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  • Bases and Alkalis

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    Bases and Alkalis A base is a compound that reacts with and neutralises an acid. The reaction forms a salt plus water. Alkalis are a type of base - ones that dissolve in water. Alkalis are compounds that react and neutralise acids. Like bases, they form a salt and water in the reaction. Alkalis turn red litmus indicator paper blue and they cause Universal Indicator paper to turn blue or purple. Alkaline solutions have a pH value greater than 7. Alkaline solutions feel soapy and are

  • Acids and Bases

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    PURPOSE To investigate the reactions of a typical acid (dilute hydrochloric acid) with metals, metal oxides, carbonates and bases. APPARATUS The following materials in order to complete this experiment: Dropper bottles containing 0.1M solutions of hydrochloric acid or limewater (calcium hydroxide) and sodium hydroxide. Dropper bottle of bromothymol blue indicator Small samples of the following metals: zinc, copper turnings, magnesium and iron Copper (II) oxide powder Magnesium oxide

  • Base Jumping

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    Specific Purpose: To educate the audience on BASE jumping and what they need to do before they are able to participate in the sport. Thesis: Before you can participate in the sport of BASE-jumping three things you have to do are: complete 150 skydives, receive direct qualified instruction on BASE equipment, its maintenance, its packing, and its use, & you should receive direct qualified instruction on the techniques of BASE jumping. Introduction: Attention Getter: Has anyone in here ever been told

  • The Importance Of Acids And Bases

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    INTRODUCTION We encounter acids and bases on our daily lives. Acids are substances that have a pH of less than 7. On the other hand, bases have pH of greater than 7. They both react to each other to form salt. Acids and bases also exhibit some characteristics like acids are sour and bases are bitter in taste. Acids are also rough in texture while bases are slippery. But you can’t just touch or taste acids and bases as some strong acids and strong bases are dangerous. They contain chemicals that are

  • Neutralizing Acids and Bases

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    The sought to determine the effects of mixing various levels of acids and bases to see which combination would have the most explosive reaction, and measure the resulting pH levels. I did this by testing an assortment of different pH levels of acids and bases, mixing them together and measuring the results. Most of the experiments resulted in a pH neutral solution, except for the Sulfuric Acid and the Sodium Hydroxide. By far, the Sulfuric Acid was the most explosive, followed by the Citric and Acetic

  • Understanding Acids and Bases

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    Part A: Background information: Acids and bases are currently used in many various ways in our society and it is very important in daily uses. To many industries, acids and bases are a common factor as it is used to make fertilizer, cleaning supplies, or even sources of food or medicines to provide an easy life style. Acid is a substance with particular chemical properties, acids reacts with certain metals to produce hydrogen gas, acids also reacts with carbonate and bicarbonates to produce carbon

  • Base Details

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    BASE DETAILS - ESSAY In the poem, "Base Details", SiegFried Sassoon expresses his great disgust towards the majors in the military. He is horrified and appalled at the way the majors act while men are dying out in the battle field. Mr. Sassoon is so furious towards the majors that it takes more than just one word to describe how indignified Sassoon is. These great feelings of anger are derived from the fact that the majors are living a life of luxury while sending young men "up the line" out into

  • Acids And Bases Essay

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    Question: What is the effect of acids and bases on apple oxidation? Background Information: Apple discoloring, is the process of the skin turning brown when bruised and exposed to air. The browning is due to oxygen, O2, reacting with chemicals which breaks down the cells in the fruit. The reaction is called enzymatic oxidation a process that is started by the enzymes that are present in the apples which starts the browning process of the apple. However, the enzymes are quickly destroyed by chemicals

  • Theorectical Bases For Counseling

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    Five major theoretical bases for counseling in psychology are biological, learning, cognitive, psychodynamic, and sociocultural. Each one of these perspectives searches for answers about behavior through different techniques and researching a clients childhood or adult life experiences looking for answers to different kinds of questions. Due to the different types and styles of counseling approaches, each counselor forms their own thoughts and explanations. The premise behind the biological perspective

  • Acid Base Extraction

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    Acid Base Extraction The purpose of this laboratory assignment was two-fold, first, we were to demonstrate the extraction of acids and bases, finally, determining what unknowns were present. Second, we were to extract caffeine from tea. These two assignment will be documented in two separate entities. Introduction: Acid/base extraction involves carrying out simple acid/base reactions in order to separate strong organic acids, weak organic acids neutral organic compounds and basic organic substances

