Synthesis Essay: Government Responsibility In China

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1434 words

Jiawen Cheng
Synthesis Essay

Government Responsibility

It’s become a common sight to behold. In other cities, popular must have fashion items include scarves, sunglasses and perhaps a striking pair of shoes. In Beijing however, surgeon masks have been “in style” for years and more recently more people have been sporting a can of fresh air; from Canada. The pollution has gotten so bad that people are willing to pay as much as 22.95 U.S dollars for a 10-liter bottle of “Pure Premium Oxygen’. “[The] first shipment of 500 bottles of fresh air were sold in four days,” said co-founder Moses Lam to the Telegraph. The government has faced increased domestic and international pressure to address the situation. Throughout the years, China’s industrialization and economic boom has brought millions of people out of poverty and skyrocketed their economy to first place, but in doing so, their environment has been seriously damaged. A new poll done by Gallup shows that 57% of Chinese adults believed that protection of the environment should be given top priority even at risk of slowing economic growth. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that china's industrialization and economic boom has brought millions of people out of poverty and skyrocketed their economy to first place, but their environment has been seriously damaged.
  • Analyzes how the chinese government issued its second red alert to the rising pollution levels in the city of twenty-one million.
  • Compares linfen, a city in southern shanxi province, to rachel carson's silent spring, where the city was famous for its spring water, greenery, and rich agriculture. since 1978, it has been listed among the top ten most polluted cities.
  • Explains that beijing's pollution problem is difficult to solve due to geography, weather patterns, and industrialization of surrounding areas.
  • Explains that pollution is a problem that every country has had while undergoing industrialization. china's rapid economic growth and immense size is to blame for its reliance on dirty energy sources.
  • Explains that china was present at the 2015 u.n paris climate conference, dubbed the last chance for the world to avoid a climate disaster.
  • Analyzes how japan's victory day parade was replaced by a startling blue sky and people were seen walking around the city without the typical surgeon masks.
  • Opines that china's more reasonable solution is to cut down their coal emissions. beijing has done better than most cities at finding a cleaner replacement for coal.
  • Explains that while the government has changed and improved their environmental laws and issues, there are still others who state that they aren't doing enough.
  • Argues that china's victory day solution is radical and entirely too improbable as a whole. excessive consumerism makes factories and governments unlikely to change, as they bring in money.

The city lies at the corner of the North China Plains and is surrounded north to west to north by the Yanshan Mountains. The mountains act like a cage keeping some of the pollution trapped in the city. During the summer and winter months, the weather can go from searing to frigid, causing a spike in energy consumption. Over two thirds of China’s power is generated by burning coal. During the winter months, air pollution by coal soars while in the summer months, the humidity keeps the pollution trapped within the city. Because of it’s location, Beijing relies heavily on wind to control its pollution. However one of the three winds that blows into the city comes from heavily industrialized areas in the south such as Shaanxi and

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