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  • Bastard Out of Carolina

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    One of the most complex and elaborate characters in Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison is Bone. Throughout the story Bone has to live a life where she thinks that she is the leading mystery of the trouble being caused. She has numerous unhappy situations and is in no way self-satisfied with herself. She doesn’t appreciate who she is physically. She constantly thinks she is the most homely and dull person who causes the most inconvenience in the family. This sense of selflessness is mainly

  • Love in Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina

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    Love in Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina "Love" is a word, a signifier, tied to many meanings, all different in context, cultures, and ideologies. Love is used numerous ways in Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina, by many characters. In the character of Bone, love is a confused thing, always changing, as Bone uses it to fit her life on the fly. In relation to parental love, Bone wants Daddy Glen to love her. However, early in the book, Bone's conception of "love" is that of a child, obviously.

  • Bastard Out Of Carolina

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    Bastard Out Of Carolina “Pay Attention to Detail” ========================= One must consider a little history on Dorothy Allison in order to see how the directions that she takes the novel add up. When she was 24, Allison lived in a lesbian-feminist collective. The women there gave her the confidence she needed and the ability to see the value in her own writing ( During this time, she also found someone who seemed normal, yet she had experienced the same “incest” (Megan

  • River Of Names

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    basis for the later novel Bastard out of Carolina. In her powerful writing, Allison draws on her own harrowing childhood in 1950s Greenville, South Carolina: the stigma of growing up a bastard, the shame and pride she felt toward her family, and her association with her stepfather who beat and molested her. “In this story, “River of Names,'; Allison writes about her life as a way to come to terms with her past, honoring the attempt to make contemporary literature out of her experience as a

  • Bastard Out Of Carolina Summary

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    The novel ‘Bastard Out Of Carolina’ by Dorothy Allison is about a girl named Ruth Anne Boatwright who goes by the name of Bone. It opens on Anney Boatwright at the age of 15. She had just given birth to Bone a few months ago and is trying to change Bone’s birth certificate so that the illegitimate stamp across the bottom can be removed. The reason that this stamp is there is because Bone’s father is unknown. At the age of 17 Anney marries a boy names Lyle Parson’s. Lyle and Anney have a daughter

  • Bone Exposed In Bastard Out Of Carolina

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    Or even have your mother follow a man out of love, over you? Well in story, “Bastard out of Carolina”, Bone is the main character who is been through so much at a young age. Her experiences, have made become mature and things have suddenly become a lot more complicated. From losing her mother, to her mother choosing a man over bone after he’s raped her, but still having a big loving family. With this in mind, this leads me to why the book, “Bastard out of Carolina” shouldn’t be banned from high

  • Essay On Corporal Punishment In Bastard Out Of Carolina

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    whipping, caning, spanking, or beating of another person. In Bastard Out of Carolina the beating of Bone by her stepfather Glen shows that although some people agree that these beating should not take place, they still continue. Bone’s aunts’ and uncles’ do not condone the violence, while her mother lets it continue because of her love for Glen. The controversial subject discusses that this punishment justifies some acts, as the other side points out that it is an invasion of human rights. If the legal system

  • Bone's True Identity In Bastard Out Of Carolina

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    People from different social classes lead different lives and treated differently by others. Society never promotes equality but categorizes them. In Bastard Out of Carolina, unfair treatment provokes characters who are in the bottom of the society and destroy them mentally. The author, Dorothy Allison tells in the novel of how anger could build up from the social inequities and personal insecurity that possibly burns one's true identity. Through the protagonist, Bone's narration, her mother known

  • Motifs in Shakespeare's King Lear

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          (Act II, Sc ii, Ln 289-290) They both were interested only in getting Lear's land, and used any means necessary to get it. Edmund, in the other plot of the play, deceives his father in order to gain his favor. Edmund, the Earl of Gloucester's bastard son, tells his father that Edgar, Gloucester's legitimate son, is plotting to ruin Gloucester. This causes the Earl to banish Edgar and give his title and land to Edmund. The ironic misuse of power used by the Earl of Gloucester shows up in

  • Oedipus the King: Where Lies the Blame?