  • Chemistry And Acid Base Reaction

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    Acid Base Reactions Acid An acid is a substance which donates proton in water solution. They turn litmus red and form salts when they react with bases.They have PH less than 7. Examples: Nitric acid Nitrous acid Sulphuric acid Base A substance which accepts proton in water solution is called base. Bases turn litmus red and form salts when react with acids. They have PH greater than 7. Examples: Sodium Hydroxide Sodium bicarbonate Magnecium hydroxide Acid Base Reaction A chemical reaction that happens

  • Chemistry: Acids and Base Theories

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    INTRODUCTION Acids and bases always challenged me throughout the years of learning them so when I learned I am going to face this topic again I thought it will be the best idea to a experiment for learning better therefore my aim for this project was learning the fundamentals of this topic. Acids and bases are really important in functioning cell. Majority of them are harmful and they destroy tissues by dissolving protein. For example, sulfuric acid is a strong acid and it has ability to hold the

  • Arrhenius Theory Of Acids And Bases

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    classified into two different substances. These two substances are acids and bases. The Arrhenius Theory of acids and bases states that acids are substances that dissociate to form charged atoms known as ions. Bases ionize to produce hydroxide ions while acids produce hydrogen ions. HCl is an example of an Arrhenius acid because it dissociate into an H+ ion. The reaction involving NaOH is an example of an Arrhenius base because it is increasing the concentration of (OH-) ions. The reaction which

  • Acid Base Titration Experiment

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    Introduction: Acids and bases are everywhere. From things you drink to things you wash your laundry with, that item is probably an acid or a base. An Arrhenius acid is a molecular substance that when reacted with water will produce hydrogen ions(H+) as the only cations. An Arrhenius base is another molecular substance that when reacted with water will produce hydroxide ions((OH-) as the only anions. Acids and bases have different pH ranges so it isn’t hard to differentiate them. The pH of an acid

  • The Russian Revolution at the Kronstadt Navel Base

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    The Russian Revolution at the Kronstadt Navel Base Most popular uprisings in recent history have been characterized by a brief period of incredible potential and hope, only to collapse in failure and despair. Even the supposedly 'successful' Russian Revolution of 1917 followed this pattern. Revolutionaries threw off centuries of imperial rule and oppression in order to create a new world of freedom, peace and equality... only to end up with Stalin, purges, gulags, dekulakization - and ultimately

  • Graeme Base and Animalia

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    Structural Frame Art Materials and techniques: Graeme Base uses air brushes, brushes, scalpels, pencils, water colours, transparent ink, technical drawing pens and some use of the computer. He mixes a lightness of text, sometimes with alliterative tongue-twisters and sophisticated language made up of stylized illustrations full of hilarity and details that challenge readers' point of view. The book, Animalia contains over 1,500 objects including things such as food, musical instruments, and characters

  • Chemistry: Acid-base Titration

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    Chemistry: Acid-Base Titration Purpose: The objective of this experiment were: a) to review the concept of simple acid-base reactions; b) to review the stoichiometric calculations involved in chemical reactions; c) to review the basic lab procedure of a titration and introduce the student to the concept of a primary standard and the process of standardization; d) to review the calculations involving chemical solutions; e) to help the student improve his/her lab technique. Theory: Titration was

  • A Summary Of Acid-Base Extraction To Isolate Eugenol

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    technique called Acid-Base extraction to isolate Eugenol, which is one of the main ingredients of clove oil. Acid-Base extraction is the most efficient method for isolating organic component; it is efficient because it purifies the acid and base mixture based on their chemical identities. We have seen throughout this experiment that acid and base play an important role, when it comes to solubility in water. Our basic knowledge of acid and base is acid is a proton donor and base is a proton acceptor

  • Explain How Much Acid Is Required To Neutralise A Base

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    Neutralisation - How much acid is required to neutralise a base Introduction ============ Neutralisation is the reaction of a base with an acid to form a neutral solution; which contains salt and water. Acid + Base Salt + Water --------------------------- In my experiment I am trying to find out how much acid it takes to neutralise a base to form a neutral solution. I will use one molar of Nitric Acid as the acid and one molar of Ammonium Hydroxide as the base. So this will be a 1:1 ratio. (Molarity = how

  • Acid-Base Titration Lab Report

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    Madison Guido Determination of Ka : Titration of Weak Acid Introduction/Theory: The purposed of this experiment is to use a LoggerPro and LabPro to follow the pH changes during an acid-base titration, and ultimately determine the Ka, through calculation, of the weak-acid (acetic acid or vinegar, HC2H3O2) being titrated. Ka can be defined as a constant for a given acid at any temperature. Generally, in water solutions, weak acids react with water to establish equilibrium, for example: HA + H2O