culture. But some of it managed to survive, mostly in the villages. This shaped my biography. Although I was born in a city in