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  • Hybrid Vehicles and Their Effect on the Environment

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    Today, people use their own personal vehicles to travel more than ever before. Personal transportation is no longer considered a luxury; it is now considered a necessity. The number of cars in the United States has been growing steadily since the 1970s. The number of miles traveled by cars has risen nearly 150 percent, yet the United States population has only grown roughly 40 percent during that time (, Driving Trends). Although it may seem like we are advancing into the future

  • Comparative Study and Analysis of Various Battery Models used for Electric Vehicles

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    1- INTRODUCTION Battery are used to stored energy basically its convert chemical energy into electrical energy or vice versa. This property of battery is very useful in power system. It has used everywhere for availability of energy. Some of its main applications are grown in last decade of year, these are • Battery is in Electrical vehicle. • For the energy storage in plant we use Battery Energy Storage Plants. In this we compensate the flow active or reactive power. • Batteries are used in Uninterrupted

  • Persuasive Speech Outline

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    powered by electric?” According to Laurie Toupin (2014), the author of Electric Vehicles, “Thomas Davenport is credited with building the first practical EV in 1834, which was quickly followed by a two-passenger electric car in 1847, and then an electric car in 1851 that could go 20 mph (32 km/h).”(p.1492). As time passed by, gas powered cars brought more excitement to human, people start to stop developing electric vehicles until 1990. People start to switch their attention to electric cars again

  • Case Study: Electric Cars

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    will be discussing advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. Electric cars are cars that are powered by electricity. Electric vehicles are an important part of cutting emissions and reducing global warming. The battery of an electric car stores electrical energy. The electric motor is coupled to the wheels through gears; it converts 59-60% of electrical energy into the wheels. The battery runs the motor which allows the car to move. Electric cars are necessary as they will save money, because

  • Creating a Market for Electric Cars

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    2010). Ford is a first-rate example of good marketing techniques. They know how to sell a vehicle to a consumer, as displayed by their position in the top eight of U. S. auto makers. New technology paves the way for new ideas, and new ideas do best when they use existing models. That is why the relatively new concept of battery operated cars should look to already successful auto makers for example. Battery powered cars are becoming more and more marketable with more research and a developing consumer

  • Electric Vehicles Bright Future

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    technology that is clearly shown in the field of electric vehicles, where old ideas are still misconceptions for the other about this type of cars. The idea of inventing a car depending on the electric motors has started since more than a century. Since then, the developers designed many attempts experimental and standard models of electric vehicles; however, they were not able to achieve the successful in this area until today. The essential of electric vehicles remains as it is, hasn’t got any change since

  • Compare And Contrast Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars

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    first cars made were all mostly electric. But as time passed gas powered cars became more popular through the years. There were few if any electric cars available as timed moved on. Everyone believed that gas powered vehicles were more convenient than the electric powered ones. I believe that gas powered vehicles are better because gas powered cars have more function ability. The range that electric vehicles have is poor compared to gas vehicles. Electric vehicles don 't function very well when the

  • Hybrid and Electric Cars

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    eco-friendly vehicles such as the Toyota Prius or other hybrid cars. However, after researching some questions arise of just how eco-friendly these products are. One will explore the environmental effects of hybrid and all-electric vehicles. There are also economic impacts and social factors that will be addressed and they directly affect the production and consumption of these vehicles. First off, one must be aware of the different terms used when discussing the topic. Conventional vehicles are simply

  • How Are Electric Vehicles (Evs) Comparable To Internal Combustion Engine

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    Are Electric Vehicles (EVs) comparable to internal combustion engines (ICE) technology vehicles? Do EVs represent a disruptive technology? The electric vehicle is a simple wiring project whereas, ICE cars looks like a big project with a fuel lines, exhaust pipes, coolant and a big engine. Obviously, there is a prominent future for EVs. Since, fuel prices are increasing and to control carbon emissions and pollution government encouraging EVs and providing subsidies. The strength of electric vehicle

  • Electric Cars Today

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    Electric Cars The technology of electric cars has been around since the beginning of the nineteenth century but soon disappeared as the gasoline-powered engine took the limelight. It took until the seventies with oil prices at new heights that electric cars even became considered as an alternative. The main reasons the public identifies electric cars to be unattainable is because of their high cost and limited capabilities. In the early developing stages electric cars were extremely costly, basic

