Problem Based Learning As A Problem-Based Learning Model

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Learning model can dedefinisikan as a conceptual framework that depicts the procedure of organizing systematic learning experience to achieve a certain goal belejar, and serves as a guide for instructional designers and teachers in planning and implementing learning activities (Siberman, 2005). Problem based Learning provides active learning, independent, and self-contained, so as to produce students who are capable of independent self study continuing for life. In a model of learning problem-based learning class more lively atmosphere deiigan discussion, debate, controversy clan, greater student curiosity, problem based learning is a teaching method that is motivating students to achieve academic success.
(Savery, 2006) describes
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This assessment can be done by the teacher portfolio is a systematic collection of student works are analyzed to see learning progress in a certain period of time in terms of the achievement of learning objectives. Assessment is done by means of self-assessment and peerassessment. Self-assessment is an assessment conducted by the learners themselves to his efforts and his work with reference to the objectives to be achieved (standard) by the learners themselves in learning. Peer assessment is an assessment conducted in which learners discussed to provide an assessment of the efforts and results of the completion of the tasks that have been done alone or by a group of friends in
Chin (2008) emphasizes that learning is said to be effective when it begins with a concrete experience. Questions, experiences, formulation and drafting of the problems they create for themselves is the basis for learning.
Boud and Felleti (1997) describes the Advantages of PBL is the students are encouraged to explore the knowledge he already has then develop independent learning skill to fill the void. It is a lifelong learning because the skills can be transferred to other learning topics, both inside and outside of school.
Problem based learning that focuses on the problems that can evoke the experience of learning the students will have greater autonomy in learning, Lesperance. MM
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