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    his foul fate and he ran away trying to escape the chances of this awful future unaware he running towards what he thought he would escape. Oedipus was partially responsible for his downfall because let curiosity lead him to the oracle where he found out his horrifying fate, he killed his own father when he should have avoided killing anyone, and if he wanted to avoid marrying his mother, he should have never married anyone older than he. After the birth of Oedipus, his parents Lias and Jocasta, King

  • Toomer's Seventh Street, Depicts Life and Issues in the Prohibition Period

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    point that they are driving down the street-car tracks in Cadillacs. It seems as though he is making the distinction between the elite and the people of lesser means. In the beginning of the prose section, Toomer describes Seventh Street as the "bastard of Prohibition and the War." Seventh Street is a product of Prohibition and World War I merged together. He goes on to describe how Prohibition and World War I affect the events and the people who live on this street. The people feel as if too

  • Queen Elizabeth I

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    didn’t really love her sister, she would have let them kill her and allow the Duke of Norfolk to take over as king. The Duke of Norfolk was Elizabeth’s cousin and wished to be king more than anything else. On the other hand, Mary called her sister a bastard and other bad names. Elizabeth and her cousin Mary Queen of Scots often clashed, both personally and politically. Eventually, they wanted one another dead. Mary Queen of Scots wanted to be the queen of England and was ready to attack them. French

  • Essay on Villains in Much Ado About Nothing and Othello

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    through a town called Messina. They had been to the town before, and this time Claudio confesses his love for the governor’s daughter, Hero. Because Leonato is so fond of Claudio, the wedding is set to be a few days away. This gives Don John, Claudio’s bastard brother, a chance to show his true hatred for Claudio. He comes up with a scheme to make Claudio think that Hero is cheating by dressing Margaret in her clothing and perching her near the window with another man. When Claudio sees this, he says that

  • Don John is a Credible Villain

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    Don John is a Credible Villain Don John is a believable villain because he is a bastard which means that in Elizabethan times Don John would have been seen as evil. Don John’s legitimate brother on the other hand is wealthy and well respected by everyone. Don John hates Claudio because Claudio has taken his position as Don Pedro’s right hand man. Don John even acknowledges his own evil and he also shows no mercy. Don John’s character doesn’t alter throughout the play, meaning he is only there to

  • Catcher in the Rye Essay: The Judgmental Caulfield

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    Holden Caulfield, who speaks of a puzzling time in his life. Holden has only a few days until his expulsion from Pency Prep School. He starts out as the type of person who can't stand "phony" people. He believes that his school and everyone in it is phony, so he leaves early. He then spends three aimless days in New York City. During this time, Holden finds out more about himself and how he relates to the world around him. He believes that he is the catcher in the rye: " I keep picturing all these little

  • Shakespeare's King Lear - Poor Edmund

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    being referred to as "the bastard."  No one would envy him that. But let's take a second look at poor Edmund.  I'm sure that there were many bastards in his time, but how many of them ended up indirectly gouging out their fathers' eyes and trying to take over the kingdom?  Was the Earl of Gloucester really that rotten of a father that he drove his son to do all of this? According to my reading of the text, the Earl of Gloucester probably paid mightily to send Edmund "out nine years" (presumably

  • Charles M. Manson

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    Skelter”. Page 1 Charles M. Manson was born in Cincinnati on November 11, 1934. His mother Kathleen Maddox, a teenage prostitute, his father was a man remembered as “Colonel Scott.” In order to give her bastard son a name she married William Manson. He quickly abandoned the both of them. In 1939 Kathleen Maddox was arrested for robbery and Charles was sent to live with his aunt and grandmother. Charles remembered his aunt as a harsh disciplinarian and

  • Free Glass Menagerie Essays: The Character of Tom Wingfield

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    care of. At that moment in the play Tom is the breadwinner in the family and up to this point Tom is the underpriviledged child that wants to move on. He wants to pursue his dream, a more adventurous life. Tom was a likable character until we find out he didn't pay the electric bill with the intended money. When Jim is over and he says "I paid my dues this month, instead of the light bill". At this point, Tom becomes a more selfish character. There is less sympathy given in his direction. In fact

  • Holden's Phonies

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    of the most well-known novels of the past fifty years. It’s a story about a kid named Hold Caulfield who experiences some interesting things and people. From having breakfast with a couple of nuns, to hooking up with a prostitute, to getting kicked out of school, Holden handles each situation the best way he can. Some of the people Holden meets, he likes, but the type of people Holden can’s stand are the ‘phonies.’ Holden met a lot of phonies in his lifetime. Holden lived in a dorm that was named

  • Fear of Failure in The Catcher In The Rye

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    care for those close to him. He watches over Jane, Phoebe, and even Mrs. Murrow when he meets her on the train. Holden tries to shield these people from distress. He does not want to fail anyone else. Returning back home from getting kicked out of Pencey, Holden meets the mother of Ernest Murrow, a classmate of his, on the train. They introduce themselves and start talking about Ernest and how he is like in school. Holden did not tell Mrs. Murrow about Ernest's misbehavior at school because