  • Electric cars and it social impact of technology

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    Electric cars began around the mid 19th century. Because of the high costs and low top speed and short range compared to a internal combustion vehicle it led to a worldwide decline in their use. Until the 1990s gas vehicles ruled the road, but then came the Honda EV Plus. Honda released this vehicle because of the California air resources board and its clean air push. Then after a lot of struggle between the car manufactures and the government and consumers came the Honda insight hybrid in 1999

  • Pros And Cons Of Gasoline Cars

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    the community, we prosper with financial success, and we suffer during economic downturns, and that’s where electric cars come into play. Electric cars will help to stimulate the economy substantially when it attacks the market by encouraging more spending to increase the money flow. During 2011, it costed a little more to drive an electric car than a gasoline car, however, with better battery technology now, and easier charging access, the cost for consumers have soon decreased. On average now days

  • Tesla Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Tesla builds electric powertrain parts for vehicles from other automakers, including the Smart For-two vehicles (the lowest-priced car from Daimler), the Toyota, Custom Chassis Electric Van. Unlike other automakers, Tesla does not use single-purpose, large battery components, but thousands of small, cylindrical, used in laptops and other consumer electronics devices. It uses a version of these cells that is designed to be cheaper to producer and lighter than standard cells by removing some safety

  • The Advantage of Having a Hybrid Car in Kosovo

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    motor vehicles. In spite of striking improvements in internal combustion engine technology, air pollution in most urban areas is still measured at levels determined to be harmful to human health. In an effort to reduce air pollution in Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas in the state of California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB)1 adopted in September 1990 a plan to encourage the development and use of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). At the time only battery-powered electric vehicles

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology

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    The idea of the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has been around for longer than a decade, as many people may not have originally thought. In fact, hybrid vehicles have been in development for the past century. The combination of an electric motor and a gasoline engine has been stirring in the minds of scientists and inventors alike for many years. Hybrid cars have surpassed many feats as it's progressed through the years, such as increased gas mileage and reducing the pollutants that regular internal

  • The Tesla Motor Company

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    Tesla Motor Company Company Overview- Tesla Motors Inc. (Tesla) is a company based out of Silicon Valley that designs, assembles and markets battery electric vehicles (BEVs), in addition they produce lithium-ion battery packs, and electric vehicle powertrain components. Founded in 2003, Tesla was the first new American automobile manufacturer to appear in years. It was the first automaker to manufacture and sell proficient BEVs in production. The company’s tactic is not really that of the “Detroit”

  • The Electric Vehicle

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    The Electric Vehicle The technology of electric vehicles has been around since the turn of the nineteenth century but faded as the gasoline powered engine took the spotlight. Now the future of electric vehicles is very bright. Their impacts are very significant ranging from economic, to new technology that can be applied elsewhere, to most importantly, the environment. Ford and GM, through its Saturn plant, have already begun production on their own version of the electric vehicle and have made

  • Gas Cars vs Electric Cars

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    first cars made were all mostly electric. But as time passed gas powered cars became more popular through the years. There were few if any electric cars available as timed moved on. Everyone believed that gas powered vehicles were more convenient than the electric powered ones. I believe that gas powered vehicles are better because gas powered cars have more function ability. The range that electric vehicles have is poor compared to gas vehicles. Electric vehicles don't function very well when the

  • Informative Speech On Energy Cars

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    Can you imagine jumping into your vehicle to go to school in the morning and it’s a battery powered car, with it having no noise of an engine or shifting of gears. I am a car enthusiast. I work on muscle cars, and am curious how new cars will evolve as time goes on. You guys will in time have a battery powered car in some part of your life. It may be in the future when they are many of them or it could have been in the past when you played with your toy remote control car. Today we are going

  • The Physics of an Electric Car

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    The Physics of an Electric Car Cannon returns home from work on an average day. He gets his things and trudges into the house, thinking about the events of the day. He relaxes for the evening, thinking about the good things in life. He is lucky that he has a good job, a nice house, and a nice car. But wait, it feels like he forgot something today. His mind races, did he forget a project at work? He couldn’t have, he works so hard to keep up. Not thinking of what he forgot, Cannon stumbles to