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  • Technology Based Learning: Benefits Of Technology Based Learning

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    Janet Lawton Mrs. James AP Language March 6, 2014 Benefits of Technology Based Learning Throughout the years, tremendous efforts have been made to educate America's youth in the best way possible. In many aspects, America has proved successful in providing schooling opportunities for those who seek education. However; as technology greatly advances, and as technology evolves, so must schools. Schools should take advantage of technology and use it to better the education process. Because of opportunities

  • Problem Based Learning: The Benefits Of Problem-Based Learning

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    Problem-based learning is a strategy that allows students to alleviate their doubts and uncertainties, investigate and find answers to their questions, and explore their curiosities about how the world works (Tillman, 2013). It is a method of teaching that is suited to the way the brain works, presents information in a variety of ways, utilizes different learning modalities, and provides experiences that are hands-on (Etherington, 2011). Students direct what is happening. It is intended to improve

  • Inquiry Based Learning: Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL)

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    Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) has its roots in such theorists as John Dewey and Socrates (Licht, 2014, p. 49-50). Michell, Spence, & Todd note that Inquiry first appeared on the Australian Education landscape in 2006 (Heinstrom & Todd as quoted in Michell, Spence, & Todd, 2009, p. 1) it has since increased in prevalence. Licht described IBL as a dynamic approach to teaching that will provide educators tools to teach the four C’s of 21st century skills — critical thinking

  • Activity Based Learning

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    Activity based learning is a teaching style that actively engages all students in the learning process within the classroom and immerses them within the material. Contrary to normal teaching styles where information is given to students and they must decide how to process it and take the learning aspect into their own hands, activity based learning provides the students with learning content that is easily understandable to all types of learners. “There are four primary learning styles: visual, auditory

  • Work Based Learning

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    Introduction Work-based learning (WBL) as a method for learning is playing an increasing role in professional development and lifelong learning. There are lots of publications/articles available on Work-Based Learning, but the definitions and implementations vary from place to place. A Glass, K Higgins and A McGregor say that ‘Work based learning is any training that relates directly to the requirements of the jobs on offer in your organization’. This is one of the examples of WBL in the form

  • Problem Based Learning

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    What is PBL Problem based learning is any learning environment in which the problem that is asked is what drives the learning. In other words, to answer the problem that is given to you, you will need to look things up and learn some things before being able to answer the question correctly. The problem is given so that the students discover that they need to learn some new knowledge before they can solve the problem. The first use of PBL was in medical schools, which test the knowledge base of

  • Project Based Learning: The Teaching Methods Of Project Based Learning

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    Project based learning, also known as PBL, is a teaching method that encourages students to take their education into their own hands. The definition I found for project based learning is, “ A teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for a n extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge” (What is project based learning (pbl)?, n.d.). It helps students communicate with each other and think critically about

  • Inquiry Based Learning Essay

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    The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (DEEWR, 2009) identifies inquiry as central to effective early years learning. Teachers are able to provide opportunities for an inquiry-based approach to learning that can assist young children to explore their family through the history curriculum. Inquiry based learning is a comprehensive pedagogical approach to early years’ education. It is important for inquiry skills not to be taught in isolation, however they should be integrated into other subjects

  • Importance Of Project Based Learning

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    teaching English as a foreign Language. Therefore learning

  • Project-based Learning in the Classroom

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    Project-based learning is the inquiry project that I have selected as my subject for investigation. In Project-based Learning, or PBL, activity in the classroom moves away from teacher-centered instruction. PBL activities and practices are student centered, interdisciplinary, and integrate real-world practices and problems. PBL promotes student understanding by promoting the acquisition of real knowledge by exploring, making judgments, and synthesizing information. PBL allows students to practice