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  • To Bear or not to Bear

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    as a reform activist ( In his poem, The Bear, Kinnell writes about a man who, upon discovering a steaming dropping made by a bear in the snow, sets on a hunt for a bear. The hunter faces several obstacles, but manages to overtake his prey. Kinnell uses the poem to show what it means to be a survivor and what it feels like to express yourself. Kinnell picks a certain style to write his poem. Of all the forms, he chooses to write The Bear with as little words as possible. Through this method

  • Bears

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    Traveling in bear country can be quite thrilling. Coming face to face with a bear would be terrifying. Most bear attacks can be avoided, but there is always a chance of encountering a bear. Although nothing is one hundred percent guaranteed effective, here are a list of some tips that might prove to be useful in a bear encounter. Be Alert in Bear Country . Always have Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray in its holster ready for immediate use. Don\\'t bury it in your pack. . Be alert where recent bear activity

  • Bears

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    Bears “If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you, and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.” This was said by Chief Dan George and is common with many wild animals here in North America; one animal in particular, the bear. There are three different types of bears in North America: brown (or grizzly), polar, and black. The most common in the Northern Virginia area

  • The Bear

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    The Bear A parody by Fritz Karl Wilhelm Mueller The wind wailed through the towering pines of Grand National Park. The sun illuminated the landscape. Those pines were more than five hundred years old. They stood unchanging like the forest itself. The animals lived in a flawless balance with nature. No humans had ruined this pristine wilderness for some time. The trails overgrew with shrubs. Gathering, clouds brought an ominous dread to the forest. It became darker by the minute. Suddenly, lightning

  • the bear

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    Composition II Research Paper Rough Draft title      In “The Bear” by William Faulkner, there are several different personalities and attitudes that come into play at various times in the story. The story is told from the perspective of Isaac McCaslin, the boy of the story and one of the main characters as well, and many critics feel that this was “probably a projection of Faulkner’s own youthful self”(Monarch Notes 5). Isaac was of the aristocratic class of people who were

  • Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear

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    There are many variant of bears in the bear’s family; starting from polar bear, grizzly bear, honey bear, black bear, panda bear, and many more. Each of them shares many similarities as well as differences. In this essay however, the writer will focused on classified the comparison and contrast between grizzly, and panda bear. From the taxonomy, the threat that both of them are facing, and also some of their behaviour, panda and grizzly share many things in common, but despite many similarities that

  • Polar Bears: The Evolution Of The Polar Bear

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    polar bear. From its brown bear ancestry, the predator evolved to be a master of a harsh and unwelcoming ice kingdom. Intelligent, adaptable and fierce, the polar bear learned how to survive in a place that offers few comforts to any creature. But now that very environment is in flux. And so is the polar bear’s fate (Nature). Polar Bears are very different from other bears. Polar bears are very large bears compared to Black bears. Polar bears weigh anywhere between 330-1700lbs and Black bears weigh

  • The Polar Bear

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    survival with the top predator of the artic, the polar bear. Polar bears inhabit the circumpolar arctic regions. They live near their primary food source in the ice packs of the artic. The bears inhabit the circumpolar North, which would consist of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and other regions in the artic. The temperatures range between -40°F to -50°F in the winters and summer temperatures stay around -29°F. When summer reaches the artic the polar bears are forced to travel to the remaining ice. They

  • Polar Bear

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    SPECIES- Ursus Maritimus, Polar Bear, lord of the Arctic. Lives in an area of five million square miles of snow and ice. From Siberia to Alaska and across Canada, Greenland and the Islands north of Norway, he is the master of all living things except man. It lives in the brutal cold, ice, and snow. The temperature can plunge down frequently to -40 degrees and sometimes even lower but that does not bother the polar bear because of its color-less skin and layer of insulation fat. Its range extending

  • polar bears

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    Polar Bear, common name for a white bear found on the sea ice of the Arctic throughout the North Polar basin. The only marine bear, it is longer than other bears and streamlined for aquatic life. It has the plantigrade feet (heel and sole touching the ground) typical of bears, with five sharp, curved claws on each foot for grasping the ice and holding its prey. Long hair between the pads protects the bear's feet from the cold and provides traction on the ice. Stiff hairs on the forelegs, and very