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  • Ai Weiwei

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    Culture is defined as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merriam-Webster). Around the world, each country has its own designated culture where people either honor or rebel against it. In China, the Chinese view their culture as different from many. Ai Weiwei, a Chinese activist born in 1957, is known as the most dangerous man to many in China. He is know to rebel against the Chinese culture, which brought many struggles upon him. Ai Weiwei’s cultural

  • What Is The Olympic Stadium?

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    stadium, which was extended as the games became more popular could hold up to 45,000 patrons at its peak. This was the beginning of a revolution that would soon capture Greece and the world. From the first Olympic stadium to modern stadia such as the Beijing National Stadium or the Allianz Arena, it can truly be said that they have shaped our landscape and challenged of very concept of design. Throughout this essay I will focus on the design and development of stadiums from the beginning of the 20th

  • Case Study Of Mcdonald's 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Campaign

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    The goal for McDonald’s 2008 Beijing Olympic Games campaign was to obtain and control a corporate sponsorship by breaking through the problems of the host country. The news media was focused on problems relating to the host country, whether within or surrounding the country. McDonald’s campaign wanted to break away from the focus of those troubles, and bring that focus onto the actual Olympics itself. The media was covering the challenges China was facing in preparation for the games. McDonald’s

  • Simulation and Consumption in The World

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    substitute for actually traveling to those countries. The park includes replicas of iconic destinations around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, and the New York skyline. The park encourages visitors to “see the world without ever leaving Beijing” (The World). Visitors to the park are only experiencing representations of these real places and, as Baudrillard suggests, have lost sight of the real. The actual destinations are out of reach for many of the visitors and workers at the park. Throughout

  • Challenges, Success, and the Future of Conservation at the SCB 2009 Annual Meeting in Beijing

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    The Society for Conservation Biology, the global society of conservation professionals, held its first annual meeting on the Asian continent this summer. Conservation: Harmony for Nature and Society was hosted by the Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and brought together over 1,200 conservation scientists and practioners from 74 different countries. Presentations spanned a wide range of topics and geographic regions, but particularly focused on Asia and its unique conservation

  • Lenovo regard Apple as the biggest competitor

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    10, 2013, Nongfu spring sticked into hot water after Beijing times published a article which claimed that Nongfu spring had quality problems. The title of the article which published by the Beijing times is “Nongfu spring’s quality is lower than the running water”. After this paper came out, Nongfu spring’s official weibo replied that their quality standards are higher than any standards in China. But the whole issue was not that simple. Beijing times’s article announced that Nongfu spring only obeys

  • Economic Impact Of The Olympic Games

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    Economic Impact of Beijing Olympic games in China Introduction Starting with the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984, the United States creatively combined the Olympic games with commerce, and the concept of regarding the economic impact of hosting the Olympic games was first introduced. It was a valuable chance for the host city to take the advantage of international influence and business opportunities generated from the Olympics, improving the international standing and prestige and boost the local and

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    From the data shown on the image, we could clearly see that: in 1953, the population in Beijing is about 2.768 millions, but in shortly sixty years, which increase average more than ten percent per year, and has finally become twenty one million now. (World Population Statistics, 2013). Overpopulation is a double-edged sword, it brings different positives and negatives. More out-providences people come in, which means more worker and labor force, which could help the local economy rapidly increased

  • energy

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    and both of which are developed for various purposes. The overuse of these resources can also result in a bad air quality, especially in the Beijing region because Beijing is the capital city of China and more factories or industries have set up there. Also, they usually forget about the environmental protection which lead to pollution. As a result, Beijing has increased haze events recently, and it causes inconvenience for people because haze could reduce atmospheric visibility. For example, when

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    At 2001, after Beijing got the opportunity from Olympic and immediately started to prepare for the future 2008 Olympic opening ceremony. The first thing that the government published is limited transmits the daily car license number, without a license number, even people buy as much as the car they want, but cannot drive on the road, which would not make any impact and pollution for the environment. In addition the government has also submitted a new policy for cars owned, they need to followed by